How Much Does a Portable Air Conditioner Cost to Run Per Hour?

How Much Does a Portable Air Conditioner Cost to Run Per Hour?

The amount of energy consumed by the air conditioner in 1 hour depends on the operating temperature set on the device. This indicator is also influenced by other factors:

  • weather conditions outside the window;
  • room size (volume);
  • the presence of heat sources in the room;
  • the number of people in the room;
  • structural features of housing (the number and nature of the placement of doors and windows).

Electricity consumption of the air conditioner depends on the weather conditions outside and the number of windows in the room

Since air conditioners were imported from Europe, experts still use the British system of numbers to indicate the power of devices. Therefore, masters often call air conditioners “sevens” or “nines”. This system does not measure power in kilowatts, but in other units – BTU / h. The standard range of climate control equipment usually includes devices with a capacity in the range of 7000-24000 BTU / h. For reference, 1 BTU / hr equals 0.2931 W.

Correspondence table of the capacity of air conditioners:

Numerical model formulation Power, BTU / h Power, kW / h
7 7000 2
nine 9000 2.6
12 12000 3.5
eighteen 18000 5.2
24 24000 7

Note! Almost all equipment manufacturers work within the framework of this system. Only minor deviations are allowed, a maximum of 10-15% from the generally accepted standard. For example, a “seven” model device may have a power of 2.1 kW, not 2 kW. But as practice shows, the air conditioner does not work for long at maximum. The usual level of electricity consumption for the “seven” is 0.65-0.75 kW / h.

According to customer reviews, the floor-standing mobile air conditioner cannot operate at maximum power for a long time.

Air conditioner operation: how much does the device consume per month

Some devices can be operated both in summer and in winter. Depending on weather and temperature conditions, electricity consumption will be different, so it is important to know at what temperature you can turn on the air conditioner and what loads the equipment will be exposed to during this period.

In cooling mode, it is allowed to use climatic equipment only at slightly low temperatures. The maximum allowable value for the winter season is -3 ° C, sometimes -5 ° C. The exact data must be checked in the manufacturer’s instructions. In heating mode, the air conditioner can work in winter only if the temperature outside the windows is above 0 ° C. This data must also be verified with the instruction manual.


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