Holmstrup Cedar

Holmstrup Cedar

Holmstrup cedar (Thuja) is one of the most popular decorative evergreens with a beautiful conical crown. This popularity is explained by the versatility of the perennial: the slowly growing dwarf variety of holmstrup cedar is able to maintain the green color of the needles throughout the year, the plant practically does not need pruning, it tolerates winters perfectly and quickly adapts to a new place.

Description of Holmstrup Cedar

holmstrup cedar
holmstrup cedar

Holmstrup Cedar, an evergreen dwarf tree, reaches a height of no more than 3-4 meters, and in diameter – about 1-1.2 meters and belongs to plants with a low growth rate. So, to reach 1.5-2 m in height and 50-60 cm in diameter, a perennial will take at least 10 years. The crown of the tree has a regular and uniform conical shape, high density. Moreover, the plant is capable of preserving the natural narrow-pyramidal shape of the habit for a long time even without formative pruning.

The shoots are highly branched, flattened, and compact, densely located along the entire diameter of the crown, which provides a decoratively attractive crown density. The end branches of the holmstrup cedar differ in a vertical arrangement.
Scaly, soft needles of dark green color, for the most part retain this color in winter. The root system is superficial, compact.

The “Holmstrup” variety is considered to be an unpretentious and hardy plant, which has high frost resistance and easily survives sub-zero temperatures down to -350C.
Thuja western holmstrup cedar grows without problems in urban conditions, near industrial enterprises and highways.
The undersized variety requires a minimum of planting area and does not obscure nearby plants.

In addition, thuja western holmstrup is distinguished by its durability and can grow in one place for up to 200 years.
The high vitality of the variety, combined with the attractive appearance of the plant, both in cold winters and hot summers, make the culture a leader among many other ornamental plants.

Growing and care of holmstrup cedar

Holmstrup Cedar is not particularly demanding on light, they feel good both in brightly lit and slightly shaded areas, but they still prefer light shading. Holmstrup is unpretentious to soil fertility. It is recommended to improve poor soils by introducing humus or compost, and on heavy clay soils, drainage should be provided.

Growing of holmstrup cedar

Holmstrup cedar is planted in spring or early autumn. The optimum age for seedlings is 3-4 years. The parameters of the planting pit should be twice the size of the earthen coma. The distance between plants is from 0.5 to 3 m. The root collar cannot be buried during planting, it must be located at the level of the soil. After planting, the plants should be watered abundantly, it is recommended to mulch the soil, which will preserve moisture and create favorable conditions for the development of the root system of young seedlings.

Care of holmstrup cedar

holmstrup cedar
holmstrup cedar

Holmstrup cedar care consists of regular watering, fertilizing, loosening the soil. In the first year after planting, it is necessary to cover the above-ground part of the plants and mulch the near-trunk circle with chips or peat with a layer of 5-10 cm. Holmstrup cedar is a rather moisture-loving plant, young seedlings are watered once a week. Plants need feeding at least once a year (in spring or early summer). To do this, you can use special fertilizers for thuja. The soil around the plants should be periodically loosened to a depth of 10 cm, while simultaneously controlling weeds.

Pruning of holmstrup cedar

Starting from the second year after planting, they start pruning shrubs. Pruning is carried out twice a season – in spring and autumn. All sick, dried-out, damaged branches must be removed without fail. The formation of the crown is carried out based on their own preferences. You can simply keep the natural shape of the plant neat, or give the shrub a more interesting shape. It can be a traditional rectangle or a trapezoid, or an unusual ball, cube, spiral. When forming holmstrup cedar, only young shoots are pruned, deeper pruning leads to the formation of bald patches that do not overgrow for a long time.

The use of holmstrup cedar in garden design

Holmstrup cedar will decorate any site with its unique beauty. They can be used in group and single plantings, alleys and hedges. The plant has phytoncidal properties, it perfectly cleans and ionizes the air.


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