Hovea is a bushy palm tree, unpretentious, quite hardy. It has adapted to living in apartments and together with dracaena, yucca, ficus and many other plants, it grows gorgeous on balconies, loggias, and is used in office decor. Originally from the Pacific Islands. It grows up to fifteen meters, and in room conditions – up to two. Hovea is a giant, so the apartment will claim a decent chunk of space. She grows slowly, but caring for her is quite simple.

Hovea care

hovea home care

The room temperature suits the hovea quite well, and at 20-26 degrees, it feels great. She easily tolerates a slight decrease in temperature, therefore, for the summer period, a palm tree can decorate a front garden or balcony. An increase in temperature will affect the general condition, which will lead to the death of the foliage. It is necessary to increase the humidity of the air, spray it with water at room temperature once every ten days. In winter, the temperature should not drop below 16 degrees. Drafts are deadly for her.

Hovea does not tolerate direct sunlight. If brown marks appear on the leaves, then the plant has received excess sunlight, and it is time for partial shade. The percentage of illumination can be determined by the number of leaves. If there are 4-6 leaves on the hove, then there is not enough light, and if 9-12, then the lighting is optimal.

Watering and air humidity
In spring and summer, the soil should be slightly damp, watered with warm water. And in the autumn-winter season, the earthen lump should be slightly dried. The water in the ground should not stagnate, otherwise, brown spots will begin to appear on the tips of the leaves. There is lime in the water, so irrigation should be done with rain or snow water. It is necessary to increase the air humidity at any time. It is necessary to spray the palm tree in the summer, in the morning and in the evening at elevated air temperatures. Palma is very fond of water procedures. If it is in the air, then you can arrange a dousing with warm water.

Tips and tricks for home care for the hovea palm tree.

A balanced complex fertilizer is used for palms during plant growth from May to September. Topdressing is done every week or once every two weeks along with irrigation water. Organic fertilizers alternate with mineral supplements. Hovea reacts very well to mixtures with nettle tincture. In another period, feeding is added once a month, and in winter this process is completed. Lack of magnesium and potassium occurs in palms after ten years. They are fertilized from April to August with special mixtures and additives for indoor plants.

Hovea is transplanted in April together with an earthen clod so as not to damage the fragile root system. It is advisable to transplant with a roll, so as not to break the palm tree and not damage the root system. Young plants are transplanted every year, and adults are transplanted every three years, as the pot is filled with roots. The soil level after transplanting should be at the primary level, which is before it. The base of the pot should have a heavy bottom for stability.

Huge plants do not tolerate transplants; it is enough for them to change the upper ball of the earth without touching the roots. Perhaps make the palm planting mix ourselves. She is considered the best option. Necessary:

  • turf land – four servings
  • humus or manure – two servings
  • leafy ground – one serving
  • sand – one piece

Charcoal can be added. Drainage is also required, which will save from stagnant water.

The dormant period begins at the palm from October and lasts until February. At this time, it does not grow.

It needs more minor pruning. When removing dead and broken leaves, it is necessary not to damage the trunk of the palm tree.

Hovea gets along well in offices and childcare facilities

The process takes place by seed or by dividing the bush. It is not convenient to propagate by seeds, it is long, laborious. Germination of seeds lasts from two to twelve months at a temperature of 22-24 degrees, in a greenhouse with heating from below. The division of the bush takes place during transplantation. Side shoots are separated and set in the ground. Under greenhouse conditions, the root system will get stronger faster, and the palm tree will root better.

And as a result: hovea, in Feng Shui, carries powerful positive energy. Increases efficiency, improves mood. In nature, hovea exists as a natural filter. It purifies and humidifies dry indoor air. Hovea gets along well in offices and childcare facilities.


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