Dishwasher Error e03 Fix

Dishwasher Error e03 Fix

Having a dishwasher in the kitchen is no longer a rarity. Its use greatly simplifies unpleasant chores, saves time, water consumption, and the declared durability and reliability suggest using such an assistant often and regularly.

Dishwashing appliances have earned wide use both in household, economic affairs, and in industrial conditions (restaurants):

Dishwashers for the home:

  • Narrow, 45 cm wide. Able to accommodate 9-13 sets of dishes.
  • Full-size, 60 cm wide. Holds 7-16 sets of dishes.
  • Compact. Small dimensions allow you to place the dishwasher on the countertop, and can accommodate up to 7 sets. A significant drawback is that they do not accommodate large diameter plates.
  • Industrial dishwashers.

Unlike household ones, they are equipped with significant sizes, they can accommodate a variety of programs, enhanced power, with the help of which it works under continuous and regular loads.

However, it happens that the dishwasher gives an e03 error. Modern technology signals a malfunction using a display or flashing indicators. In this case, it is enough to know the code decryption.

Code E3 indicates a long time for heating water, without reaching the desired temperature, and as stated the main reason is the incorrect operation of the temperature sensor or heating device.

We decipher the E03 error in various well-known companies

Dishwasher brand Description of the problem Causes, remedies
Bosch, Siemens, Neff Water intake Aquastop, pump, inlet valve, NTC sensor
KRONA, CANDY Ten Check the water temperature level
builder Early termination of dishwashing Check if the drain hose is installed correctly
Samsung, Gorenje Dishwasher not filling with water Temperature sensor malfunction

If we consider error E3 using the Bosch dishwasher as an example, then a malfunction most likely occurred due to the lack of the required amount of water in the machine for a given period of time.

If the model is more advanced, then the dishwasher will wait until the filling with water is completed, and if it is more outdated, then the descent will be carried out in 1 minute.

Actions in case of failure:

  1. Inspect the Aquastop hose for a malfunction;
  2. Inspect the drain pump for a malfunction;
  3. Carry out a valve check;
  4. Eliminate filter blockage by disconnecting it from the machine and a good cleaning;
  5. Find out if the pressure switch is malfunctioning.

Cause of error E3

The indicator of contamination of the fine filter stops the operation of the dishwasher if the program has not had time to collect the required amount of water within a certain time. Then the dishwasher drains it on its own, after which error e03 is displayed on the light panel. This means that in order to continue the further, uninterrupted operation of the dishwasher, the filter must be cleaned.

What to do in this situation?

  1. Eliminate the possibility of lack of water in the water supply;
  2. Find out if the filters before the inlet hose and at the inlet to the machine are dirty;
  3. Check the filling valve for serviceability;
  4. Check for correct operation of the water level sensor in the dishwasher ;
  5. And finally, to carry out an inspection of the health of the pump, since the cause of the breakdown may be in it.

When is it necessary to turn to specialists?

So, often on the panel of the dishwasher, a combination of light signals appears – when the fine filter is clogged. You can try to figure it out yourself, at home. You will need to open the filter unit, disassemble, rinse and put the removed parts back. This procedure is not final, because after its completion, it is possible to see an error on the display again, then it is worth resorting to the services of a professional service technician.

A modern kitchen machine is able to independently diagnose its performance, show and immediately notify its owner. Each specific case must be approached individually, with the help of a specialist, and a number of errors can be eliminated by ourselves, at home.

Having dealt with the malfunction in the form of error E03, we can conclude that it is not possible to see such an error during normal operation. Its appearance occurs in the test run mode and indicates problems with heating. To avoid a signal on the display of the e3 indicator, it is enough, if necessary, to clean the filters at least once a month.

Be careful during the first and subsequent starts of the dishwasher , treat the equipment carefully, carefully, and it will serve for a long time, bypassing malfunctions.


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