Anti-trends in design: 7 tricks that you should avoid

Anti-trends in design: 7 tricks that you should avoid

Designer Olesya Paramonova spoke about the rules that no interior could do without before – but now designers not only allow, but also advise to break them.

1. Bedroom set

The bed, bedside tables and chest of drawers do not have to have the same design. The curbstones may be different – or ditch them altogether and use bedside tables. More and more furniture designers are offering beds with upholstered headboards, which are sold separately and are not complemented by anything.

anti-trend 2

2. Dining group in the same style

By the same principle, you can dilute the dining group. Chairs do not have to be from the same set as the table. Designers boldly combine furniture of different colors and styles.

anti-trend 3

3. Tulle on the windows

You should not give it up in absolutely all cases, but if you wish, you can almost always do without it. And in small rooms with large window sills, the absence of tulle will also expand the space. 

anti-trends 3

4. For bathroom walls – tiles only

Designers have moved away from the ceramics we are used to – now they use tiles that imitate stone, concrete, wood. 

anti-trends 5

5. Multilevel glossy ceilings with complex lines

Such techniques are a thing of the past. Sometimes, for technical reasons, the ceiling must be lowered – in such cases, layering is still used, but in more straight, laconic lines. 

anti-trends 6

6. Vibrant phosphorescent colors

They were used in their pure form for kitchen facades, ceilings, walls in bathrooms. Nowadays, more complex shades are held in high esteem: dusty pastels or deep dark colors.

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7. Volumetric upholstered furniture

Massive armrests and backs of sofas have been replaced by laconic forms and more modest dimensions. At recent exhibitions, designers have given preference to frame furniture.


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