5 Ways for Fast Wall Renovation

5 Ways for Fast Wall Renovation

Painting old wallpaper, choosing temporary self-adhesive coverings, draping with a cloth – here are the quick and easy ideas for redesign.

The correct algorithm for any option for wall decoration is removing the old coating, leveling (plaster, putty), applying a new coating (paint) or wallpapering. The leveling process always involves dirty work, which also takes time until the surface is dry. If you do not have this time, but you have an interior that is already fed up or, for example, the wall covering has deteriorated, you can use one of the proposed update options.

We note right away that they are all temporary. Until you have the time and energy for a high-quality repair, including all stages.

1. Self-adhesive film (temporary wallpaper)

Usually, when mentioning a self-adhesive film , a wood-like coating comes to mind, which is used to paste over furniture facades. But today there are options in rolls with different patterns and different sizes that more resemble wallpaper. Such materials are easy to stick on the wall yourself. In order not to spoil the interior, choose the latest prints: for example, floral designs, geometric patterns. In principle, there is nothing wrong with wood-like decor – you can thus highlight small sections of the wall, for example, in the TV area in the living room or at the head of the bed in the bedroom.

2. Paint on old wallpaper

The option is also short-lived for those who like to try new things. In principle, you can take a chance and paint wallpaper that is not intended for painting, but a good result in this case will not be guaranteed and the finish coating is unlikely to last long. However, if you take off the old wallpaper and do the leveling of the walls, there is no desire, this idea is for you. Choose paint for all types of wallpaper – different manufacturers have these options.

3. Paint on tiles

Painting a tile is a more time-consuming task than the same wallpaper, but it is definitely easier to remove the old cladding and install a new one. Again, the option is short-lived. In order for the result to please, you still have to prepare. It consists in thorough cleaning of the tile and degreasing. It is also advisable to sand the surface if the tile is glossy. The paint may not stick to the gloss. After that, the surface must be primed and painted. Choose oil, latex or epoxy enamels. But the latter will be the most difficult for a beginner to work with.

4. Interior stickers

An easy way to transform a room is to stick interior stickers on the most problematic areas of the wall. Just don’t go for outdated lettering options like “Family. Love “and the like. Today, there are much cuter stickers that look more like wall murals. By the way, with the help of these stickers you can also update your kitchen apron.

5. Fabric

There are several ideas for using fabric for wall decoration. The first – more laborious – is to stretch the fabric onto the walls using a wooden frame, which will need to be assembled before that. The disadvantage of the method is that it takes a lot of time, additional materials and the ability to work with wood. The second idea is simpler – wall drapery. Basically, it consists in covering the wall with a fabric that will look like a curtain. This option is suitable for a bedroom.


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