How to Choose a Dishwasher Detergent

How to Choose a Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashers are indispensable helpers in the kitchen of any housewife. The choice of substances that clean dishes is quite wide. Many people think about buying a suitable dishwasher detergent since it is necessary to take into account not only the effect of chemical components on the dishes but also on the equipment in use.

Composition and purpose of funds

Without exception, all dishwashers need chemicals of several types. Depending on the purpose in household goods stores, you can find the compositions:

  • To get rid of dirt and fats;
  • For rinsing dishes;
  • For softening water, protecting against scale and providing better washing;
  • To keep the machine running and extend its service life.

Substances, the purpose of which is to remove food debris and dissolve fat, have low foaming. This is due to two reasons:

  1. Foam can form an air lock in the pump, which will disrupt the circulation of water.
  2. A large amount of foam reduces the pressure of water that flows directly onto the dishes.

Therefore, the use of detergents for manual washing in the dishwasher is not recommended by manufacturers of household products.

Products for mechanical cleaning of dishes can be divided into compositions:

  • Free of chlorine and phosphates. The absence of these substances is due to the low impact on the cutlery material.
  • With the presence of phosphates to achieve a slight whitening effect.
  • With the content of phosphates and chlorine. You should carefully read the composition of such a product before buying, as these products are best not used in an automatic car wash.

What are the forms of release of cleaning products

The quality of dirt removal, the condition of the equipment and even the health of our body depends on the type of dishwasher detergent. At the moment, manufacturers produce detergent compositions in three forms:

  • powdered;
  • gel-like;
  • tableted.

They differ from each other in the content of components.

The powder is intended for laundering dirt from dishes. The advantages of powders include their low cost. However, it is poorly soluble in water, does not protect the car from scale, and is not used as a rinse aid or conditioner. The powder is recommended to be used in conjunction with other types of cleaning products since without auxiliary substances it will disable the machine.

Gels dissolve better than powders. Therefore, its concentration in water is always sufficient. It works better on fat. But, just like the products in powder form, it is intended only for washing and does not take care of the equipment. However, these formulations are safer for the machine and economical to use. The advantages of gels are that they do not contain abrasive components and do not oxidize metals. They can be used to clean porcelain items.

Such a modern dishwasher detergent as tablets has fundamental differences from powders and gels:

  • Multilayer pressed tablets – three in one – have gained great popularity in the market. They contain not only detergent components but also substances to remove salts and scale, soften water and rinse aid.
  • When using a tablet, it is necessary to monitor the cycle of the machine. It must coincide with the dissolution time of its layers. Otherwise, cleaning will not be effective.
  • Pressed tablets are not recommended for use in older dishwashers, as the equipment is not designed for them.

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question in what form dish cleaner is the best, as buyers are guided by their cost and purpose.

How to use powders correctly

This question is usually of interest to users who first bought equipment for the mechanical cleaning of dishes. Dishwasher detergent in powder form must be poured into the designated compartment, select the desired program and start the equipment.

But there are several important features:

  • You should carefully read the information on the packaging. The manufacturer always indicates how many grams of the product are needed to remove contaminants. For example, if it is written that you need to fill up 30 g per cycle, then a smaller amount will not be enough.
  • Also, the packaging contains information about which type of dishes the composition of the powder is suitable for cleaning – porcelain, silverware, clay or wood.
  • Do not exceed the dose of detergent, as white stains will remain on the dishes after washing in the dishwasher. In addition, an increase in powder consumption will lead to the formation of excess foam.
  • In the half wash mode, it is necessary to reduce the use of the amount of the product by half from that indicated on the package. Installing this program involves an economical consumption of resources.

What powders are popular

Due to a large number of manufacturers on the market, buyers are faced with the question of which powder is more effective. The most commonly used powders of the following companies:


The Finish brand for dishwashers is available in a convenient plastic bottle. It contains 2.5 kg of a chemical product. This is a good buy, as one bottle is enough for a large number of cycles. Powdered “Finish” has a number of advantages:

  • It is well washed off from dishes and does not leave streaks;
  • Perfectly copes with burnt and stuck food residues;
  • Gives results even without pre-soaking kitchen utensils;
  • It has components that affect water softening.

It is important to know that Finish powders are represented by several types, which differ in composition for different dish materials.


At the same time inexpensive and effective detergent. Somat powder was created for economical housewives since its cost does not exceed 8-10 $ per 2.5 kg package. The product is positioned as a composition containing a natural component of soda, which does not harm the body and destroys fat compounds due to abrasive compounds. Also, the product contains enzyme substances, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of washing.

The availability of the product is due to Russian production facilities, and the manufacture of the powder is based on German standards.

Of course

The powder is of good quality and reasonable cost. Packing 3 kg will cost the buyer only 9-10 $. The detergent from a European manufacturer is suitable for all models of machines and perfectly fights not only burns but also contaminants containing starch.

The powder contains 3 types of granules, which are marked with different colors. The purpose of the green ones is to wash stains, the white ones break down fats due to the oxygen content, and the blue ones make it easier to dry.

Funds in powder form are sold in almost all supermarkets.

Dishwasher gel rating

Among the products available in liquid form, there are many high-quality chemical compositions. The following manufacturers should be noted.

Winni’s Naturel Dishwasher

This gel is based on natural ingredients and can be used to wash children’s dishes. It is well washed off and does not leave plaque on products. Winni’s Naturel “Lavastoviglie” is made in Italy.


Also suitable for cleaning children’s dishes due to the gentle action of detergent components. The composition contains natural and chemical compounds that do not remain on the dishes at the end of the dishwasher cycle. Bio-Vert gel is made in Germany.

Finish All in one

The unique formula of the gel allows you to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt. Russians buy Finish All in one gel-like dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher quite often. It is spent more economically than gels from other manufacturers. One bottle of the substance is enough for an average of 70 standard washing cycles.

Finish All in one is produced in several European countries – Romania, Denmark, Poland and Finland.

Top House

Contains not only washing but also rinsing components. It is used to launder fat even in cold water. Top House is convenient to use, as it is economically consumed thanks to the dispenser in the package. When you press the bottle, a certain amount of liquid is poured out. The tool is made in Germany.


The consistency of this detergent composition resembles liquid soap. Grass can be used both for machine cleaning of cutlery and for handwashing. The delicate components of the gel allow it to be used on porcelain or silver items. For a standard washing program, you will need to use 1-3 g of concentrated mixture per liter of water.


The gel is suitable for cleaning aluminum cookware. It is intended for the removal of food pollution, splitting of fats and a limy raid. The composition of the product includes chemical elements that support the walls of the bunker of the machine in good condition. Produced in Japan.

For one cleaning cycle, it is enough to pour 6 ml of gel into the machine compartment.

Gels can be considered among the best dishwasher cleaners among other forms of release, as they do not leave deposits on dishes and, therefore, are completely safe for human health. Gel formulations are suitable for pre-soak dishes.

Overview of dishwasher tablets

Chemical compositions in tablet form for mechanical washing of dishes are very widely represented on the market. The high demand for tablets is due to the multicomponent composition, which replaces several drugs for various purposes at once. The tablet form is convenient and easy to use.

Magic power

According to the manufacturer, the cleaning agent includes enzyme substances for laundering grease, and rinsing elements, as well as components for softening water and protecting equipment from the scale. Magic Power tablets do not erase the drawings on the dishes and add shine to glassware.

The product has a quality certificate and can be used in any modern dishwasher model.


The tool of this manufacturer ranks second in the ranking of the most effective tablets for dishwashers. The manufacturer indicates that the composition is based on natural ingredients and does not cause allergic reactions. The product is included in the middle price segment, therefore it does not have a dissolving film.

The detergent is characterized by ease of use and good rinsability.

Mrs. Schmidt

The main purpose is the dissolution of fatty deposits. Also suitable for washing dried coffee and tea stains. Tablets are used to clean cutlery from any material. Active substances work even in cold water.

Clean and Fresh

Protects the machine from the formation of scale and does an excellent job with dirty dishes. The product does not cause itching or irritation upon contact with the skin. The composition of the tablet includes elements that soften the water. A package of 10 pieces will cost the buyer approximately 4 $.


The products of this brand are good because they provide high-quality cleaning of dishes and eliminate unpleasant odors. The tablets are also used as a cutlery rinse in the dishwasher. Suitable for printed plates and cups.


When answering the question of which dishwasher tablets are better, it is necessary to note the products of the Sodasan brand. They qualitatively eliminate fats and safely affect the equipment. The manufacturer does not recommend using the product for washing porcelain, silver and crystal items.


The peculiarity of this product is its composition. It excludes phosphate elements, so it is absolutely harmless to health. The tablet consists of natural substances, does not contain dye and is coated with a dissolving film.


Topper tablets are ranked eighth in the ranking of detergents. The composition includes chemical components to remove grease, coffee and tea deposits, rinse dishes and make them shine. Tablets can be used in both hot and cold water.

Means for professional dishwashers: what is special?

The main difference between professional dishwashers and those designed for home use is a larger amount of work. The cleaning cycle of professional equipment is shorter and averages only 2-3 minutes. The composition of dishwashing detergents in professional dishwashers must effectively remove dirt in a short period of time. Professional tools are characterized by:

  1. The content of neutral detergents. This information should be specified at the time of purchase. Indeed, in addition to neutral, there are drugs with an alkaline and acidic composition.
  2. concentration. The use of concentrated chemicals in production is very beneficial. Usually, bottles of gel over 10 liters are sold for professional washing.
  3. Low foaming, as this helps to extend the life of the equipment.

Professional compositions perform two main functions – wash stains and grease, and also disinfect cutlery.

Summing up, it should be noted that all dishwasher detergents, released in one form or another, effectively cope with the elimination of pollution. But at present, tableted products are taking a leading position due to their ease of use and multicomponent nature.


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