Deerma Humidifier With Distillation Function

Deerma Humidifier With Distillation Function

Deerma has released a new model of humidifier that, as the title suggests, distills water, which is then sprayed. Plus, it’s smart and WiFi controlled, so you can start generating healthy water vapor in your home from anywhere, as the water in the device is sterilized by a high temperature of 100 ℃.

The principle of operation of the humidifier is quite simple. Water from the container is first distilled into distilled water and only then is sprayed in the form of water vapor. Even if you use plain tap water, the resulting steam will be free of impurities.

Distillation is carried out in a special chamber, where water is heated to a state of hot steam, and then, with the help of high and low pressure air ducts, it is sent outside in the form of cold steam. This allows you to separate impurities with a lower boiling point and release only purified distilled water to the outside world.

The humidifier capacity is 680 ml. per hour, which is twice as much as conventional models. The level of evaporated moisture is dynamically controlled by the system, which allows evenly, and most importantly, with high intensity, to humidify the entire room.
The distillation purification system eliminates 99.9% of impurities when heating drinking water to 100 degrees. And the heated water vapor is cooled by the upper cooling ring, which first cools the steam and only then releases it outside. It is the top ring that contains the brushless DC motor and turbocharger to absorb hot water mist and cool it down to an acceptable temperature to avoid accidents.

At the same time, cooled water vapor, due to the blower and the effect of natural convection, rises up and actively spreads throughout the room, which makes it possible to make all the air in the room more comfortable and fresh, in a fairly short time.

Management is carried out using the MiHome application. Also in the application you can monitor the current state of the device, and even change its settings in real time. Integration into the MiHome ecosystem allows the humidifier to be used in a variety of scenarios and automates the saturation of the air with moisture, for example, when you are using an air conditioner or heater.  Topping up water is also very easy, through the center hole at the top of the appliance. No need to remove lids or open caps, you can just add water.
The humidifier supports 10 different modes of operation, each of which provides a different amount of moisture entering the air. Using the application, you can easily select the operating mode and time – for every taste or comfort level.

humidifier with distillation function

The water tank, which holds 3.8 liters, allows the room to be fully humidified for 19 hours. And five-fold protection allows you to use the device as safely as possible and prevents accidents.

In addition to the distiller, the device is equipped with a primary coarse water filter, and the design of the humidifier itself makes it easy to take care of it.

The power cord is removable, so it will be convenient to store the device when it is not needed.

The price is still unknown.


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