Adjustment of Toilet Fittings

Adjustment of Toilet Fittings

A common problem with the toilet is insufficient water in the tank. To eliminate this, adjust the fittings.

  • Unscrew the button and remove the tank cap.

  • Remove the stop valves by turning it to the left.
  • In the float mechanism there is a special scale, moving it up or down, you can adjust the flow of water.

  • Remove the scale from the float, lower it higher or lower and lock.

  • Install the float mechanism in the tank and check the water supply level.

  • Two antennae are located on the sides of the shutoff valves, clicking on which, you can adjust the desired level. In our case, level 2.

  • Lower the stop valves into the tank and turn clockwise until they click.
  • Turn on the water and check its level.

  • Assemble the tank: install the cap and screw on the button.


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