Front Door With Mirror: Advantages and Disadvantages

Front Door With Mirror: Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite a number of negative points, the front door with mirror receives positive reviews from the apartment owners who decided to take this step. All emphasize the convenience of the design, excellent heat and noise insulation, as well as the rather quiet closing of the door. In most cases, workshops install door closers to soften the stroke and protect the mirror from vibrations.

Advantages and disadvantages front door with mirror

Steel front doors have become commonplace in modern apartments. It has many advantages, but its main advantage is safety. Currently, manufacturers are generous with proposals for the manufacture of various options for the door leaf, including its decorative finish, as well as built-in security locking systems. Color solutions also differ in many options, which is confirmed by photos of the front doors on specialized sites. However, a demanding customer always wants something more. Therefore, due to market requirements, an original design appeared relatively recently – an entrance metal door with a mirror.


Mirrors in the interior have a purely decorative and practical function. Designers use the technique of installing mirrors in a room to visually expand the space, increase the degree of illumination, etc. Installation of a mirror sheet on the front door meets the basic requirements for the organization of the hallway and carries an additional functional and decorative load. Among the main advantages of installing a mirror on the door to an apartment are the following:

  1. A visual increase in the space of a small hallway is created, while the higher the dimensions of the installed mirror, the greater the effect can be achieved. It is ideal in this case to use a full-length mirror.
  2. It is possible to increase the illumination of the space without resorting to increasing the brightness of the lamps.
  3. The mirror sheet on the door can fully replace the traditionally installed mirror in the hallway, while saving useful space.
  4. Eliminates the need for mirrored doors for built-in wardrobes.
  5. It can become a bright decorative accent in the hallway.
  6. Visually “lightens” the structure, which is easy to see in the photo: the front doors “lose” their massiveness and weight.

Important! The soundproofing of the front door to the apartment with the installation of a mirror does not change.


Entrance iron doors to an apartment must, first of all, perform their main function. Therefore, along with decorative properties, it is required to consider in aggregate the practicality of embedding a mirror and the safety of the structure as a whole for all residents.

No matter how attractive the photos of front doors with a mirror inside are, the price of such a structure, due to the increased labor intensity of its manufacture, will be higher than the cost of its traditional counterparts. Differences are especially noticeable when choosing mirrors with special properties: matte or semi-matt coating, Venetian glass, with engraving, etching, etc. Also, the surface area occupied by the mirror affects the price increase. When an additional mirror element is used in the door structure, the load on the hinges increases significantly, and therefore new requirements for the fittings appear.

door with mirror will cost
A door with mirror will cost more than the same design without it

Quality components are not cheap. The locking devices necessary to maintain security will be non-standard – so-called invisible locks, which lack a keyhole to protect the mirror from possible scratches with a key. There are also difficulties regarding the installation of a peephole: you will have to abandon its location in the middle of the front door. Manufacturers can offer the most optimal photos or diagrams of mounting options, but it is possible that the review will be somewhat limited.

The disadvantages include the complexity of caring for the mirror unit and the difficulties associated with its replacement. Grooming is a pretty demanding job. Keeping an front door with a built-in mirror clean is not easy, but the availability of appropriate detergents can solve this problem. To replace the glass, the door is completely dismantled, since its disassembly is possible only in a specialized workshop. Therefore, before installing the structure, evaluate the possibility of its safe operation.

In people with mental or nervous disorders, an front door with mirror installed in it can provoke depressive or pathological conditions. Psychologists advise to refuse such placement of mirrors if there are such tenants in the apartment. The health of the household should prevail over the desire to improve the decor in the hallway.

Helpful advice! If you are organizing the interior in the house, adhering to the principles of feng shui, then front doors with a built-in mirror are ideal for this, since they do not reflect the entrance to the dwelling, but the interior situation.

How to choose front doors with mirror

Which front door is best suited for a particular home is up to the owners of the apartment. They always have a choice of colors, decorative overlays, other visual solutions, as well as the price segment. The door is installed in its place for a long time, so you should know a few rules that can ensure its trouble-free operation.

The main function of the front door is protection. Therefore, first of all, it is important to evaluate not the decorative properties of the structure, but the thickness of the canvas, the presence of stiffeners and the principles of mounting the block frame (with or without pins). Particular attention should be paid to loops: it is better to choose internal or hidden. At the same time, metal doors with a mirror will have a greater mass than similar models without mirror inserts, which requires the use of reinforced hinges designed for a higher load.

When buying a mirrored door, first of all, you need to pay attention to the hinges – they must be reinforced

It is worthwhile to stipulate in advance the peculiarities of installing the peephole – its location or complete absence with replacement for a video surveillance system. In addition, it is necessary to resolve the issue of the number of locks and valves, as well as the mechanism of their action. Any lock can be installed in the door, but preference is given to reliable mechanisms, since access to them is difficult due to the installed mirror insert. You can choose a hidden lock without a keyhole, for which the key is an electronic remote control or a magnetic card.

Helpful advice! It is recommended to equip steel doors with a mirror with door closers or opening stops. This will protect the unit from vibration and extend its life.

The door handle is selected according to the design, but you should rely on the choice of quality materials and models from reliable well-known manufacturers. All plastic options are not considered at all, they, like lightweight structures, should be excluded.

No matter how much the future owner would like to maximize the mirror area, its dimensions are determined by the dimensions of the door, taking into account the indentation around the perimeter of at least 20 cm. These conditions are dictated by the peculiarities of installation, ease of use of the door handle and locks. If you increase the safety of using a mirror by gluing a transparent protective film, then you should prefer high quality glass, otherwise the reflection will be distorted. The protective film is able to protect the mirror from cracking, and also, in case of a strong impact, will not allow the fragments to crumble.

Variations models and designs

As soon as the design of front doors with a mirror became fashionable and demand grew for it, manufacturers began to produce models using all kinds of inserts in their products. Now mirrors of different reflectivity, shape and even color are used in the manufacture. They are decorated with laser engraving, etching, tinting and even aging. The production technology allows embedding a mirror reflective element into any door: metal, wood, glass and others. Mirrors with illumination built into the slopes, framed in frames, which can also have a variety of textures and colors, are very original.

front doors with mirror can be of all kinds
Front doors with mirror can be of all kinds of colors and made in different styles

Entrance metal doors with a mirror inside are not the only option where a mirror surface can be used. For example, the reflective insert can be located outside. At the same time, there are also several options for its installation, which are selected individually; for this, all the advantages and disadvantages of the design should be weighed.

The tall growth mirror can be replaced with an inset made of carefully polished stainless steel, which retains the mirror effect and at the same time is vandal-resistant, since such a surface cannot be broken or scratched. It is difficult to imagine a full-length external mirror insert for the front door of an apartment, but such an installation option is quite realistic to organize.

Sometimes mirror inserts are made in the door leaf in the form of through windows. However, this solution is applicable to a greater extent for private mansions or luxury boutiques, while the element itself is usually protected by additional glass or a decorative wrought-iron grille. This decor looks very impressive and extraordinary, but this option will not differ in ease of maintenance and cleaning of the front door with mirror and soundproofing.

Helpful advice! In order to increase the strength, through and external mirror inserts can be covered with a special film.

front doors with through mirror
front doors with through mirror inserts look very stylish, but are more suitable for private houses, not apartments

It is not recommended to replace glass doors with a mirror sheet during installation. In this case, the technology of applying a reflective mirror film is applicable. This option is suitable for office and other commercial premises, as it helps to avoid the effect of the aquarium and additionally strengthens the strength of the glass of the front door.

Photos of front doors with a mirror in different modifications can be found on the Internet on the websites of manufacturers and in design projects. There are actually many options, they are designed for any request, but there is always a chance to order an exclusive model. The price of an front door with a custom-made mirror will be quite high. However, such an idea will make it possible to take into account all the wishes of the customer in terms of design, as well as create a practical and creative decor.


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