How to Choose a Freezer

How to Choose a Freezer

A household freezer complements a home refrigerator well and allows you to create a large stock of frozen food. This is especially true for owners of country houses and will allow you not to go to the store for purchases once again. And for the owners of summer cottages and backyard plots, it is also an opportunity to freeze and preserve vegetables, fruits and berries grown by their own hands. To understand which freezer to choose for home use, you need to know their features.

Which freezer is better to choose

According to their structure and layout, there are two types of freezers: horizontal chests and vertical cabinets.

  • Horizontal household freezers look like freezers with a lid on top. They are often called chests. They, as a rule, have a large volume and dimensions and are preferable for installation in a country house or in the country. In an apartment, such a freezer can be placed only on the balcony or in the closet. The freezer chest is divided into several compartments inside and is convenient for storing large amounts of frozen food and homemade preparations. But at the same time, be prepared that the products will have to be stored folded one on top of the other, which is not very convenient when removing.

  • The upright freezer is more like an ordinary refrigerator. It is more compact, length and depth, as a rule, 60 cm, and in height such a freezer can reach 2 meters. It can even be placed in a small kitchen. The upright freezer has more compartments and various shelves for convenient storage of a wide range of frozen foods. All your freeze is in plain sight and any product is easy to get. There are built-in models that fit well into the kitchen interior.

What are the parameters for choosing a freezer

The main parameter is the  volume of the freezer. Decide what you need a freezer for and how much food you will store in it. Large horizontal chests reach volumes of 700-800 liters, while compact vertical freezers start at 30 liters. A freezer with a volume of 150-200 liters is enough for a family of four to store frozen meat and fruit and vegetable preparations.

The freezing class indicates the minimum temperature at which the freezer compartment operates. This parameter is displayed on the front of each unit by the number of stars, with each asterisk representing -6 ° С. For home use, 3-4 stars are enough (-18 ° С … -24 ° С).

The energy class indicates the amount of electricity your freezer will use. Considering that it will work almost constantly, it is better to choose models of classes A or B. Such units are more expensive, but with prolonged use it will pay off.

Power is an indicator of the volume of food that the freezer can freeze per day. The most powerful units are capable of freezing up to 25 kg / day. For domestic use, a capacity of 8-12 kg / day is usually sufficient.

Climate class  – indicates at what ambient temperature the freezer will be used. Units of class N and SN are intended for operation in a room with temperatures up to + 32 ° С, for hotter climates – T (up to + 38 ° С) and ST (up to + 43 ° С).

What useful features are worth paying attention to

  • Extra freeze. Useful if you often store food.
  • Auto-save cold. Allows you to maintain a low temperature regime when the power supply is cut off for up to 2 days.
  • The No Frost function prevents the formation of ice on the walls and allows you to use the freezer without defrosting for maintenance.
  • Chamber door open indicator light. Will remind you of the need to close it in a timely manner to prevent food from defrosting.
  • A childproof lock protects the freezer from accidental shutdown.
  • The removable door of the vertical chamber will allow you to change the side in which it will open, which is convenient when installing the unit in any space.

How much does the freezer cost

Freezer minimal maximum
Freezer chest 112$ 838$
Freezer cabinet 124$ 1770$

* Prices are based on price analysis of major online stores.


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