Bridge Under Heaven | Horizontal Skyscraper Built in China

Bridge Under Heaven | Horizontal Skyscraper Built in China

Safdie Architects commissioned Capitaland to build an unusual complex of skyscrapers Raffles City Chongqing in China. It features the horizontal long deck of The Crystal Sky Bridge, which rests on four of the eight buildings. It took the bureau 8 years to create the project, plan and build. The transparent bridge is the tallest structure of its kind in Western China.

Horizontal Skyscraper Built

The deck is located 250 meters above the ground and is 300 meters long. It offers a 270 ° panorama of Chongqing city. Through the transparent floor of the observation deck, you can see the confluence of two rivers: the brown Yangtze and the blue Jialing. The creators promise visitors the thrill of walking at a great height in the open air.

In addition to the observation deck, the deck includes gardens, restaurants, a bar and exhibition space. Also inside are the apartments, the pool and the hotel lobby, located inside one of the towers.

At the moment, only 3,000 people can enter the site per day. The tour begins on the first floor: first, visitors are told the history of Chongqing’s development, then they are escorted to the elevator, which takes people to the 47th floor in 52 seconds. After the lift, visitors enter a futuristic world that represents life on the planet Mars, at the end of the exhibition they enter a quiet small park, and then go to an open observation deck.


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