How to Choose a Meat Grinder. Best tips

How to Choose a Meat Grinder. Best tips

How to choose a meat grinder that has long become a familiar appliance in the home kitchen. And, despite the widespread use of food processors and standard blenders, which have the function of processing and chopping meat, only with the help of a meat grinder can you prepare truly delicious minced meat. Here we will share with you our tips.

Which meat grinder is better to choose

If you rarely cook minced meat yourself, you just have to have a regular mechanical meat grinder in the kitchen. Selecting it is quite simple:

  • Choose the best size for you;
  • Check the quality of the material of which the meat grinder is made – the thickness, strength and quality of the casting of the body;
  • Specify the availability of a quality certificate for the materials of which the meat grinder body is made and all elements in contact with the products during their processing.

It will be more difficult to cope with the choice of an electric meat grinder: it is necessary to consider not only size and quality, but many other parameters.

How to choose an electric meat grinder

The power of the meat grinder is a parameter on which the productivity of the device and the energy consumption depend. The higher the rated power, the better the meat grinder copes with grinding the meat.

In order not to waste time separating pieces of meat from all veins and cartilage, choose models with a power of 500-1000 watts.

Meat grinders with more power are semi-professional and professional models and are capable of grinding even bones.

Productivity – a parameter showing the amount of meat that the meat grinder can process in one minute.

For home cooking, it is enough to have a meat grinder with a productivity of 0.5-1.5 kg / min.

Material of which the meat grinder is made:

  • For the case of the meat grinder the optimum material is plastic. It is strong enough and lightweight. Meat grinders with a metal casing are heavy and are usually purchased for stationary installation.
  • The tray in which the meat is placed before processing is better metal.
  • The working unit and all its components (case, screw, knives, perforated discs) should only be metal.

Number and types of nozzles

For the preparation of minced meat, an ordinary knife and several grill disks with holes of different diameters are enough: small holes for preparing tender “soft” minced meat (pate, cutlets, dumplings), large ones for coarse “minced” minced meat (ideal for pies and other baking).

Special nozzles:

  • for cooking “kebbe” helps to make meat “tubes” that can be stuffed and fried;
  • for the preparation of sausages and sausages helps to simplify the process of cooking these homemade delicacies;
  • grater / auger nozzles and a juicer nozzle will help to process vegetables and fruits and turn your appliance into a full-fledged food processor;
  • special nozzles for the dough (noodles slicer) and the preparation of molded cookies, sweet creamy and chocolate sausages;
  • nozzles for grinding coffee, pepper and other spices.

Useful functions of the meat grinder

The reverse allows you to rotate the auger in both directions and easily clean it and the knife from winding cores.
Overload protection protects the engine from overheating, and the working parts from wear.
The presence of several speeds allows you to choose the optimal mode for preparing various dishes. If you only cook minced meat, a meat grinder with one speed is enough.

How much is a meat grinder

meat grinder Cost
min max
Mechanical (manual) $7.35 $117.03
Electric, power up to 1000 W, power up to 1.5 kg / min $16.33 $145.22
Electric, power over 1000 W, power over 1.5 kg / min $52.94 $320.52

* The price is based on an analysis of the prices of online stores.


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