Condensation on The Windows. The Main Causes of Occurrence

Condensation on The Windows. The Main Causes of Occurrence


Almost every person faced with such a problem as the appearance of condensation on the windows in an apartment, house or office. Of course, you can get rid of it, but first you need to figure out what contributes to the formation of condensate. Now we will consider the most common factors that affect its appearance, and also learn how to get rid of it.

Why is it formed condensation on the windows?

Specialists in the manufacture of window structures recommend eliminate condensation immediately, as this is a sign
adverse indoor climate. His appearance necessarily lead to the formation of fungus or mold, which negatively affects human health. There are five main factors that are directly related to condensation on the windows.

The first reason is the depressurization of the window

Condensate can appear both in rooms where there are windows with good sealing, and without it. Very often it is formed on window structures made of wood, but sometimes metal-plastic double-glazed windows do not exclude this problem. Misting of windows occurs in connection with the ingress of cold air into the room, which leads to the cooling of the glass. This cause is most easily detected in winter by the appearance of ice in problem areas. This problem is fixed as follows: The place where the glass comes into contact with the window frame must be lubricated with a high-quality sealant. On windows made of wood, it is enough to glue the joints on the wings with a sealant. Do not worry if condensation has formed outside the window. This is normal and indicates high-quality window structures.

This problem is fixed as follows:

  1. The place where the glass comes into contact with the window frame needs to be smeared
    high-quality sealant.
  2. On windows made of wood, it is enough to glue the joints on the wings

Do not worry if condensation has formed on the outside of the window.
This is normal and indicates quality windows.

The second reason is poor ventilation

Condensate is steam that interacting with a cool surface, such as window glasses in an apartment, becomes moisture. Why does he appear? In the rooms where they cook, take a shower, wash, clean and water the flowers, there is always moisture. To ensure a favorable microclimate, ventilation is required. For example, recuperators are selected. It is through ventilation that the output of humid and the influx of dry air is carried out. Not enough effective work or the complete absence of a ventilation system leads to the appearance of condensation on the windows.

To solve the problem, you need:

  • Make sure the ventilation system is working with a lighter – the fire should deviate to the grill.
  • If you have plastic windows, you need to ventilate the house more often or install a valve to attract fresh air.
  • If condensation forms during cooking, it is necessary to equip the kitchen with an exhaust hood.

The third reason is low-quality slopes

Often condensation appears on metal-plastic windows from the side of slopes. They are the reason for his formation. The problem can be solved only by reinstalling or replacing poorly executed slopes. For this it is necessary:

  1. To dismantle the panels from plastic (tuck them out and remove them from the profile).
  2. If necessary, after cleaning and moistening, it is necessary to qualitatively foam the gap between the frame and the opening.
  3. Before mounting the window structure in place, you need to put cotton (mineral) in the gap between the wall and the slope.

If you have slopes made of drywall, then after their disassembly, reinstallation will not work. After dismantling, it is necessary to insulate the opening, and then install a new one. On the Internet, you can now find a lot of information, including video, that will help you install the slopes of various materials yourself. It happens that single-chamber plastic windows have poor thermal insulation, which is why condensation appears on them. Unfortunately, in such cases, the only effective solution to the problem will be the replacement of a double-glazed window. As a temporary and not the best option – to regularly perform additional window heating.

The fourth reason is plants

How trite it did not sound – but it’s true! Our pets require constant watering and are able to independently produce moisture. If there are a lot of plants, especially those related to hygrophilous species, it is necessary to reduce their number on the windowsill. Of course, you do not need to completely get rid of them, they just need to be placed in a more suitable place.

The fifth reason is the wide windowsill

In almost every apartment, house and office, there are heating systems under the windows. This is due to the fact that:

  • The warm air when lifted up forms a curtain that
    blocks the entry of cold into the room.
  • Batteries heat the window, thus eliminating the appearance of

What happens if a very wide window sill is located above the radiator or is it in contact with a dense curtain? This leads to the cutting off of warm air from the window and to its overcooling, as a result of which small droplets of water are formed. In such cases, it is not necessary to change the window sills. You just need to install special grilles on them. How to do this, we will describe further.

First you need to buy the most suitable in size and design of the lattice. Do not forget that they must be successfully combined with the interior of the room, so you should choose their color and texture. Then you need to mark and cut out the holes in the windowsill, identical to the size of the grill. And in the end it remains only to carry out its installation. After such a procedure, the windows will always be warmed, and therefore water droplets will not form on the windows. Well, here we have figured out the causes of condensation on window structures made of various materials. All the problems listed above, if desired, can be quite easily and simply eliminated. Only one reason cannot be easily resolved – these are single-chamber windows. Our advice to you is to immediately abandon the purchase and installation of such window structures.

You also need to remember that any room should be equipped with high-quality and efficient ventilation, which not only eliminates condensation, but also provides the house with clean air. An excellent solution would be to install a household heat exchanger. Do not delay with this problem, because in an apartment with an optimal microclimate condensate simply should not be! Remember that this is not only ugly, but can also adversely affect your health.


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