Apple Opens First Retail Store on Water

Apple Opens First Retail Store on Water

Singapore’s first waterfront Apple store is located off the coast of Marina Bay. The Singaporean official website says Apple Marina Bay Sands will become the heart of creativity, a place where you can communicate, express your ideas and create something new. According to the media, the store was designed by the Fosters + Partners architectural bureau, which has repeatedly collaborated with the company and created various designs for brand centers for it.

first retail store on water

Instagram users have already posted photos where you can admire the exterior of the future store. The lower part of the sphere is decorated with holographic patterns, which smoothly flow into the company logo. At night, the pattern glows brightly and turns the sphere into a shining lantern.

Judging by the images, it will be possible to enter the store both above the ground, having risen over the bridge, and under water – through the passage from the mall, which is located opposite the future Apple store.


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