Artificial Stone Window Sills: Exquisite and Stylish Addition to the Window

Artificial Stone Window Sills: Exquisite and Stylish Addition to the Window

Artificial stone window sills play an important role in the design of the room, as they add a special atmosphere to the room. In addition, this structure can be used as a work surface, a place for rest or as a basis for mounting shelves and racks. Stone window sills are an excellent and reliable way to make the interior respectable without spending significant resources. The use of stone guarantees the product for many years of service.

Artificial stone window sills: design advantages

Thanks to artificial stone, it became possible to create original, beautiful, and most importantly, reliable and high-quality window sills that will perfectly fit into any interior style. High-quality raw materials are distinguished by their non-standard design and excellent performance characteristics.

Artificial stone structures are very durable
Artificial stone structures are very durable, their service life is about 50 years

Artificial stone products will perfectly complement any design. This is especially true for the classic style, which is characterized by natural colors and textures. A stone window sill with an imitation of marble or granite is exactly what you need. Artificial stone will also look good in rooms decorated in modern styles: minimalism, modern or art deco.

The peculiarity of stone window sills is that the material looks neutral and noble, does not get boring and does not bother. Plus, quality and reliability never go out of style. Stone structures have the following advantages:

  • traces, stains and water drips do not remain on the surface of the products, and any dust and dirt can be easily removed with a damp sponge using ordinary detergents;
  • the durability of structures made of artificial material is almost the same as that of window sills made of natural stone;
  • microcracks are characteristic of natural stone, which is why products made from this raw material require special care. Artificial material does not have them, which means that dirt does not linger on the windowsills;
  • the acrylic surface is hygienic, therefore, it can be treated with special disinfectants without fear of damaging the product;
  • window sills made of artificial material do not rot, and are also not afraid of mold, mildew, sudden temperature changes;
  • the surface of the artificial stone is smooth and very warm;
  • constant exposure to ultraviolet rays does not lead to loss of color and texture of the window sill;
  • high humidity and temperature drops are not terrible for artificial stone products;
  • acrylic material is very durable, so such window sills are not afraid of mechanical damage.

In addition, products made of artificial stone have the following operational differences:

  • their service life is about 50 years;
  • non-toxic raw materials;
  • fire resistance class B.
Artificial stone is quite hygienic, it is not susceptible
Artificial stone is quite hygienic, it is not susceptible to the formation of mildew and mold

Often, a window sill is made of tiles, consisting of one piece. The price of stone window sills depends on a number of factors, but it is significantly lower than the cost of natural stone products. The final price is influenced by the following criteria:

  • production method;
  • color and texture features;
  • parameters;
  • design features;
  • specifications.

The artificial stone is very easy to process, making it easy to get a variety of shapes and styles.

It is interesting! Artificial stone window sills are capable of retaining attractiveness for a long period of time, creating an original and unique design. For any interior style, you can choose the optimal design, texture and structure.

Stone sills: disadvantages of artificial material

The main disadvantage of artificial stone window sills is their rather high cost. Although, when compared with natural material, the price is not so high, but similar products made of wood and plastic cost much less.

If the window sill is solid,
If the window sill is solid, then scratches may be noticeable, so it is better to purchase products with a textured or grainy surface.

The second disadvantage that manufacturers are trying to cope with is the danger of damage due to sudden temperature changes. If in winter the upper side gets very cold and the lower side heats up from the battery, cracks may appear on the structure. Almost all modern models can easily withstand such loads.

Sometimes, scratches and damages appear on a solid surface of dark shades. There are two ways to deal with these shortcomings:

  1. Buy a light-colored window sill – scratches will be barely noticeable.
  2. Restore an existing model. To eliminate scratches, you can order polishing from any specialized company, and the cost of such a service is small.

The best option is to purchase a model with a grainy, textured surface. On such a product, minor surface damage will be the least noticeable.

Helpful advice! It is not recommended to place very hot dishes on the artificial stone surface. A white mark may appear on it, which cannot be removed.

Window sill classification: stone used for making

For the production of artificial stone window sills, the following types of materials are most often used: acrylic stone, marble or quartz agglomerate.

Acrylic stone is characterized by excellent flexibility, which allows you to create seamless structures of a wide variety of configurations. However, this material is identical to plastic, which means it is soft and very easy to scratch.

The agglomerate of marble consists of marble pieces and chips (97% of the composition), of polyester resins (3%), which connect all the components. The peculiarity of this material is that its hardness is slightly higher than that of marble, and it has a low water absorption. Thanks to this, agglomerate window sills are more practical, because fewer stains form on such a surface and are easier to remove.

Quartz agglomerate is a material that consists of 96% quartz chips and 4% of dyes and polyester resin. This is the optimal raw material for the manufacture of a window sill, since quartz gives the artificial stone a special hardness and resistance to mechanical damage.

Window sills made of artificial material are used both in private houses and in large shopping or entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants and other establishments. A wide selection of colors and textures of artificial stone allows you to emphasize any design, and the functional characteristics of the material make it possible to create a structure of any shape without joints and seams. This is especially important in the case of a non-standard shape or unusual size of the window.

The most popular are rectangular window sills. However, if the windows are at an angle, it is recommended to purchase artificial stone bay windows.

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Artificial stone is an ideal material for making window sills. It is lightweight, durable, able to withstand constant stress, does not absorb dirt, and is resistant to fungi and mold. In addition, the artificial stone is absolutely safe, as it is hypoallergenic and has no radiation background. Also, the material is not afraid of moisture and evaporation, sudden temperature changes, and is resistant to chemical attack.

It is a pleasure to take care of artificial stone window sills, because they are unpretentious in maintenance and do not require the use of special products to cleanse and maintain their decorative appearance.

Helpful advice! Ceramic window sills look very nice. Tiles are usually used not as the main material, but as a decoration. With its help, you can revet an old (lost luster) or new plastic window sill. A harmoniously selected tile or mosaic for the apron of the working area will not only emphasize the individuality of the kitchen, but also provide the owner with a reliable product.

Features of the manufacture of artificial stone window sills

There is a wide range of window sill sizes , which allows you to order exactly the option that suits your particular case. The creation of a product begins with taking measurements. This must be done as accurately as possible. Measurements taken with errors can seriously harm the final result. To avoid such problems, it is best to invite an experienced craftsman.

The next stage is the execution of the drawing of the future structure, where all wishes must be taken into account.

Making a window sill is a lot like making a table top. Based on the features of the drawing, a sheet of artificial material is cut into blanks. For this you need to use a special saw. Before cutting, it is required to carry out the marking along which it is necessary to cut. After the completion of the work, the structure is polished, giving the window sill a luxurious and aesthetic appearance.

Helpful advice! The acrylic stone must be cut into quarters. Due to this, the shade of the front and front parts will be identical.

Acrylic stone window sills: installation

During the installation of the window sill, a professional approach is required, otherwise a number of problems cannot be avoided. If skills are not enough, it is better to turn to specialists. They will do this job quickly and efficiently. Installation should not pose any special problems (in comparison with the installation of structures made of natural stone), because the weight of such products is relatively small.

There are two methods for installing window sills: on a concrete screed or using special stiffeners. The first method is considered the most reliable. This option guarantees a stable fastening. In addition, it is much simpler than the stiffening method. The window sill is fastened to a concrete screed. It needs to be prepared in advance. For additional rigidity, brackets are inserted into it by a third of the width and poured into them.

installing window sills
If there is not enough experience in installing window sills, then it is better to turn to professionals

Another method involves mounting on transverse stiffeners. They are located at a distance of about 15 cm (and no more). Before installing the structure, it is imperative to strengthen the wall, as well as treat microcracks and provide protection against mold. These types of work must be performed when installing all types of window sills, and not just products made of artificial material.

The correct choice of design and a well-executed installation will look favorably in the interior of the room. But an unsuccessful installation can ruin the most sophisticated and sophisticated design.

Artificial stone window sill: care tips

Caring for such windowsills is not difficult, but requires specific actions. To eliminate contamination and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the product, it is necessary to use products specially created for the artificial material.

In order for the surface of the window sill to delight the eye for a long time with a beautiful texture and perfect appearance, it is important to protect the structure from exposure to high temperatures. In no case should you put hot pots, pans or mugs on artificial stone products. The white trail left by the incandescent appliances cannot be removed by anything.

window sill to remain clean and attractive
In order for the window sill to remain clean and attractive, it is enough to treat it with a damp sponge with ordinary detergents.

Despite the fact that the material is resistant to mechanical stress, it is still not worth cutting food directly on the windowsill. It is better to use a board for these purposes. Although the knife will not leave significant damage, it can create several scratches.

Artificial stone easily tolerates moisture. You can remove it from the surface with a dry towel or sponge. It is better to quickly remove a fresh stain from the windowsill. Even dry, simple stains can be easily removed with detergent or soapy water. It is easy to clean the surface of an artificial stone window sill, but old dirt can be absorbed over time. To combat such stains, there are dry products and gel formulations.

If slightly noticeable scratches appear on the glossy surface of the window sill, then they can be removed by polishing with special means. Only specialists will help to get rid of significant damage.

How to choose a window sill: design features and expert advice

The correct choice of the window sill ensures that the product will decorate the room for a long time.

First of all, you will need to accurately measure the windowsill. The length of the product must exactly match the size of the window opening. The width of the structure is determined as follows: 3-5 cm are added to the wall thickness. If the width of the window sill is larger, the product will disrupt the air exchange of warm air, which will lead to the appearance of condensation on the slopes and glass of the window.

choosing a window sill
When choosing a window sill, the most important thing is to correctly measure.

In addition, when choosing a design, you must be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. The optimum window sill thickness should be 20 mm or more. If this value is less, then the structure may break under the influence of the load from the flower pots.
  2. The modern market provides a huge variety of colors, which can create some discomfort when choosing. It is important to choose a product that will go well with the design of the window and the entire room as a whole.
  3. It is recommended to buy a window sill from well-known manufacturers, and it is also important to read reviews about the product. High-quality material has a guarantee of 10 years or more.
  4. A quality product cannot be too cheap.
buy artificial stone window sills from trusted manufacturers
It is better to buy artificial stone window sills from trusted manufacturers.

Thanks to a wide palette of various colors and shades, you can create a product of the most unusual design. Regardless of this, the main thing for the window sill is that the surface is easy to clean. It is worth paying attention to the models with a smooth matte finish. It is not difficult to eliminate minor damage from such products.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to be attentive to structures with special parameters. Standard factory-sized window sills can easily withstand everyday loads (for example, if the entire surface of the product is covered with flower pots). The choice of designer products of an unusual shape (narrow or wide, rectangular or rounded, asymmetric or curved) or non-standard sizes requires expert advice. It will most likely be impossible to install such a unique design on your own.

Artificial stone window sills: construction prices

The price per meter of artificial stone window sills depends on the type of stone, texture and color, shape and thickness of the structure. If we compare this figure with the price of plastic or wood window sills, then at first glance it will seem too high. In fact, buying a structure made of artificial stone will be more profitable, since the product will last much longer, and the risk of damage is negligible.

price for a window sill
The price for a window sill will depend on the type of stone, shape, thickness, color and texture of the product.

If we compare the cost of models made of natural stone and the price of acrylic window sills, it becomes clear that the second option will be cheaper. Such constructions are also more profitable because the process of restoration of artificial material is simpler and cheaper.

Very often, artificial stone window sills are made to order. Each model is created according to a separate calculation and drawing, taking into account the layout and architectural features of the premises. For this reason, it is not possible to provide exact prices.

Criteria that can change the final price for a finished stone structure will help to roughly estimate the cost:

  1. Product size. The larger the area of ​​the window sill, the more material will be required for its manufacture.
  2. Form and configuration. When creating complex forms of window sills, a huge amount of waste remains, therefore such models are more expensive than classic rectangular or L-shaped structures.
  3. Edges and sides. Usually the sill is made without auxiliary parts, but it can be supplemented with edges on the outside and bumpers on the inner edges. This will also increase the cost of the finished structure.
  4. Stone grade – different types of materials have different prices.
  5. Additional services: delivery, installation, etc.
Artificial stone window sills are more expensive
Artificial stone window sills are more expensive than wooden and plastic ones, but at the same time their service life is much longer.

Window sills play an important role in the design of an apartment or a private house. Artificial stone, from which these products are often made, not only creates a special atmosphere in the room, but very often performs its own special functions. For example, very often a window sill is designed as a place to relax or as a work surface in the kitchen. The main task of this element is to protect the room from the cold and keep it warm.

Thanks to special modern technologies, artificial stone in its technical characteristics is not inferior to natural material, and in some parameters even surpasses it. A good window sill is durable, durable, beautiful and easy to clean. Artificial stone construction meets all these requirements and is becoming especially demanded and popular among buyers.


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