How to Choose a Dishwasher

How to Choose a Dishwasher

Want to get rid of the hassle in the kitchen, preserve the health and beauty of your hands, and at the same time significantly save on utility bills? Buy a modern, economical dishwasher. She will wash the dishes to shine, free up a lot of time for you and save 8-10 tons of water per year! About which dishwasher is better to choose, so that it becomes an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, read our article.

Which dishwasher to choose by type and size

First of all, evaluate the capabilities and dimensions of your kitchen and decide which type of dishwasher is more suitable for you:

Partially built-in – it is installed in the kitchen (inside the floor cabinet) and partially closed with a decorative panel, only the control unit is located outside.

Fully built-in – the installation method is the same as the previous type, but the decorative panel completely covers the installation site of the machine, and it is not visible in the kitchen. The control panel is displayed on the upper end of the opening door.

Freestanding – an individually designed machine that can be installed anywhere in your kitchen separately from furniture.

Desktop (compact) – a small machine that can be installed on a kitchen table or countertop.

The standard dimensions of most dishwashers of all types (except desktop ones) are: height 80 cm, depth 60 cm. But in terms of width they are divided into:

  • Full-size (60 cm wide) – large capacity (up to 12-14 sets of dishes), the ability to wash large pots and other large-sized kitchen appliances, a wide range of various “smart” and useful functions.

A good choice for a large family.

  • Narrow (width 40-45 cm) – capacity 8-10 sets of dishes. Such models fit well in small kitchens.

Optimal for a family of 2-3 people.

  • Desktop dishwashers usually have a width of 55-60 cm, and a height and depth of 45-50 cm. Their capacity is significantly less – 4-6 sets of dishes.

The best choice for a bachelor.

* set of dishes – a set of cutlery of seven items for 1 person. (4 plates, saucer, 2 spoons and 2 forks).

What you need to know when choosing a dishwasher

Pay attention to the layout of the workspace:

  • Two-tier – the lower tier for placing kitchen utensils (pots, pans) and plates, a cutlery basket is also installed here. The upper tier is for mugs / glasses.
  • Three-tier – modern more convenient models, in which cutlery is placed in a special third upper tray.

It is convenient when the height of the baskets is adjustable, and the dish holders will be removable – this will allow you to load even the largest items into the dishwasher.

Washing class – an indicator of the quality of washing dishes and, accordingly, its cleanliness.

  • A – impeccably clean and dry dishes;
  • B – clean, wet dishes;
  • C – minor residues of pollution.

Most modern dishwashers have classes A and B.

Drying efficiency:

  • Turbo dryer – the highest class, quick drying, completely dry dishes. High energy consumption.
  • Condensation drying – drying using natural evaporation of moisture from hot dishes. The process is longer, but does not consume electricity at all. It is applied in budget models.
  • Intensive drying – drying using a special heat exchanger. Average drying time and average energy consumption. Such cars are more expensive.
  • Zeolite drying – drying using a special mineral: zeolite. The most economical and efficient.

Type of connection to the water supply.

Dishwashers connected simultaneously to the system of both hot and cold water spend significantly less energy on heating water.

Type of management.

Electromechanical control (manual switches and buttons) is installed on simple budget models.

In machines with a large number of programs and additional options, electronic control with the display of information.

Useful options for a modern dishwasher

Delayed start – turning on the machine at the scheduled time.

Automatic washing – automatic determination of the degree of contamination and setting the optimal washing mode.

Economy mode / low load – reduces water and energy consumption when washing a small amount of dishes.

Delicate sink – for washing porcelain and crystal.

Sterilization – the destruction of microbes using steam or processing dishes with ultraviolet light.

Bio-washing – for washing dishes using environmentally friendly detergents.

How much is dishwasher

Dishwasher Cost
minimum maximum
Fully built-in $186 $1955
Partially built-in $199 $2175
Freestanding $178 $856
Desktop (compact) $158 $326.50

* The price is based on a price analysis of the largest online stores.


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