High Pressure Washer: What to Choose and What to Pay Attention to

High Pressure Washer: What to Choose and What to Pay Attention to

Some time ago, washing machines could only be seen at industrial enterprises or bus stations, but today this device is widely used in private use. With it, you can not only wash the car, but also look after the house adjoining territory, clean garden furniture, paving slabs, forged fences, etc. What is a high pressure washer: what to choose, and what to look for when buying it, can be found in this article.

Technical Parameters of High Pressure Washers

The right choice of pressure washer involves studying the type of pump. Beginners may not notice the difference between the most affordable and financially expensive models. Although experts recommend paying attention to the resource of the pump. Its minimum rates should be within 30-60 hours.

The washing class is important, because these devices are industrial and domestic. The second option is quite suitable for servicing a personal plot, the area around the house and washing your personal car. Household models are characterized by compact dimensions. Initially, they are designed for a short workflow. Its duration is an average of 1.5 hours.

A properly selected high pressure washer pump should provide high performance. The relevant characteristic concerns the exact consumption of ordinary water. Such devices spend about 400 liters of water on average during an hour of active work. As for professional devices, similar costs will be more significant.

Modern high-quality sinks provide the ability to regulate pressure. This function will save water if necessary by reducing consumption. It should be noted that for domestic needs there will be enough pressure in the range of 70-100 bar.

Kercher high pressure washer
Kercher high pressure washer equipment includes the unit itself, nozzles for various functions, spray gun and detergent

Experts do not recommend choosing a high pressure washer without a detailed study of the power unit of the device. The motor, as you know, is the heart of any device. Technical capabilities of washing directly depend on the operability and functionality of the engine. Most modern sinks work thanks to an electric motor.

Helpful advice! In the case of using an electric motor, the need for the use of protection against unexpected voltage surges becomes urgent. Otherwise, the power unit may not last for too long.

The following are important for using a do-it-yourself pressure washer:

  • hose length;
  • case material;
  • the presence of the function of water intake;
  • auxiliary nozzles.

Each of the above points requires a detailed explanation. The quality and usability of the equipment directly depend on the length of the hose. For gardening, a high-pressure hose for washing with a minimum length of 7 m is optimal. Such models are generally suitable for servicing the territory lying down to the house.

How to choose a high pressure washer according to parameters

Analysis of manufacturing materials involves the study of not only the entire body, but also the pump. The most affordable option is plastic. Despite its low cost, the material presented has a number of advantages. It is not susceptible to corrosion, and also has a low weight.

The plastic high pressure pump for washing water is rather fragile. Even the smallest cracks are not repairable. Although modern sinks for the most part contain just such pumps. Because of this, consumers should pay attention to the quality of the plastic itself.

More reliable materials are considered aluminum and brass. At the same time, they have a significant disadvantage for buyers, which is the rather high cost of the device. Sinks from such materials are best purchased for professional use.

High pressure washer aluminum
Aluminum and brass high pressure washer pumps are rightfully considered more reliable than plastic counterparts

Mandatory is also the function of taking water. This applies to situations when the operating conditions of the device do not provide for the presence of a water supply system. To solve the existing problem, place the hose in a specially prepared container, from where water will be supplied. It should be noted that this approach will not provide maximum performance indicators, but it will still be possible to achieve the desired result.

Important are spare parts for pressure washers, which are included with the device. Among them, it is definitely necessary to note various nozzles. Each of them is intended strictly for the performance of its function. The fan nozzle perfectly provides the widest possible spraying of water on the territory, which is beneficial for garden maintenance. Also, the fan nozzle will perfectly cope with the washing of objects that are significant in terms of dimensions.

To cope with the most severe pollution, it is better to give preference to a rotor nozzle. With its help, getting rid of dirt occurs by the contact method. A worthy alternative to such nozzles are mud cutters. Some manufacturers add nozzles for cleaning pipes to the kit.

What affects the price of a pressure washer

All of the above parameters affect the cost of equipment. The most high-quality and expensive devices are complemented by a set of important parts. Among them can be noted the tank in which the detergent is stored. This tank has small volumes, which is why it is compactly located on the hose nozzle. When mixed with water, it is the detergent that leads to the formation of an impressive amount of foam.

The cost of sinks with a tank is slightly higher, but this is fully justified. The presence of detergent will allow much faster cleaning of any surface with minimal effort and energy. The price of models without capacity will be lower, but their use automatically creates additional difficulties.

price of a pressure washer
It is necessary to use only those detergents recommended by the manufacturer of the device, and also to dispense them, strictly following the instructions

Helpful advice! It’s better to still use a sink with a tank. Otherwise, the process of mixing detergent with water will be done manually, which takes too much time, effort and energy.

Popularity rating and reliable reviews about pressure washers from manufacturers

At the moment, many manufacturers are represented in the market of washing equipment. Consumers most often give preference to proven companies, so as not to make the wrong choice. This approach to solving the issue specifically in this case is the most correct. Although one should take into account the actively developing competition between the most famous manufacturers.

If you choose among the most affordable options, then you can safely give preference to ELITECH. Devices from this manufacturer have been demonstrating for almost a decade that excellent product quality may well be compatible with a low price. Every detail and gun for high pressure washing from this company has an attractive design, ease of use and reliability.

Popularity rating and reliable reviews
The cost of high pressure washers having a tank will be much higher than models without it

For use in domestic conditions, the Interskol mini-wash is well suited, which has excellent technical indicators. The pressure in the pump reaches 120 bar. The average resource of these models is 360 liters of water per hour. A positive feature is the presence of an aluminum case. For such a device, there will be enough power at the level of 1.5 kW per hour. The power unit of the device is reliably protected from possible overheating. The standard nozzles that are included in the kit will be enough to service the personal plot.

The popular and time-tested Karcher high pressure washer

This German company is by far the most popular among all sink manufacturers. Consumers can purchase models designed for domestic use, as well as medium-power and professional options.

The pronounced advantages of the presented devices are the availability of programming capabilities and the most accurate mechanics. In addition, the Karcher high-pressure hose easily transfers mechanical stress. Even household models with many professional details and structural elements can boast of these advantages. At the same time, the price of a Karcher high pressure washer is not sky-high. Average consumers will be able to afford this purchase.

Kercher have established themselves
Sinks from the German company Kercher have established themselves as reliable, functional and high-performance devices

Specialists note that any Karcher high-pressure washer has a very durable and extremely reliable pump. Ergonomic design and actually ideal basic equipment deserve special attention. Consumers need to be prepared for the fact that such devices will have to pay a lot. After making a purchase, you can confidently engage in the maintenance of the garden or plot. For these purposes, it is necessary to give preference to models with an 8-meter hose. It is important that they also include mud cutters.

Helpful advice! Karcher should be preferred because of the wide range of devices. In addition to sinks, consumers get at their disposal high-quality brushes to combat obsolete dirt, steam generators and other useful appliances.

Bosch high pressure washer: reliability and quality

If anyone can compete with the aforementioned German company, then Bosch exclusively. The quality of the products in this case is also at a very high level, and the price is more affordable.

Advantages of Bosch sinks:

  • ease of use;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • high performance;
  • ergonomics.
Bosch pressure washer
Units can be equipped with various nozzles, for example, a disk for cleaning paving slabs and paved paths

According to the last parameter, these devices completely beat all competitors without exception. In fact, the only drawback of the presented sinks is the noise during operation.

Models with an 8-meter hose will cope with any household tasks. The cleaning process is most effective thanks to the use of detergent. For their own convenience, consumers can use hose reel technology, which is also included with the equipment. The presented high pressure washer is characterized by increased wear resistance. First of all, this applies to the hose, which tolerates multiple bends without problems.

NILFISK: professional high-pressure washer

The presented Danish company offers devices with very high pressure, which allows them to solve even the most complex problems without problems. This applies equally to professional and household appliances. Power indicators are also at a high level. This is evidenced by the fact that many models have engines from Honda. Although the reviews about the minimacs indicate the best quality devices from this manufacturer.

Sinks of the Danish manufacturer Nilfisk are highly powerful and can be used to clean rooms after repairs

PORTOTECNICA: professional approach of Italian specialists

Each manufacturer presented above is famous for its advantages. This company produces devices specifically for car washes. Although gradually the market is increasingly being filled with household appliances from PORTOTECNICA. They are equipped with a unique power unit, which without a break can for 2 hours complete the tasks assigned to it.

In this case, a modern high-pressure apparatus for washing machines is able to bring maximum benefit to its owner. The Italian roots of the devices are additionally manifested in a very attractive design that immediately catches the eye of potential buyers.

Helpful advice! Regardless of the brand, when choosing a sink it is always necessary to build on your goals. So it’s easier to find out the purpose of the device and decide on the most suitable model.

Portotecnica brand high pressure washers are designed to wash cars, and can work non-stop for two hours

Current rating of high pressure washers 2017-2018

Each model and manufacturer of the sink is distinguished by its positive characteristics. If you choose between the most affordable devices, which are famous for their high quality, you can give preference to Bosch or Hunter. The best price also boasts a budget device Karcher K2 Basic.

The Shtil high pressure washer definitely deserves attention, which is best able to combine the affordable cost of the device and an impressive set of its technical capabilities. Although many consumers are also interested in the design of the device, which they plan to use for their own purposes. In this case, their eyes can be turned to devices from the company Makita. The Interskol sink, which is characterized by maximum pressure indicators, is in demand. With their help, you can quickly solve any problems of a domestic nature.

Employees of the Japanese company Makita, like all representatives of this state, primarily rely on the excellent quality of their own products. Italian models also for several seasons should not raise questions about their own performance. A completely different matter is Chinese devices, which may not be the most reliable.

High pressure washer significantly facilitates
High pressure washer significantly facilitates and accelerates the process of car care

Among domestic models, the Zubr high pressure washers stand out on the positive side, the power and productivity of which are at a fairly high level.

Rating of professional pressure washers

In this case, Karcher products take an unambiguous lead. In terms of equipment, no competitor can reach the level of famous German manufacturers. If the customer is primarily interested in a reliable device, then he can alternatively give preference to models from Portotecnica. The maximum performance of professional devices is also characteristic of Z-Techno.

As reviews recommend, pressure washers with a professional bias should be studied more carefully. The requirements for such devices are completely different. In this case, manufacturers rely on the reliability of their own products, which often have to work for several hours without pauses. This means that the selected device must first be adapted to the maximum loads.

Bosch professional machine
Bosch professional machine is able to withstand high loads for a long time

Professional high pressure washers with water intake and an impressive range of additional functions will automatically be in high demand. The minimum power parameters must be at a mark of 3 kW. The pressure indicators are similar. Such impressive technical capabilities of the devices clearly indicate that only experienced specialists can use them, but not beginners.

How to choose a high pressure washer correctly

Definitely need to pay attention to the most basic unit of the device. It’s about his engine. It can be not only electric, but also gasoline. Rare models run on diesel. The principle of operation of all devices is to supply water to the pump, which then redirects it to the hose due to high pressure. Then, water flows freely into the nozzle with nozzles. The quality of the device can be determined by the quality of the described processes.

The rating of high pressure washers may include models with collapsible and fixed pumps. The second option in theory is very beneficial. In fact, this is a one-time option, which after a breakdown can be completely replaced with a new one. In terms of cost, these models are very profitable, but we are talking about currency transactions. Given today’s course, non-separable pump designs will cost home consumers too much.

Helpful advice! It is better to buy sinks equipped with collapsible mechanisms and pumps in particular. If necessary, they can be repaired, while saving significant material resources.

Among the pumps with increased reliability, metal options are famous. Basically, an alloy of silicon and aluminum is used for their production. At the same time, brass goes more to the cylinder heads. While studying all the models on the market, you should also pay attention to the pistons of the pumps. In the highest quality devices, they are ceramic. Any high pressure washer with such parts will be reliable and durable.

High pressure washer: which one to choose

When choosing a sink, it is important to pay attention to the functionality of the appliances. High-quality devices allow you to heat the water before spraying. This action helps to cope much easier and faster even with maximum pollution. If we talk about mini-sinks endowed with similar capabilities, then they are quite expensive. On the other hand, the presented function leads to noticeable savings of far from the cheapest detergent.

The pressure of the water supplied by the sink
The pressure of the water supplied by the sink is sufficient to clean the area, paths, steps and other elements in the area

Practice shows that hot water can deal with pollution of any complexity much faster. It follows from this that working time and water are additionally saved. Models with an electric motor also become in this case the most profitable in terms of operation.

It is important to understand that plastic pumps are not able to handle the function of pumping hot water. The problem is that this fabrication material cannot tolerate high temperatures. The most high-quality German devices are capable of heating water to 100 degrees and above. Even the most durable form of plastic can not cope with such an impact. Even if the maximum heating reaches 80 degrees, all the same, only metal pumps can handle these operating conditions.

The importance of accessories

After studying the main technical parameters of the devices, you should pay attention to accessories. It is very important to buy a high-pressure hose for washing, but there are a number of additional parts. Among them, one can distinguish a sandblasting nozzle, which allows rough cleaning of any surface. With its help, even the metal is quite realistic to clear of the patina.

The importance of accessories
Additional washing parts (nozzles, hoses, containers, etc.) may be included with the appliance, or purchased separately

Longer hoses can be used for specific purposes. To be safe, consumers are advised to get a spare filter that effectively purifies water. They will cope with minimal impurities of rust or sand. If you do not get rid of these particles, then they will negatively affect the resource of the device. Gradually, this parameter completely halves.

Given the above information, it is logical to note that each sink on the market is optimally suited to specific operating conditions. In the process of choosing a device, you need to build on your own requirements and preferences. In addition to the technical parameters and cost, one should also take into account the configuration, materials of manufacture and other features of the devices.


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