How to Choose a High-Pressure Mini-Washer

How to Choose a High-Pressure Mini-Washer

A household high-pressure mini-washer is a convenient and useful unit that can be used both for washing a car and for maintaining cleanliness on the territory of a country house or summer cottage. When choosing a mini-washer, many parameters should be taken into account, because a weak unit will not cope with dried-on dirt, and vice versa, a too powerful sink can damage the paintwork.

What can a household mini-washer

A household pressure washer can be used to wash:

  • cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and other vehicles;
  • garden paths, facades, walls, fences;
  • garden and other outdoor tools and equipment.

With special attachments, a household sink is capable of:

  • clean the surface of rust and old paint (you need a “mud burr” nozzle)
  • clean sewer pipes and water drains (you need a special nozzle);
  • spray the garden and garden trees (if there is a function of taking liquid from an external tank).

Which mini-wash is better to choose

For any household needs, except for a car wash, it is enough to purchase a compact entry-level mini-sink.

  • Productivity up to 350 l / h.
  • Liquid outlet pressure – 100-110 bar.
  • Up to 30 min. Uptime.

Such sinks are lightweight, compact and inexpensive.

The main disadvantage is low resource and short service life.

For car wash, it is better to choose a mid-level car wash.

  • Productivity 400-500 l / h.
  • Liquid outlet pressure – 150-200 bar, with pressure regulation function.
  • Uptime – up to 1.5 hours.

In one session, such a wash provides washing of 1-2 cars, depending on the degree of pollution. A mid-range sink will also cope with all other household needs.

Professional pressure washers are rarely used in households. They have large dimensions, weight and are more expensive.

  • Productivity over 600 l / h.
  • Liquid outlet pressure – over 200 bar.
  • Uptime – several hours.

What to look for when choosing a minisink

The material of the sink pump largely determines the service life of the entire unit.

  • Plastic pumps are installed on inexpensive household models and have a working life of only 50-60 hours.
  • Silumin pumps have great reliability and durability. They are found in most mid-range sinks.
  • The highest quality and most durable pump is a metal pump in a brass or aluminum case.

A collapsible pump can be repaired by changing failed units. With a non-separable housing, the entire pump will have to be replaced.

The all-metal piston of the pump is more durable than the ceramic and cermet.

A water filter is one of the essential elements of a pressure washer.

More convenient is the built-in filter with a reusable filter element.

In budget sinks, a built-in filter may not be available. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a removable filter that is attached to the water intake hose.

The more special attachments in the washing set, the wider its functionality. Minimum set: one universal nozzle, foaming agent, dirt cutter. The angle nozzle is convenient for cleaning the wheel arches of the car.

The optimal length of the high-pressure hose is 6-8 meters, the length of the network cable is at least 10-15 meters.

The engine overheating protection function and the function of stopping the engine when the trigger of the water pistol is not pulled down significantly extend the life of the pressure washer.

How much does a high pressure washer cost?

High pressure washer The cost
minimal maximum
Entry-level household sink 24$ 287$
Mid-level car wash 57$ 627$
Professional washing 176$ 9881$

* Prices are based on price analysis of major online stores.


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