8 Best Materials For Loft-Style Wall Decoration

8 Best Materials For Loft-Style Wall Decoration

Wall decoration in a loft is not limited to brick, although this solution will always be relevant. We will tell you how else you can decorate walls in a space with an industrial character.

1. Brick – classic industrial space

When talking about industrial-style décor, the first thing that comes to mind is an untreated brick wall. This is a classic for such spaces: it was so 70 years ago, and today, and will be relevant in the future. There are several ways to do this.

  • The real one is to remove the decorative trim. But this method is suitable only if the house is brick.
  • You can also go in a simple way: purchase decorative overlays at a hardware store.
  • Or make an imitation of masonry yourself from cement. This is the most difficult method to implement, but it saves a lot of budget.

There are no restrictions in the choice of color. But, if you want an option “for ages”, we recommend natural shades: terracotta, white or beige, gray, matte black is also suitable. They are easy to combine with other items.

A bright brick wall will bring a touch of stylization and modernity to the loft. If you like this eclecticism, take a closer look at this solution.

Interestingly, the brick trim itself in soothing colors can become both an accent and a basic coating. The first is relevant in urban standard apartments, the area and parameters of which do not allow the implementation of real industrial – the ceiling height is insufficient. And the layout of the rooms also does not correspond to the idea of ​​a united space.

If the apartment or house has high ceilings, an open layout without unnecessary partitions (in a word, there is “air”), you can consider a brick to decorate all floors. One “but”: you will have to take care of the bulk stone, dust accumulates on the bricks.

We should also mention the brick for the apron . It can be considered for accent in the kitchen, but remember that it is a porous material that needs a protective coating.

2. Loft-style concrete walls

An alternative to bricks is concrete, which can serve as an accent or base coat. Designers are great at combining two materials in one design. There are several ways to recreate this texture.

  • As in the previous example, sometimes it is enough to remove the decorative finish and grind, clean up a real concrete floor.
  • Plaster and cement can also mimic concrete.
  • You can pick up porcelain stoneware slabs that mimic the gray material. This is true for rooms with high humidity: bathrooms and a work area in the kitchen.

To many, cement seems cold and gloomy, but it is not. He can be stylish with the right surroundings.

This coating looks best next to contrasting furniture. It’s not about colors, it’s about shape. With metal chairs, for example, it will really be cold, but with a sofa or bed, it looks cozy. The idea is to soften its brutality with textiles and soft, rounded shapes.

The main rule when choosing a shade of concrete is the illumination of the room. The less natural light, the lighter the tone should be. So almost bleached cement is also acceptable.

3. Wallpaper – an option for the nursery and not only

In fact, this is not the most popular finishing material. However, it can be considered for industrial-style spaces. For example, if you want to decorate a teenager’s room in this way .

Before making loft-style walls using wallpaper, it is important to choose the most brutal among the variety of products: no floristry and animalism, even geometry is not always suitable. But more textured products, for example, with a rough surface effect, will look good.

Another option is murals or wall panels with a picture. In the nursery, it can be more cheerful paintings with your favorite superheroes, graffiti and similar drawings. And in the living room or in the bedroom – more adult options with abstract images in an industrial style.

4. Paint is a universal building material

A versatile coating in any style, industrial is no exception. The paint can be used for the main decoration, it will look neutral in all rooms: from the kitchen to the nursery.

Basic tones are more often chosen: light cream, the whole palette of gray, dull colors are also possible. But in this case, it is better to use complex tones, dusty.

Not only smooth surfaces look interesting, but also textured ones, you can paint the same brick partition.

5. Decorative plaster – the perfect imitation

Cool material for loft-style wall decor. Plaster allows you to imitate any coating: concrete, stone and even wood. But, of course, it is the untreated hard surfaces that look most impressive.

With the help of decorative plaster, you can decorate an accent wall, if you make it really textured. Often it is combined with the same concrete and brick, in this case the coating is made more neutral, not so voluminous. Then the materials will not argue with each other.

The main advantage of plaster is ease of work, so even a person without experience can cope with laying the coating . In addition, it is not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, which makes it suitable for renovation in any room: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the living room.

6. Cozy tree

Not the most obvious option for an industrial setting is boarding. But this design can also be found. A wall of planks in a loft looks more comfortable and warmer than concrete, brick, or the same painted one.

The choice of material is an important part of the design. Here, a new rail is rarely used, but you can lay an old and even shabby board. It can be slightly processed and cleaned, but it should not be brought to perfect condition.

The layout can also be sloppy. But this is a matter of taste and proportions, the board can also be laid in the classical way: horizontally or vertically. Here, focus on the proportions of a particular room. If you need to stretch the wall and ceiling, a vertical will do. If it is necessary to expand – horizontal.

Wood works well with paint and plaster, but can also soften cement and brick. But it is rarely used as the main coating, so it is rather a second accent or addition to the interior.

7. Mood painting

Another interesting way to decorate in the loft style is wall painting. As with wallpaper, avoid pretty designs. Better to give preference to more serious work: look for inspiration in the paintings of street artists such as Banksy. The style of city streets will fit into the industrial space very organically.

In the children’s room, you can deviate a little from the rules – it depends on the age of the child. Graffiti, murals, and images of your favorite heroes are suitable here.

8. Metal for highlighting zones

A cool accent in a room can be done with metal plates. But this is not the same metal that is used in modern high-tech spaces, but aged, with patina and rust.

Thus, you can select a small area, for example, a dining room or relaxation in the living room, or zone areas in the bathroom, as in the photo below.

Iron looks great with concrete and paint. But to combine it with a tree, especially aged, is not worth it. It can look like a barn or an abandoned garage. Temporary marks are good in the interior in moderation.


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