Amazon Fire Tablets Get New Smart Home Controls

Amazon Fire Tablets Get New Smart Home Controls

In the field of smart home technologies, Amazon is not in the last role and is constantly trying to improve the usability for its consumers. 

In this regard, the company has added a new menu on its Fire tablets that is designed to control Alexa-compatible smart home gadgets.

The new control panel is now accessible via the new Smart Home button to the left of the navigation bar.

Amazon understands that a smart home cannot be controlled only with the help of the Alexa voice assistant. Very often, it is more convenient to control devices using a tablet, and the visualization of some indicators also plays an important role.
This is why the company launched the new Fire Tablets dashboard. In addition, this will allow the fairly cheap Amazon Fire tablets to be used  as a wall-mounted smart home control panel. Why not?

As we can see in the image, the shortcut to access the smart home toolbar is available from the navigation bar, and Amazon claims that users do not need to close the current application to access smart home controls.

This once again shows that it is not only voice assistants that should be limited in the development of smart home technologies. The conservative approach will be quite popular among users for a long time to come.


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