How to Choose a Bread Maker

How to Choose a Bread Maker

You don’t have to run to the bakery every morning to serve delicious fresh bread with a fragrant crispy crust for breakfast. Useful and nutritious bread, as well as any bakery products, including even pies and biscuits for a cake, you can cook at home with the help of your faithful assistant – a bread baker.

Modern devices are easy to use and require little or no maintenance. This article will help you choose a good advanced bread maker.

Almost all modern devices for home baking of bread allow automatic performance of all operations: kneading the dough, keeping the dough at a certain temperature so that it “rises and fits”, baking bread, keeping the finished loaf warm.

The most advanced models have up to 20 programs for making bread from different flours with various additives, and in addition they can prepare other dishes: bake a cake and cake, cook jam and jam, make yogurt, soup, milk porridge. And of course, prepare various types of dough: yeast, for dumplings and dumplings, for pizza, pasta.

But such models are much more expensive, and therefore before buying a bread maker, think about whether you will use all these functions in your kitchen or you only need the device for baking bread.

How to choose a good bread maker

First, determine how much fresh bread you need. Most units are capable of baking a loaf of bread weighing from 400 g to 1500 g.

  • for 1-2 people, a bread machine is enough, baking 500-600 g of bread;
  • for a family of 3-4 people, you need a bread machine with the ability to bake 800-1000 g;
  • for a large family, buy an oven baking over 1500 g.

In some models it is possible to adjust the amount of baked product at the same time.

The speed of preparation of fresh bread and the amount of electricity consumed at the same time depend on the power of the breadmaker. Devices with a power of 450-600 W bake bread in 54-80$. More powerful units of 800-1000 W can cope in 27-40$.

An important point is the choice of a bowl for kneading dough and baking bread. It is more convenient if the bowl is removable, it is easier to wash it, and in case of damage it can be replaced.

The shape of the finished loaf depends on the shape of the bowl: round, square, “brick”. There are models with trays for baking baguettes and small buns.

  • an aluminum bowl is cheaper, but wears out faster;
  • a steel or cast iron bowl is more durable, but more expensive.

When buying, pay attention to the quality and condition of the non-stick coating of the bowl.

If there is a special compartment in the design of the bread machine – a dispenser, additional ingredients can be added to the baked goods during the preparation of the dough: raisins, nuts, etc.

The optimum level of noise emitted by the unit during operation is no more than 55-60 dB.

The mechanical control system (levers, switches and buttons) is more reliable, but the touch panel is easier to care for. Models with wide functionality and a large number of programs have exactly touch control.

The material of the body of the breadmaker does not affect the durability of work and the quality of bread preparation. Plastic models are lighter in weight and heat less during operation. Stainless steel appliances look more stylish, but they are also more expensive, all other things being equal.

It is convenient if the lid has a window to control the cooking process, and the lid itself is removable, so it is easier to wash it.

Useful “smart” functions of a good bread maker:

  • Timer and delayed start.
  • Maintain the specified temperature after cooking.
  • Choice of color and degree of baking of the crust.
  • Cooking from coarse flour – allows you to bake the healthiest bread.

Installation of user programs – allows you to set up individual parameters and save them in the device memory.

How much does a bread maker cost

Bread maker The cost
minimal maximum
Baking weight up to 600 g. 26,70$ 67$
Baking weight 800-1200 g. 37,50$ 207$
Baking weight from 1300 g. 45$ 312$

* Prices are based on price analysis of major online stores.


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