Door Panel Home: Simple and Elegant Renewal

Door Panel Home: Simple and Elegant Renewal

The hallmark of any room is the front door. It is very important that it looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing, since it appears first to a person, forming an impression of the place that is located behind it. Often, a product loses its original appearance due to continuous use. An overlay on the front door will help to return an attractive look to the canvas.

What is a door panel?

In the process of continuous and long-term use, the entrance door loses its original attractive appearance. There are many options for decorating the structure: painting the canvas, covering the surface with soft materials in the form of leather, dermantine and others, attaching the laminate to the product with nails or glue.

A decorative panel allows you to update the canvas
A decorative panel allows you to update the canvas without replacing the door itself

One of the most popular, easy-to-use and inexpensive techniques is door finishing using decorative panels. The decorative panel for the entrance door is a one-piece product that can be made from various materials. It has the following advantages:

  • protection of the door leaf from scratches, cracks, chips, impacts and other mechanical damage;
  • decorative properties that will allow you to update the old door, making it attractive, or to fit the structure into the new interior of the room;
  • significant savings in money (no waste associated with replacing a door or using other expensive methods of decorating a structure);
  • protection against vandalism and unauthorized access to the premises;
  • increased sound and heat insulation functions;
  • increases the refractory properties of the structure.

Classification of door panels

Front door linings can be classified by material of manufacture, place of installation, installation method, dimensions and appearance. Depending on the material of execution, door linings are made of wood, plastic, made of MDF or plywood.

Entrance metal door
Entrance metal door before and after mounting the cover

There are also decorative vinyl door stickers in the form of water-based self-adhesive films that are moisture resistant, light resistant, durable and easy to clean. They are easily and quickly glued to the surface and can also be removed without leaving any marks. It is easy to remove dirt from them using wet wipes.

Important! Thanks to the large number of image options, such overlays are able to turn the door into a real work of art.

Front door lining with a mirror is gaining popularity. Such panels allow you to visually expand the space. They also distract prying eyes from visible flaws on the surface of the door leaf.

Helpful advice! Together with the decorative canvas, you should choose chrome panels for the door handles, this will give the composition a complete look, emphasizing the special charm of the mirror surface.

A modern solution for decorating doors can be acrylic plates with amalgam, which are distinguished by excellent reflective qualities, low weight, wear resistance, durability and ease of installation. Such panels have an attractive appearance and are able to radically transform the interior of the room.

Varieties of overlays based on the location and method of installation

Based on the installation site, decorative items can be:

  • external, which are installed on the outside of the enclosing structure;
  • internal, which are mounted from the side of the room.

Outer linings must have increased strength, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and withstand temperature extremes. The inner panel for the front door is selected based on the general style of the room. It must also be strong and resistant to mechanical damage.

Helpful advice! If animals live in the house, it is better to choose coverings with anti-vandal protection for finishing the front door, which will not be damaged by claws.

Cover plates for entrance doors, based on the installation option, can be mortise and overhead. The first option involves the installation of a covering with a recess in the door leaf, which contributes to a reliable fixation of the product and structure. It is better to entrust this method to a professional with the necessary skills. Overhead products are mounted on top of the door leaf with fixation using glue, self-tapping screws or screws.

Cover for the entrance door with a mirror
Cover for the entrance door with a mirror on the inside

Based on the dimensions of the product, the overlays can be standard, with a size of 90×200 cm, or individual, made to order based on the parameters of the door. Some products can be armored, that is, they have an additional protective function against vandalism, they are mounted near the castle.

Characteristics of wooden door panels

Wooden lining is made from natural wood, natural and environmentally friendly material. The most affordable option is pine products, which are impregnated with deep penetration antiseptic compounds that increase the product’s resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.

Softwood pads are less wear-resistant. They do not tolerate moisture and mechanical damage poorly. The surface, even covered with high quality varnish, will fade when exposed to the sun.

Depending on the option for decorating the outer surface, products can be lacquered, painted, veneered and laminated, which determines the price of door linings. For door leaves in a private house and external design of the structure, it is better to give preference to the first two types, which have increased moisture resistance and are more resistant to mechanical damage.

natural wood
A natural wood onlay will cost more than other materials

Lacquered overlays look more attractive, since the natural pattern of the wood is clearly visible under the lacquer layer. Painted products look simple, but at any time you can change the color of the surface by painting it in the desired shade.

Despite the fact that the outer surface of the laminated pads is covered with a waterproof film, it is better not to install them from the street side. They, like veneered options, will look more aesthetically pleasing and organic on the door panels of apartments, and will last much longer. If necessary, these linings can be repaired. However, it will take a lot of effort, time and money.

Important! Veneered panels are most susceptible to moisture and should only be installed on apartment doors.

Features of MDF door linings

MDF is represented by a wood derivative. It is based on finely dispersed wood fractions, the particles of which are glued together with the help of polymer compositions, which occurs under the action of dry pressing under high temperature and pressure. This allows you to get durable products with good moisture-resistant qualities, so that they do not pass and do not absorb moisture. The homogeneous structure of the material eliminates the formation of cracks that can occur due to uneven loads.

MDF overlays
MDF overlays are available in a wide range of sizes and colors

MDF overlays on the front door also have sound and heat insulation properties, are resistant to microorganisms and all kinds of fungi.

Due to its high hygroscopicity, the MDF surface is additionally finished with a special laminated film, which increases the material’s resistance to moisture. In case of damage to this layer, the MDF lining can deform in a humid environment, so it is better to mount it on the door in the apartment. The film can have any shade and pattern.

MDF linings can be veneered or painted. For the second option, powder paints are used, which give the surface exceptional wear resistance. The most popular are options milled according to certain patterns with imitation of natural wood. There are also three-dimensional options that combine complex elements.

The cover made of MDF can be chosen in any size and shape. The products are produced with a thickness of 10-19 mm. The maximum sheet size is 1100×2300 mm.

Front door panels made of plywood and plastic

Plywood is a material consisting of several layers of thin wood that are glued together. Over time, under the influence of many negative factors, the product begins to deform and exfoliate. This also applies to moisture resistant versions, which have a slightly longer lifespan. Such products, in comparison with wood, cannot be treated with impregnations or antiseptics.

Due to the peculiarity of the structure of the material, a plywood cover is best used for doors to an apartment. In the store you can buy a protective and decorative item that is painted, varnished, laminated or finished with veneer.

For finishing the front door in a private house, where direct contact with moisture is possible, the best option would be a plastic overlay that firmly transfers the negative influences of the environment without losing its original appearance and characteristics.

Important! For guaranteed durable operation of the plastic Door panel, you should purchase products made of high-quality polymer, in the production of which special modifiers are used.

Plastic door panels are durable, wear-resistant, reliable, moisture-resistant, durable. High-quality products are resistant to temperature extremes, frost and direct ultraviolet rays, under which they do not fade.

Plastic covers are presented in a wide range of different colors, which will allow you to choose the appropriate option for the overall style of home decoration.

How to choose the right decorative panel for the door

The choice of the overlay depends primarily on the location of its installation. If it is fixed from the outside of the structure, wood or plastic products or MDF panels of any design are suitable for this. For interior cladding, it is better to choose an option that will be in harmony with interior doors in terms of the material of manufacture, texture and color.

An important criterion is the type of surface on which the cover will be mounted. Decorative panels are fixed to metal doors using separate special fasteners with a clip for self-tapping screws. For self-adhesive panels, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the adhesive base, which is different for wood and metal structures.

If, in addition to the door, it is necessary to mount panels on racks and a threshold, the products should be purchased from the same material.

The care for pads made from different materials of manufacture will vary. Plastic panels are easy to maintain. Products made of wood, plywood and MDF need more careful care, without abundant wetting with water and the use of detergents.

Important! As additional heat and sound insulation, plastic linings are not the best option.

The price of the front door lining will differ not only depending on the material of manufacture, but also on the complexity of the decoration design.

When updating the inner surface of the entrance door, it is important to take into account the features of the interior of the hallway. Wooden lining will harmoniously fit into the Scandinavian interior, which is characterized by the dominance of white and pastel shades. This door design will also look organic in a room with many decorative elements made of wood.

A high-quality pad will provide additional sound and heat insulation in the room

Overlays made of wood and MDF with various milling are suitable for a classic interior, emphasizing its grandeur and presentability. For modern design, the best solution will be panels for entrance doors made of plastic in a different color scheme, which is selected based on their style features.


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