Best Blinds for Kitchen

Best Blinds for Kitchen

Window blinds are a modern system that protects the interior space from UV rays and the prying eyes of passers-by, and also serves as a decorative element. In comparison with traditional curtains, such products are more practical, functional and easy to use. Which blinds should be chosen for the kitchen, depending on the type and material of manufacture, is detailed in this article.

What kind of blinds are best for kitchens

Blinds on windows, photos of which clearly reflect the popularity of this system, are the best option for the kitchen. The product is selected taking into account the size of the window block. Its length reaches the window sill, which eliminates the likelihood of lamellae getting on a burning stove burner in case of a strong gust of wind from an open window.

blinds are easy to choose
Thanks to a wide range, blinds are easy to choose for every taste and for any interior

The main advantages of blinds for the kitchen:

  • a well-chosen design of blinds allows you to visually increase the size of a small-sized kitchen and reduce the proportions of an oversized room;
  • the product is characterized by strength, reliability, durability and aesthetic appeal;
  • lamellas are easily cleaned with a rag and soapy water, which does not affect their original appearance;
  • the blinds are equipped with a convenient control system;
  • metal and plastic structures do not tend to absorb food odors;
  • lamellas, with the exception of metal ones, do not heat up under the influence of the sun’s rays;
  • blinds are good protection from prying eyes, and in a half-open state they do not create obstacles for observation from the inside;
  • it is possible to regulate the intensity of daylight entering the room;
  • a wide range of blinds allows you to choose a product for any interior design.
Blinds are practical
Blinds are practical enough in operation, as well as strong and durable

Disadvantages of blinds:

  • products are completely not resistant to mechanical damage caused by a person;
  • the specific and painstaking process of installing the structure on the window requires certain skills and the appropriate tool;
  • when the window is open during a strong gust of wind, the lamellas of some types of products emit an unpleasant noise that can distract from work or interfere with sleep;
  • in the presence of blinds, the window sill becomes non-functional, it will be inconvenient to arrange flowers or other decorations on it.

Helpful advice! You should not choose cheap primitive designs for living quarters, as they create an office atmosphere in the room.

Tips for choosing blinds for the kitchen

Today, a wide variety of types of blinds are presented on the construction market, which differ in the material for the manufacture of lamellas (fabric, plastic, wood, metal), their arrangement (horizontal, vertical), control method (mechanical, manual, automatic), fastening system, texture, print and surface color.

The kitchen is a special room with a specific microclimate, which is characterized by high humidity, food odors in the air, fat and soot on furniture and decorative accessories. Taking these factors into account, you should be very responsible when choosing blinds for the kitchen, since not all products can be used in this room.

Blinds combine perfectly
Blinds combine perfectly with other options for curtains and curtains

Blinds should have a moisture-resistant surface, easy to clean from dust and dirt, without losing their original appearance. For the kitchen, metal and plastic structures should be preferred, since they are not able to absorb odors. You can buy blinds for the kitchen made of wood. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the surface of the lamellas should be with a laminated coating, this will allow the product to retain its color longer and absorb less odors. When choosing a design, special attention should be paid to the control mechanism, which must be reliable, durable and function without fail under intensive use.

Blinds should be installed on each window sash separately in order to be able to open them to ventilate the room, which will be problematic if there is a solid sheet. When choosing horizontal structures, the length of the lamellas should not be more than 200 cm so that the elements do not sag under their own weight. Such blinds will have to be washed much more often than vertical products.

Horizontal blinds in the kitchen: photos of interesting models

Horizontal louver curtains are the most popular type of blinds. Photos of the room design clearly display various window design options. This is the most optimal solution for small kitchens with small windows, since they do not overload the interior and do not steal scarce space due to the compact design. The maximum effect is achieved when using interframe models that are mounted in the intraframe space between the glasses, leaving the window opening and the window sill completely free. The products are easy to use.

Horizontal blinds
Horizontal blinds are the most popular and are optimal for small windows.

The lamellas are parallel to each other. The elements can be controlled using thin ropes located between them, thanks to which the solar flux can be directed up or down. The main advantage of such structures is the guarantee of absolute darkening of the room when the blinds are closed, which is especially important for kitchens located on the south side.

Horizontal lamellas are made of wood, bamboo, plastic and aluminum. For the kitchen, it is better to choose the last two versions of the product, since they do not absorb odors, are not exposed to moisture and are easy to clean. Manufacturers produce canvases in a variety of colors. Here you can choose a solid color, two-color, perforated, imitation wood model.

choose blinds
For the kitchen, it is better to choose blinds made of plastic or metal, as they are easier to care for and they do not absorb odors

Horizontal blinds made of plastic or aluminum organically fit into the interior of the room, decorated in hi-tech and minimalism style. If the kitchen is made in a classic design, eco-style, country or Provence, it would be appropriate to use wood or bamboo products that emphasize the naturalness of the stylistic direction. In spacious rooms, they can be harmoniously complemented with other options for curtains: curtains, tulle and lambrequins, adapting the products to any interior.

When buying blinds, it is better not to save money, since the control mechanism must be of high quality

The main disadvantage of horizontal products is that dirt and dust settle on them faster, so they need to be washed quite often, at least 1-2 times a week.

Pleated and Roman blinds: unusual execution of horizontal structures

Pleated blinds are a kind of horizontal products, however, instead of lamellas, a fabric cloth is used here, which is gathered in folds in the form of an accordion. The product is made of polyester and is mounted on an aluminum profile that is invisible on the window. The fabric is impregnated with a special compound, which gives it moisture and dust repellent properties, resistance to sunlight. Due to the fact that the outer surface of the canvas is covered with a mother-of-pearl or metallized layer, the room is protected from overheating.

manufacture of blinds
For the manufacture of blinds, plastic, fabric, metal or wood are used.

Pleated blinds are characterized by the rigor of the design, functionality, practicality, ease of use. Having an elegant and restrained external design of the canvas, such curtains can be used in rooms decorated in country style, minimalism, modern.

Roman blinds in appearance resemble pleated blinds. However, in the raised state, peculiar folds are formed. For the manufacture of canvas, synthetic (acrylic, lavsan, artificial silk, polyester), combined (cambric, taffeta, organza, linen, cotton, silk) fabric or wood in the form of bamboo or wicker can be used.

Roman blinds are available in a wide variety of colors, which allows you to choose a product for any interior style. Blinds can be attached above the window opening, fixed to a frame or a separate sash. It all depends on the size of the window, the room as a whole and the personal preferences of the owners.

Lamellas are made mainly of fabric, which is impregnated with a special dust and water repellent compound. It also protects the product from fading under the influence of UV rays, which allows the blinds to be used for a long time. However, manufacturers also produce plastic, wood and aluminum vertical products. Lamellas can be monochromatic, multi-colored, have a variety of prints, photographic images and textured embossing.

An unusual solution is multi-textured blinds for the kitchen. Photos of the modern interior design of the room clearly demonstrate various models of products. Such curtains simultaneously combine the technical features of plastic and the aesthetic external design of fabric blinds.

With vertical blinds, you can expand or narrow the room

Vertical curtains are installed over the window opening. The lamellas can move apart in one or both directions, rotate around the axis, thereby changing the intensity of the light flux. In the lower part of the elements, weights are located in order to make the lamellae heavier and to reduce the intensity of their swaying from gusts of wind.

What are roller blinds in the kitchen

Roller blinds differ from classical counterparts in design and control mechanism. The product is presented in the form of a fabric cloth, which, moving along the guides, is wound on the shaft in the open position. The curtain can be made of natural or synthetic material, which is impregnated with dust and moisture-repellent, antiseptic, antibacterial components. There are also models of bamboo, rice paper and straw.

Roller blinds
Roller blinds can be made of different materials and have different degrees of transparency

Helpful advice! Blinds can be combined with light tulle, classic curtains and organza.

Depending on the requirements for the level of lighting in the kitchen, you can purchase transparent, translucent or opaque curtains. Blinds for the kitchen of the first option allow you to gently diffuse sunlight in the room. Translucent blinds let in a moderate amount of light, and opaque products, which are made from multi-layer blackout fabric, completely cover the room. Roller blinds can be mounted to the wall above the ceiling, to the ceiling, to the top of the window frame or to each sash.

Rolled sunscreen systems have their drawbacks. The fabric does not lend itself well to thorough cleaning, therefore, traces of drops of fat will remain on the surface of the product, which will soon give it an untidy look. Blinds do not tolerate strong detergents and rough cleaning with a brush, which will negatively affect the appearance of the curtains. The fabric absorbs kitchen odors quickly.

Sun-protection beautiful day-night blinds

The second name for day-night blinds is zebra. This is due to the design features of the product, which combines the advantages of horizontal curtains and roller blinds. The system is made of double fabric, where transparent and opaque stripes alternate with each other. Opaque fragments are made of dense three-layer textile (blackout), which does not transmit light.

The blinds control mechanism is the same as in roller blinds. A roller is also used here. However, the canvas is not wound around it, but is thrown to the other side. As a result of such a movement, it is possible to achieve the alignment and alternation of dense and transparent stripes, which allows you to regulate the flow of light, achieving the required level of illumination in the room.

Performing simultaneously the function of curtains and curtains, day-night blinds are self-sufficient. They should not be combined with other types of curtains. This type of blinds is ideal for modern interiors, where there is no sign of antiquity: modern, hi-tech, eco-style, minimalism. However, if you skillfully choose the picture of the blinds, they can be adapted to French Provence, American country or English shabby chic .

Advantages of plastic blinds on the kitchen window

When it comes to the question of which blinds are best to choose for the kitchen, depending on the material of manufacture, then plastic products are the most popular option that can most often be found in the kitchen. The main advantages of blinds are:

  • high density of the lamella, which allows you to well darken the room;
  • strength and durability of the structure;
  • moisture resistance;
  • the material does not absorb odors;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • the product does not fade in the sun;
  • easy to clean and wash;
  • does not interact with chemical detergents;
  • dries quickly;
  • keeps its shape well, does not sag under its own weight;
  • a large assortment of products from which you can choose blinds with imitation of wood or fabric;
  • affordable pricing policy.
Plastic blinds
Plastic blinds are easy to maintain with just a sponge and soapy water

Plastic lamellas are an ideal basis for the possible application of various prints, which can be selected from the proposed options or made to order according to your own sketch.

The main disadvantage is that inexpensive plastic blinds quickly turn yellow under the influence of sunlight, deform during temperature fluctuations, become brittle and break. Therefore, you should give preference to high-quality, more expensive options.

Metal blinds for plastic windows in the kitchen

Another popular type of blinds for windows is metal structures. They are made of heat-resistant enamel and lightweight duralumin alloys of high strength with a protective varnish layer. Such products keep their shape well, are resistant to moisture, high temperatures, sun rays, corrosion, are characterized by sterility and hygiene, and do not need special care. This is the most suitable option for the kitchen.

Metal blinds
Metal blinds keep their shape well, they are strong and durable

Metal blinds are made in any color scheme. For this, special dyes are used that do not fade in the sun and protect the product from corrosion, which provides the blinds with a longer period of operation without loss of aesthetic characteristics. Such sun-protection systems will look good in hi-tech and modern rooms, which are clearly displayed by photos of modern blinds in the kitchen.

Metal blinds have one feature that can be considered a disadvantage. When the lamellas collide with each other during a draft, an unpleasant sound is produced.

Wooden blinds: photo of products in the interior of the kitchen

The most expensive, but also the most presentable option is wooden blinds. It is an environmentally friendly material that is durable and reliable. However, wood products are fire hazardous, less resistant to moisture, quickly absorb odors, lose their original color over time, and require special care that excludes wet cleaning. Low-quality, cheap blinds quickly deform under the influence of the sun’s rays.

The lamellas are made of durable light woods, namely: canadian linden, cork, bamboo. In order for the product to serve for a long time, one should give preference to blinds, which are impregnated with a special composition, so that they are not inclined to absorb moisture and change their original color.


Wooden curtains are ideal for an eco or country style kitchen. Thanks to the penetration of sunlight through the lamellas, they will make the atmosphere cozy and warm at home, and will add richness and presentability to the room, emphasizing the ecological cleanliness and naturalness of the interior.

Helpful advice! In order for wooden blinds to serve for a long time in the kitchen, the room should be equipped with a powerful hood.

Wooden blinds are made in the form of horizontal slats of different widths or thin bamboo slats. The second option is often combined with fabric inserts that intertwine between the lamellas, creating a semblance of roller blinds.

Bamboo blinds are cheaper than other wooden blinds. They are practical, durable and easy to clean. The products have a presentable appearance and gently diffuse sunlight. Over time, however, bamboo blinds stretch under their own weight.

Fabric blinds for plastic windows in the kitchen: photo

For the kitchen, it is necessary to choose fabric products, the lamellas of which are impregnated with a special composition. Thanks to this, the canvas does not absorb odors, does not accumulate dust, household dirt and grease, does not fade in the sun, and is easy to clean. Such products are durable and durable. Blinds need special care. The surface should be periodically cleaned of dust and soot that settles on it. To remove serious dirt, the product must be washed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fabric blinds
Fabric blinds are impregnated with a special compound to protect against odors and dirt

Helpful advice! To keep the blinds clean, it is recommended to periodically vacuum them.

Today, fabric blinds are presented in a wide range of colors, textures, and embossing. They can be monochromatic, multi-colored, with various patterns, images and photo printing. Sometimes vertical products are made at different levels, building with an arch or ladder. Horizontal blinds can be created in the form of a single piece of fabric or individual fabric slats.

A variety of fabric products are fiberglass blinds. This option is ideal for the kitchen. The material is not treated with impregnation, which makes the product completely environmentally friendly. Fiberglass does not burn in the fire, but is baked, while no harmful substances and smoke are released into the atmosphere. The main feature of the products is their extremely dry cleaning.

Multi-texture blinds on the windows in the kitchen: photos of unusual models

Multi-texture blinds are made of two or more types of materials in combination with decorative elements. Among the popular combinations are models made of aluminum and wood, fabric and plastic, paper straw and bamboo, which are clearly demonstrated by photos of beautiful blinds in the kitchen.

Thanks to the uncomplicated play of various textures, interesting and unusual ornaments are created on the canvas that imitate curtains with drapery, grab, curtain fabrics, curtains in the form of an arch or lambrequin. Such blinds can be a real boon for any interior style due to the wide variety of different texture and color combinations.

multi-textured blinds
On small windows, multi-texture blinds will look bulky, they are better suited for medium to large rooms.

Multi-texture blinds have a number of disadvantages, among which the following stand out: high cost of products, insufficient practicality, cumbersomeness and difficulty in care. Therefore, they are rarely used in small rooms. However, this is a stylish and unusual option for studio kitchens, where multi-textured blinds turn into an important decorative element of the interior of the room.

To create a beautiful and cozy interior in the kitchen, special attention should be paid to the design of the window, the design of which should correspond to the chosen stylistic direction. Due to their high operational and aesthetic characteristics, many prefer kitchen blinds, presented on the construction market in a wide variety of configurations, materials of manufacture, colors and textures. Choosing a specific model, you should study the features of each type of blinds and the feasibility of installing the product in the kitchen.


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