Bad Smell Coming From Vents in Apartment

Bad Smell Coming From Vents in Apartment

It is better to entrust the installation of ventilation to professionals in their field. The presence of unpleasant odors in the apartment and the formation of mold, which negatively affects health, will depend on this process. When doing ventilation in the toilet, it is necessary to think over the system of supply and exhaust ducts. The actual option today is forced ventilation, which has a fan in its kit. In the apartment, the smell of ventilation appears for many reasons and it is important to eliminate it, and not fight the investigation.

Causes of bad smell coming from vents

Causes of bad smell from ventilation:

  • Blockage in the ventilation duct. It interferes with the circulation of air, stagnates due to the accumulation of dust, debris, and grease. Very often, this problem arises due to the debris left in the ventilation shaft;
  • Partial destruction of the ventilation duct. A blockage is formed that prevents the passage of air. Destruction often occurs in a roof, attic, or technical floor. A common cause of the problem in old houses;
  • Violation of tightness. The ventilation units have moved. In houses of new construction, the reason is the mistake of builders, and in old houses, due to the permission of the elevator shaft, or improperly carried out construction and repair work. In most old houses, elevators do not work, no one monitors their condition and over time this part of the house becomes emergency and can lead to problems with the ventilation system;
  • An unpleasant smell from ventilation often appears after your neighbors have made repairs to themselves. During major repairs, people often destroy the ventilation duct in order to increase the usable area of ​​the apartment. Some citizens generally connect a branch to a neighboring canal, thereby creating inconveniences for neighbors;
  • When an exhaust fan is installed by neighbors in old houses. All unpleasant odors will reach you. This is due to the fact that in those houses there is no provision for the installation of such equipment. It can be installed only in the case of an individual channel in each apartment of the house, which is unprofitable and impossible since not all tenants want to deal with this issue.

In the houses of the old fund, there is a problem of malfunctioning ventilation ducts. They are often combined with chimneys, air ducts and have already been partially destroyed. Accordingly, their work is not well-coordinated and has many flaws that every inhabitant feels on himself. Air exhaust systems were designed at a time when modern technology was still unknown.

Mold and mildew often grow in the canals, since in the cold months not all houses and technical facilities are well heated and foreign odors appear. It is necessary to deal with this by contacting the housing office or a private management company, which is assigned to your home. With proper care and timely maintenance, the problem can be effectively eliminated.

Problems with a common ventilation riser

In apartment buildings, often the cause of unpleasant odors is a problem with the common ventilation riser, which can be damaged, defective, not installed correctly, and many other reasons. In this case, you must immediately contact the management company.

Frost on air ducts

Changes in air temperature outside and in buildings lead to the formation of condensation. For this reason, ice forms during the cold season. This leads to partial or complete blockage of the ventilation ducts.

Dirty ventilation system

Blockages form in homes. This may be due to the detachment of the walls of the ventilation trays or the release of construction debris. Another reason is animals that can get there and close the air passage.

Lack of ventilation duct

There are times when it turns out that there is no ventilation duct. It may not exist at all, or it may simply be a mistake in the design of the structure. Are smells coming from neighbors through the ventilation? Situations are especially common when there was a ventilation duct, but someone made an illegal redevelopment and closed it. Often in place of the channel, people make a built-in wardrobe, thereby blocking it from above and below.

A person can establish this reason independently. It is necessary to carefully examine the premises of the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet of all neighbors. If you see an illegal redevelopment and people refuse to return it back, then you should contact the municipal authorities for further investigation. To carry out such a redevelopment, it is necessary to obtain permits, which the neighbors probably do not have. After clarifying all the circumstances, the neighbors will return the repair to the original version and pay an administrative fine for violating the norms of living in an apartment building.

Lack of draft in the ventilation system

There are situations when, with proper ventilation, an unpleasant odor still remains in the room. This is due to the poor supply of fresh air. Insufficient air supply also slows down the removal of old air from the house. A few decades ago, people did not even know about the existence of this problem, since wooden windows and doors were installed in houses, and today plastic windows are at the peak of popularity, and they do not allow fresh air to pass through.

Over time, cracks and holes appeared in wooden windows through which clean air freely flowed in and ventilated the room even with the doors closed. Modern plastic windows are very airtight and they do not let air in from the street. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the room several times every day, regardless of the outside temperature. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to install a special supply ventilation system in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Reverse draft in the ventilation system

If the ventilation system is working properly, there is a sufficient supply of fresh air. In some situations, the opposite effect occurs, which is called reverse thrust. In this case, ventilation not only does not purify the air but also attracts an unpleasant smell from neighbors and dust from the street. The reasons may be: blockage of ventilation ducts with cold air and steam, pollution of the duct with snow, ice, or ingress of birds, artificial ventilation sources interfere with natural air purification.

Powerful hood for neighbors

The project of an apartment building is initially built on the fact that there will be a natural exchange of air in the building. Therefore, when residents install special air removal devices, a problem can arise. Dirty air streams will pass through the ventilation and, as a result, an unpleasant odor will appear in the neighboring apartments.

This happens when a high-power fan works almost constantly in the bathroom. There are 2 ways to solve it. This is to ask the neighbors to replace their equipment with a simple structure or turn it on less often. The second option is to install such a device in your apartment, however, you also complicate the life of your neighbors, but other people’s smells will no longer bother you.

Toilet odors can occur for several reasons. The most common odor problem is a clogged ventilation duct. This can happen due to pollution or the collapse of its walls if the house is already old and has not been properly maintained for many years. In such a situation, the air does not pass and stagnates. The worst option would be to get poultry there, not just household waste. It is unlikely that it will be possible to choose independently, and people will understand that something happened only after a while. The presence of foreign odors indicates a serious problem that should be addressed immediately.

Therefore, the situation often turns into the death of the pet, the body decomposes and the inhabitants begin to feel a specific smell. It is not always possible to solve the problem on your own and clean the common ventilation ducts. This is possible only if the blockage is located near the ventilation hole of some apartment. You can remove the blockage with a home brush. If you are faced with a similar situation for the first time, it is recommended to call a specialist who will competently eliminate the cause of the problem.

Violation of the integrity of the structure of the house

Feelings can sometimes be deceiving. When an unpleasant odor appears, we first of all think that the problem is in the ventilation of the house. But the problem may be the appearance of cracks and chips in the very structure of the house. In such a situation, you will instantly smell in your apartment if a neighbor decides to smoke. There will also be aromas of technical rooms that no one has been servicing for many years. This situation is easy to handle. It is necessary to go around the house and inspect it thoroughly. Identify all problem areas and repair them hermetically.

Vents are OK, but a bad smell remains

In this case, the ventilation system has nothing to do with it, and the problem lies in other reasons. It could be fungus or sewer drains. If the cause is a fungus, then it is necessary to find the affected areas and treat them with special means. If the cause is drainage, then you should call the master and clean the sump.

If this is your first time encountering the problem of unpleasant odors from ventilation, then we recommend not to waste time and effort in vain, but to immediately call professionals in their field. They will diagnose and identify the real cause of the problem, and then correctly eliminate it. First of all, contact the management company and talk about the problem. If this does not yield results, then start looking for private specialists.


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