How to choose a kitchen faucet

How to choose a kitchen faucet

The faucet in the kitchen opens and closes many times a day, and therefore the requirements for it are special. A good kitchen faucet should open easily and close reliably, do not spray water and do not interfere while washing dishes, and most importantly, it should be convenient, durable and economical. Knowing the characteristics and features of modern kitchen faucets will help you make the best choice.

Which kitchen faucet is the most convenient

According to the type of water supply control, mixers are divided into three types:

Two-valve – a traditional valve with two rotary valves, each of which regulates the pressure of cold and hot water.
Pluses: Economical, maintainable.

Minuses: Not convenient to operate, to create the necessary pressure and water temperature you need to twist two knobs.

Single lever – allows you to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water by turning one lever.
Pluses: Easy to operate – can be adjusted even with one finger. Low cost.

Sensor (thermostatic) – faucet with a special sensor that opens water when hands are brought to it.
Plus: Profitability.

Minuses: High price. Water is supplied at the temperature that you set in advance. To collect a large amount of water, you need to raise your hand several times.

Best kitchen faucet and most reliable

The durability and reliability of the faucet depends on the quality of the materials from which it is made.

Brass – is a durable, reliable and relatively inexpensive material. Various protective and decorative coatings are applied to brass to create the necessary external design and extend the life of the faucet itself.

  • Chrome plating is the most durable coating having a glossy steel shine. Any dirt is visible on it: spots of fat, fingerprints, traces of water drops. To maintain shine, it is advisable to wipe it after use.
  • Nickel plating gives plumbing not glossy, but matte shine. This is a long-lasting and easy-care coating.
  • “Bronze” and “brass” color plumbing gives the spraying of special epoxy resins and enamels. Such a coating is well washed, no traces of water are visible on it. It is less resistant to scratches and chips.
  • Ceramic, stone and granite faucets are made of brass with a spraying of a special composition that imitates the color and texture of the stone. They combine well with stone countertops and do not require frequent maintenance. Disadvantages: high cost and fragility of the coating.

Silumin – is a widely used, cheap and short-lived material. In appearance, faucet are no different from brass, as they are decorated with the same coatings. They quickly collapse under the influence of hot water, their service life is 1-2 years. The main difference is the weight, silumin faucets are much lighter than brass.

Stainless steel – is a reliable, easy-care and environmentally friendly material. At a cost more expensive than brass, they are rarely sold. Reliability and durability also depend on the shut-off valve that holds water when the tap is closed and regulates the flow of water when it is opened.

  • The two-valve faucet uses crane axles with special gaskets. Ceramic gasket is more reliable and durable rubber.
  • In single-lever models, the locking and opening of water is regulated by a valve – cartridge. Ceramic is the most durable and reliable, but afraid of even small solid particles that may be contained in running water, and therefore it is better to install a filter in front of the faucet. The ball-shaped metal cartridge is reliable in operation, but if it is rarely used, it may “jam”. Plastic valve is the cheapest and most durable.

What to look for when choosing

For two-valve faucets, the most convenient rotary mechanism of the taps is made in the form of a “lamb” with four protrusions, which makes it convenient to hold it with your fingers. Smooth “lamb” is difficult to twist with wet hands.

On single lever faucets, the control knob can be on top or side. Which option to choose depends on the design features of the kitchen and your preferences.

Another factor that determines the convenience of using the faucet is the height of its spout, which determines the distance from the bottom of the sink to the spout of the tap, optimally 30-35 cm. Too high a faucet will spray water, and a low one will not allow water to be drawn into a high pot. The spout of the mixer should be located approximately above the center of the sink. This will prevent splashing, even with high water pressure.

The most convenient spout for a kitchen faucet is a flexible one, similar in design to a shower hose, but more resilient. Such a spout allows you to adjust the height of the tap, and the direction of the water flow, which is very convenient when washing dishes, and when washing the sink itself. The retractable spout is also functional, but less convenient to use.

Significantly saves water and creates a “soft” hand flow aerator – a special nozzle on the tap that mixes water with air and creates a water-air stream. Also, one of the useful options of a kitchen mixer will be the ability to switch water flows in one tap: when a special button is pressed, filtered water will pour from the tap.

The color of the faucet should be selected in accordance with the color of your sink. For a stone sink, it is better if the faucet has a design similar in color and texture. An alternative for stone sinks is a bronze or brass color mixer.

A faucet with a round bend of the spout will harmoniously look with a round sink bowl, and with a square sink – a faucet with a “G” -shaped spout.

How much does a kitchen faucet cost

Faucet Kitchen
minimum maximum
Two-valve $4.90 $850.63
Single lever $5.85 $1294.31
Touch $79.48 $2061.15

* The price is based on a price analysis of the largest online stores.


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