Electric Grill for Home: Healthy Food Every Day

Electric Grill for Home: Healthy Food Every Day

Classics of physiology are the words of Hippocrates: “We are what we eat.” They are also confirmed by scientific studies, the result of which was the conclusion that human health is 61% dependent on nutrition. The desire of many to consume healthy food has become not just a tribute to fashion, but a vital necessity. But even with the latter, everyone wants to eat deliciously. Cooking deliciously is a skill. And cooking healthy food is an opportunity. It is also provided by an electric grill for the home.

Place of a home grill in the organization of everyday life and recreation

Mankind has begun to bake food on an open fire since time immemorial. The process was gradually improved, various devices appeared on which meat, fish and other products to be heat-treated were placed. For a long time, this method of preparing various dishes was used during weekends in nature. The aroma of a golden brown crust and the maximum preserved taste and nutritional qualities of the dishes perfectly complement the rest.

Place of a home grill

Today the grill is actively used in everyday food preparation. There are two main reasons for this popularity:

  1. Products subjected to this method of heat treatment have a minimum amount of harmful fats for the body.
  2. A large number of electrical appliances of this purpose appeared and it became quite affordable to purchase a grill for the house.

With the advent of home installations, the process of preparing many dishes has been greatly simplified. Vegetables are baked whole, keeping their juiciness, meat and fish can also be cooked in carcasses or large pieces. Taking into account the tendency of a modern person to organize proper nutrition, that is, to reduce calorie content, grill installations, without a doubt, should be attributed to one of the most popular devices for preparing healthy food.

As for outdoor recreation, here, too, many prefer to use the grill. The only difficulty is the provision of power for electrical installations.

The device and functionality of electric grills for the home

What is a grill in technical terms? To a certain extent, the installation resembles an oven. The main body is made of metal (sometimes plastic). The design also has glass doors or a lid with transparent inserts, these elements allow you to observe the preparation of products. Transparent parts are made of tempered glass, working chambers and surfaces are made of food grade stainless steel.

Heat treatment of products is carried out using heaters. The temperature can be supplied from the bottom (for grills with grates) or from three sides (typical for installations with rotisseries). All electric grills have a control panel that allows you to turn the device on and off, set the required mode. As a standard, the panel contains a timer, temperature indicator, interlock.

You can choose an electric grill with or without a spit. The skewers are driven by an electric motor. The rotation speed allows for uniform heat treatment of products. Heating elements or quartz lamps can be used as heating elements. The maximum heating temperature when using the former is 700 ° C, the lamps provide 1000 ° C.

Grease builds up during grilling. Therefore, absolutely all electrical installations are equipped with a collection tray.

Helpful advice! When purchasing a budget grill with a plastic body, you should definitely make sure that the device is certified. Otherwise, the period of its operation may be extremely limited.

Types of electric grills for home according to the method of installation and preparation

Types of electric grills for home

Modern industry produces electric grills of various types. The features of the models allow you to use the devices in different conditions. According to the installation method, the following home electric grills are distinguished:

  1. Portable. These are mobile devices that you can take with you when traveling to country houses, cottages, etc. The main condition for their functioning is the availability of power supply.
  2. Stationary. They are large in size. They are more often used in catering establishments, but they can also be installed in country houses, where a separate barbecue area is provided.
  3. Tabletop. The devices are small in size. Easily installed on horizontal surfaces (countertops, bedside tables) in kitchens.

The best grill for the home is the one that best suits the culinary needs and wishes of users. And here you have to choose between models that differ in the method of preparation. There are two main varieties:

  1. Contactless units. Products in them are placed on a wire rack or put on a skewer or skewer.
  2. Contact. Products are placed directly on the heated surface.

Contact electric grills also differ in the number of cooking surfaces. Such grills can be one-sided, that is, have one heated surface. Food prepared on such a device must be periodically turned over by hand. Reversible grills are fried on both sides. There are also models which, depending on the function selected by the user, can provide both single-sided and double-sided heating.

Home electric grill for small kitchen

One of the main aspects to consider before choosing a grill is determining where to install it. In this regard, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on small electrical appliances – desktop. Their main advantage is precisely that such a grill is quite realistic to place in a small kitchen, even in a typical Khrushchev apartment.

Among the technical and operational characteristics of the grill, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • does not take up much space;
  • mobile, can be easily moved and rearranged;
  • consumes a relatively small amount of electricity.

It should be noted that a home electric table grill, with its modest size, most often has no functional limitations. It can be used to cook both meat and vegetables and dough dishes. The only drawback is the small amount of food that can be placed in the electric grill. However, this shortcoming is conditional. It is relevant when there are guests in the house. For a family lunch or dinner, such a device is quite enough.

Helpful advice! Active use of the grill for heating can eliminate the need for a microwave oven in a small kitchen.

How to choose an electric grill for your home: the main accents and indicators

Full and comfortable operation of electric grills is provided by many indicators. That is why, before purchasing a device, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics that deserve special attention. To figure out which electric grill to choose, you need to pay attention to the features of the device.

How to choose an electric grill for your home

Power. For household devices, it varies from 0.7 to 2.4 kW. On powerful machines, cooking is much faster. It should be borne in mind that the consumption of electricity will be much higher.

Dimensions. They are important both for determining the placement and for satisfying requests. As for the occupied space, here you need to take into account the area of ​​the room or the zone where the installation is planned. The choice of the size of the working surface should be based on the following approximate indicators: for 5 family members, it should be at least 550 cm ² .

Materials. Particular attention should be paid to the presence and quality of the non-stick coating of work surfaces. Cheap grill options have appropriate performance characteristics.

Technical features. Grills with removable panels are convenient to use. It is difficult to wash the appliance where the meat was cooked, even if there is a grease collector. Removable elements greatly simplify the cleaning process. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean than grooved ones. The presence of thermally insulated handles and adjustable legs makes the operation of these electrical appliances more comfortable.

Control. The presence of a timer, delayed start greatly simplifies the use of the grill. The ability to control the temperature of the upper and lower surfaces (separately) expands the functionality.

An essential component of the comfortable operation of electric grills is the presence of light indication. It displays the mode and status of the device, allowing you not to focus on the cooking process.

The area of ​​the working surface is calculated as follows: for 5 people, it should be about 550 cm²

Rating of electric grills based on user reviews

Another indicator that should be followed when choosing this type of equipment is the rating of electric grills. The top 5 best devices were made up of the following models:

1. REDMOND Steak & Bake RGM-M806P tops the list. A good option for household appliances, which has a pallet in the kit, which allows you to use the unit as an oven. The model is compact, when you open the lid by 180 °, an additional surface is formed for cooking. The panels are removable.

2. Tefal GC306012. The model is powerful, 2 kW, food is cooked quickly. It has switches for three positions of the panel, which makes it possible to use the device as an oven, barbecue and directly on the grill. The temperature is set mechanically, the panels are removable, which allows them to be washed even in the dishwasher.

3. Delonghi Multigrill CGH 1030D. Compact size, laconic design. Automatically determines the temperature required for frying. Has a set of replaceable plates (flat and grooved included), each of which is adjusted separately. There is a separate application to control this electric grill remotely.

The GFgrill GF-100 electric grill is small, heats up quickly and is equipped with a non-stick coating

4. Tefal Optigrill + XL GC722D34. The model is reliable, durable in operation. It takes the fourth place only because of the high cost. Automatically detects the degree of roasting of the meat, showing the result on the display. Has 9 programs including defrosting. Almost all modes can be adjusted manually. The panels are not removable.

5. GFgrill GF-100. Small size, fast heating, the presence of a non-stick coating and a comfortable, non-heating handle for opening are the main advantages of this household electrical appliance. The unit adjusts itself to the thickness of the pieces of meat or fish. The disadvantages include non-removable panels, as well as occasional interruptions in the functioning of the control.

Helpful advice! To understand which electric grill is better for your home, you must not only pay attention to the position of the device in the ratings offered on the Internet, but also carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and compare them with your own wishes and requirements.

Electric grills “Tefal”: high technical and operational level

Tefal is a French brand. In the middle of the last century, it was the specialists of this company who invented the non-stick coating – Teflon. Achievements did not end there, today Tefal electric grills can rightfully be considered one of the most advanced household appliances. This manufacturer produces contact grills, which are divided into two main types:

Tefal electric grills can be safely considered one of the most advanced household appliances.

  1. Classic. They have a basic configuration, 4-6 automatic programs, the possibility of manual control.
  2. With automatic adjustment of the degree of doneness. Such devices are equipped with indicators showing the status of the cooking process.

Many models have removable panels, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. The sizes are usually compact, but there are a number of devices where the working surface exceeds 1500 cm ² .

Electric grills "Tefal"

It is worth noting the discreet and at the same time interesting design of the Tefal electric grills. The main colors of the design are black, silver metallic, stainless steel, that is, shades that will organically fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Tefal models are ergonomic. The convenient handle makes it easy to open and close the device, does not heat up, traumatic situations during operation are practically excluded. A distinctive feature of the designs of many models of this manufacturer is the ability to store the grill in an upright position. This is especially true for small kitchens, it allows you to store the device in a closet, pencil case, bedside table.

Discreet but interesting design of Tefal electric grills is made in black and silver colors

Modern Italian home appliances: Delonghi grills

A fairly popular manufacturer of household appliances, including grills, is the Italian company Delonghi. Her home electrical appliances for cooking were one of the first to appear on the domestic market. Today electric grills “Delongy” are devices characterized by the presence of the most modern functions inherent in this type of technology.

All models have a double-sided surface that ensures uniform heat treatment of products. Among the main advantages of this manufacturer’s grills are the following:

  • high-quality non-stick coating;
  • stable base – grills do not slip even on glossy surfaces;
  • ergonomic handles – convenient and safe to use;
  • removable plates – easy to clean.
Delonghi grills

Important! Even the most inexpensive Delonghi grills are cheaper due to the small number of functions, power, size or other indicators, but not due to the decrease in the quality of the non-stick layer.

Among Delonghi electric grills there are many inexpensive and compact models: Delonghi SW 12V VK, Delonghi CGH 912C, Delonghi SW 12AC S.

A significant part of the grill models of this manufacturer have a protective microswitch that will turn off the device at the first sign of improper operation of the heating elements.

Electric grills “Kitfort”: inexpensive and functional equipment

Kitfort is a Russian company. Production facilities are located in China, and the head office is in St. Petersburg. If we talk about the range of grills, it is worth noting that it does not differ in significant variety. The popularity of electrical devices was acquired due to an affordable price and decent functionality. The company does not produce stationary devices – only portable table grills.

Electric grills "Kitfort"

As for the technical and operational level, the main characteristics are the following:

  • power – from 1000 to 2000 W;
  • devices are available with both removable and fixed panels;
  • all models are equipped with a timer and have the ability to adjust the temperature.

With regard to product design, it is worth noting that the company follows classic shapes and shades. Black and silver are the main grill colors. But there is a KT-1610 model among the restrainedly designed devices. Its body is bright red, and the lid has an additional glass insert. This design will appeal to fans of bright interiors.

Grills “Philips”: compact size and long-term operation

Philips is a Dutch brand that has long been firmly entrenched in the Russian (and also in the world) market. If you try to make a general comparison of electric grills from this manufacturer and other foreign companies, then the main difference will be the average size of desktop devices, on which you can cook a significant amount of food at a time. It is for this operational quality that many users consider Philips models to be the best electric grills for the home.

Other advantages of this technique include the following:

  1. Compactness. For electrical devices, everything is minimized, except for the working surface.
  2. Refined design. The body, handles, lids are designed in such a way that they visually form a single whole.
  3. High quality non-stick coating. Many models have a reinforced layer, which significantly extends the service life of electric grills.

Among the most popular models are the Avance Collection HD6360 / 20. The device is compact, the working surface is combined – corrugated and smooth, which allows you to simultaneously cook two types of food. Has a transparent protective cover.

Grills "Philips"

Model HD4427 / 00 cannot be attributed to the best Philips electric grills, it is a budget option, but it is in the lead in terms of the number of sales. The design is modest but interesting. Black color. Combined panel (corrugated and flat). The grill can be disassembled and the individual parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Swiss Diamond electric grill: the perfect non-stick coating

Switzerland is the country of registration of the Swiss Diamond brand. Cookware from this manufacturer is sold in more than 40 countries around the world. The company is especially proud of its products with non-stick coatings: pans, baking trays, saucepans, etc. The fact is that Swiss Diamond has patented a new type of coating containing crystals of natural diamonds. This nanocomposite provides a uniform temperature distribution over the surface and resistance to mechanical stress.

The range of electrical appliances of this company is quite modest. If you ask yourself which electric grill is better, then the answer should be sought primarily in evaluating the coating of the working surface. It is the high quality of the non-stick layer that attracts the attention of consumers to Swiss Diamond electric grills.

Swiss Diamond electric grill

With the exception of the above advantage, the rest of the device’s characteristics are standard:

  • manual and automatic control;
  • the presence of an information display;
  • two plates changing position.

Electric grills “Bork”: expensive, but reliable and of high quality

Bork is a Russian trade mark. When evaluating the electrical equipment of this manufacturer, it is difficult to highlight significant positive characteristics. And at the same time, in the rating of electric grills for the home, the products occupy one of the leading positions.

The grill does not differ in its interesting design: it is simple, overly technical (the devices rather resemble not a kitchen appliance, that is, for cooking, but a rheostat). Yes, and the affordable price of Bork products does not differ. Most of the models have non-removable panels. It is also worth noting the rather impressive dimensions and weight of the equipment.

Electric grills "Bork"

In terms of functionality, the situation is as follows: there are high-tech models with a large number of automated programs. There are also more simplified options in the line. There are grills with a display, a timer, but many models do not have such additions.

Reviews will help shed light on the reasons for the popularity.

“Grill“ Bork ”is my first, I can’t compare. Cooking – lick your fingers! It is strange to hear that the meat is not fried, rather, it is ill-wishers … “,” Expensive, but almost immediately it was forgotten. The presence of a temperature probe is just a huge plus! I grill almost every day. We bought it for the dacha, but it turned out that every day is needed … “,” … I took “Bork”, I liked the controls and the large grate. True, the cord is short. But cooking is easy, even a child can handle this technique. “

These excerpts from user reviews clearly focus on the main advantages of this manufacturer’s grills.

Electric grills, reviews: objectively about the negative

Is the electric grill really perfect? User reviews are far from unambiguous. In this section, a selection of statements is presented, which reflects opinions containing a negative assessment.

“… I have been using it for the second month. Thirsty for automatic! Not so simple. Yes, he measured it, chose the mode, the display shows readiness. But it’s not worth it to the end, the meat is dry, you can’t eat cutlets at all. I stand and control. This is not what I expected. “

“I have a model without a lid, an open Philips. Fat from meat flies in all directions, made a cardboard fence. Saves, but the view is still the same … I realized that you can’t buy a device with an open grille … “

Consumer reviews of electric grills are divided, but the majority are still positive

“We bought a grill for home use. It is convenient to cook meat, especially the pulp. But vegetables are not quite like it. If you lay between two surfaces, then you need perfectly flat surfaces, you have to cut, and even maintain the same thickness. The smaller pieces are simply steamed, stewed. It turns out not very tasty ”.

Without negative customer reviews, it is almost impossible to assess the electric grill objectively and get a complete picture of its work. User opinions, even negative ones, contribute to the completeness of the information.

Electric grill for home: advantages and disadvantages of using

Electric grill for home, advantages and disadvantages of using

Summarizing the above information, it is worth highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of using the grill at home. The main positives are:

  • the ability to cook food without the use of oils;
  • maximum preservation of nutrients in products;
  • ease of use and time saving;
  • multifunctionality of the device: the ability to defrost and reheat;
  • absence of unpleasant odors, which usually accompany the process of cooking on other devices;
  • easy maintenance with removable panels.

The disadvantages of grills include the following:

  • this is an additional device that can not largely replace either a microwave oven or an oven, such as a multicooker;
  • even the most modest models have a fairly high level of electricity consumption;
  • troublesome cleaning process (if this is not an option for an electric grill with removable panels).

The industry offers a huge selection of electric grills. The statement that the price ensures quality, in this case, can be taken as true, but with an amendment, which corresponds to the functionality. Only a knowledgeable buyer can understand the brands and purchase a model that meets the needs.


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