How Long Does a Carbon Filter Last in Cooker Hood

How Long Does a Carbon Filter Last in Cooker Hood

Coal is a porous material that perfectly absorbs foreign odors. Well-processed coal can trap contamination up to five times the amount of coal itself.
It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how long the carbon filter is enough for the hood. Since several factors affect the service life at once:

  1. Product quality.
  2. Frequency of use.
  3. Air pollution level.
  4. The humidity level in the apartment.

Modern exhaust systems are equipped with a special detector that signals the need to replace the filter.

How often should you change carbon filter in cooker hood?

Thus, high-quality Bosh products can last for about a year, while the cheapest samples will have to be changed every two months.

The average service life of filters of the most common brands is considered:

  • 3-4 months with intensive use, or if fried foods predominate on the menu;
  • 5-6 months with gentle use (steamed dishes, rare activation of the hood).

It should be noted that the frequency of replacement is strongly influenced by the level of contamination of the coarse filter (mesh). The purpose of coal is to remove unpleasant odors. Grease, soot and other contaminants must settle on the net. If it is not cleaned in a timely manner, then fatty deposits will clog the pores of the coal in just a few weeks.

The same goes for moisture. For the filter to function properly, the absorbent material must remain porous. Excessive moisture, after drying, compresses the coal into a single layer, which ceases to retain odors.

Therefore, the hood should not be turned off immediately after the end of cooking, but after 5-10 minutes. Giving it time to remove any remaining moisture from the absorbent layer.

Naturally, when choosing a hood model, everyone is interested in the cost of consumables. How much the charcoal filter for the hood will cost depends on the manufacturer, the expected service life, the level of cleaning and a number of other factors.

Note that there is a cheaper alternative for almost every expensive original model. And not always cheaper is worse. Some analogs are worthy of competition to the originals.

Below we have provided a table on what factors affect the life of the carbon filter.

How do I know if my carbon filter is bad?

Indirect signs help to judge the degree of filter wear:

  • the appearance of a sticky fatty coating on the body;
  • reduced work efficiency (for example, if the hood is working, but unpleasant odors are still felt);
  • the appearance of extraneous noise, knocking;
  • reduced thrust.

The most advanced models of hoods are equipped with sensors for monitoring the condition of the filter element. But in most cases, you have to focus only on the calendar and indirect signs.

Do not delay servicing the hood. With a clogged cartridge, a significant load on the electric motor arises, which leads to an increased consumption of electricity and creates a risk of damage to the hood.

Popular filter cartridge

Today, recirculation hoods are produced by many companies from the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, France and other countries. Many manufacturers produce filter cartridges for their devices themselves. However, there are many manufacturers who produce universal filter units. They fit a variety of models.

If your hood is still under warranty, use only the cartridges specified in the instruction manual. If the service does not comply with the instructions, the right to repair under warranty may be lost!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products of brands that have earned the trust of customers.

  • Bosch

This German company is considered a recognized leader in the production of household appliances. Universal filter units of its production are expensive, but they are of high quality and long service life. The range of products manufactured by the company includes filters with round and rectangular sections of various sizes.

  • Gorenje

The company produces quality filters that are quite capable of providing high quality cleaning. The range includes models for hoods from different manufacturers. According to consumer reviews, with timely replacement, filters from Gorenje are not inferior to products from Bosch.

  • Jet Air

This Italian manufacturer offers a wide range of filter cassettes. The model range includes round and rectangular filters of various thicknesses. Jet Air filters are designed to last approximately 4 months and have a reputation for low-cost, mid-range products.

  • Krona

Filters from this company belong to the upper price category. The set comes with 2 cassettes, so it lasts for a year (it is recommended to replace the cartridge every 6 months).

In addition to the manufacturers described, many companies produce filter blocks: Elikor , Shindo , Titan . They are less versatile, but they serve quite successfully in hoods of their own type.


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