Are Bifold Doors a Good idea?

Are Bifold Doors a Good idea?

Interior doors that bifold in half can become a serious competitor for traditional swing systems. They include several sash sections and move along metal guides. Thanks to this, they are quite compact, and therefore can be mounted in all living rooms, including small ones.

The mobility and functionality of such products makes it possible to use them as a screen-partition . Their help is often resorted to if it is necessary to perform zoning of space .

Advantages and disadvantages of bifold doors

The advantages of bifold interior doors include:

  • saving the internal space of the apartment;
  • presentable appearance;
  • the ability to install in the opening of various widths;
  • long service life when choosing a product made from suitable materials;
  • the ability to install in any doorway with your own hands;
  • operational safety;
  • availability of remote control.
are bifold doors a good idea
Opening width does not matter

The disadvantages include:

  • poor insulation. As a result, when installing a bifold door in the kitchen , smells, heat and noise will penetrate into the living rooms;
  • higher cost and low strength characteristics in comparison with swing systems;
  • admissibility of use only as interior structures.
are bifold doors a good idea
Poor insulation performance is the main problem

How the door leafs and the working mechanism are arranged

For the decoration of the doorway, you can choose from various book-doors. Depending on the number of canvases, such systems are usually divided into:

  • bifold doors . They consist of two sections and bifold like a book. The minimum number of fasteners ensures high strength characteristics;
  • accordion doors , consisting of a large number of sections of smaller width.

We offer you to get acquainted with other varieties and the working mechanism for bifold doors.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical bifold doors

A distinctive feature of asymmetric products is the different size of the shutters: one is much larger than the other. This design allows the asymmetrical model to be a serious competitor to traditional interior doors . At the same time, much less space is required for its operation. Symmetrical systems have the same sash size.

The bifold door mechanism consists of two leaves:

  • support rollers. To reduce noise, they are made of rubberized plastic;
  • swivel sliding carriage;
  • guide rails;
  • two or three sets of loops.

Design options for bifold interior doors with a photo in interior

The characteristics of the material used in the manufacture of elements of the door system determine the appearance of the structure and its service life. We offer you to see a photo of bifold interior doors to make it easier to choose the right type for a particular room.

are bifold doors a good idea
The material affects the appearance

Solid wood

Environmentally friendly option. Wooden bifold doors have a presentable appearance and can decorate any living room, especially varnished ones. The heavy weight places increased demands on the mechanism used. For the bathroom, this is not the best option, since wood is sensitive to moisture.

Particleboard and MDF

bifold sliding interior doors made of MDF are a practical option suitable for many rooms. May swell when used in high humidity conditions. Presented in a large assortment.

Products made of chipboard have higher strength characteristics. They are not recommended for installation in the bathroom. Various films act as a decorative coating, which makes it possible to purchase a model that imitates natural materials.

Plastic bifold doors: interesting and inexpensive solutions

PVC bifold doors are available in a wide range of colors. They have acceptable performance characteristics at a low cost. They are able to withstand the influence of most external factors. Often installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Although in the latter case, it is necessary to choose high-quality plastic in order to exclude the likelihood of the release of harmful substances under the influence of elevated temperature.

A wide range of products offered by manufacturers allows you to choose the right model for a specific interior. The choice can be made in favor of pure white canvases and imitating natural materials.


Presentation is the main advantage of glass structures. They fit harmoniously into any interior. However, glass canvases are of limited use, since the person inside the living room does not have a sense of privacy. However, when choosing frosted glass, you can achieve the desired effect. They also have a high cost and significant weight, which can negatively affect the service life of the mechanism.

How to choose, if you decide to buy interior bifold doors: actual tips

In order for the purchased product to be able to harmoniously fit into the opening, choosing the appropriate option, you should pay attention to:

  • dimensions of the canvas . It is necessary to buy bifold interior doorss, which completely cover the opening when open;
  • material from which the canvas is made. The choice should be made taking into account the location of the future installation;
  • quality of fittings . Especially if the canvases are made of heavy material. Hinges and guides should be aluminum or steel, and rollers with rubber or silicone rims;
  • design of a specific model . It should be combined with the rest of the interior elements;
  • reviews from other consumers.

Install a bifold doors: important nuances

When starting the installation, it is important to remember that:

  • installation is carried out in an already prepared opening;
  • in the process of installation work, the required spatial position of all elements of the system should be ensured. A slight deviation will lead to jamming of the blade and rapid erasure of the rollers;
  • the opening must have high geometric accuracy in all planes.

Installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • the upper guide is screwed on. It should be located strictly horizontally;
  • runners are attached to the leaf of the interior door of the book;
  • the leaf is installed in the doorway;
  • limiters are mounted ;
  • platbands and the remaining fittings are installed. The lock and the handle are cut in .

How to care for a book-door: recommendations that extend the life of the structure

In order for the installed door system to serve as long as possible, it must be looked after in a timely manner. It is necessary:

  • regularly check the condition of the system elements;
  • periodically clean, lubricate and adjust the hinges and lock ;
  • clean the canvas from the appeared dirt.

Advice! For the care of the door leaf, use only proven compounds.

Which is better: interior bifold or revolving doors

Rotary systems are equipped with a special mechanism that ensures the movement of the web along the original trajectory. The leaf of the door structure can be opened in both directions, making, if necessary, a full turn around its axis. This allows you to more efficiently manage the surrounding space.

Which interior doors are better: bifold and pivoting, in each situation must be decided individually. If you want to install a high-quality hand-made wooden door at home, you should give preference to the “book”. Due to the design features, it is quite difficult to make a pivot door with your own hands. Also, the book is preferable if there are small children in the family.

are bifold doors a good idea
The book is easier to fix

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