How to Choose a Right Garbage Disposal

How to Choose a Right Garbage Disposal

Modern technology allows you to equip the workspace in the kitchen to the highest standards of ecology and cleanliness. One of such kitchen assistants is the garbage disposal, which is also a grinder for household organic waste, let’s find out how to choose the right garbage disposal.

What is garbage disposal and what waste can it recycle

The household waste shredder is installed under the kitchen sink, is built into the existing sewage system, and allows you to recycle and wash away almost any organic waste that occurs during cooking, from vegetable peeling to fish and chicken bones.

After installing the garbage disposal, you will forever forget about the blockages in the siphon and the unpleasant smell from the sewer, and in addition, you will no longer need to collect and throw food waste into the garbage.

In order to decide on the purchase and installation of a household food waste grinder, evaluate its advantages and disadvantages:


  • convenience: you can peel vegetables directly into the sink and do not pre-clean food waste when washing dishes;
  • comfort: no unpleasant odor from the sewer, there is no need for regular cleaning of the siphon under the sink;
  • environmental friendliness: processing and utilization of food waste directly in your kitchen, there is no need for the collection and removal of food waste;
  • no smell from the bin after cleaning the fish;
  • simplicity and safety: for the operation of the disposer you just need to press a button.


  • improper installation may cause problems with the discharge of recycled waste into the sewer system, and therefore it is better to entrust the installation and connection to a specialist;
  • increase in water consumption in the kitchen and electricity consumption;
    the need for sorting food and non-food waste.

How to choose the right garbage disposal

The waste shredder is installed directly under the sink, and therefore its size is often crucial if you are not going to re-equip the entire kitchen at the same time. Measure the free space under the sink and only after that pick up the chopper according to the dimensions so that there is space for its maintenance and cleaning. In this case, the distance from the outlet of the sewer pipe from the wall to the drain of the sink should not be less than 20 cm.

The size of the sink drain hole must be at least 90 cm. If you have a metal sink with a smaller drain diameter, the master installer can expand this hole. With an old cast iron sink, this is not possible.

Power. Up to 400 W – recycles non-solid food waste (vegetable peeling, soft food leftovers). 500-700 W – allows you to process soft bones. 800-1500 watts – a highly efficient device that will grind almost any waste.

The volume of the crushing chamber. In household appliances, usually 0.6-1.5 liters. The larger the chamber, the more waste can be recycled in one cycle.

The number of revolutions of the engine. The minimum necessary for normal operation is 1400 rpm, otherwise the waste will clog the sewer. The higher the number of revolutions, the more productive and efficient the garbage disposal is.

The weight of the device. Usually from 7 kg and above. The chopper is attached directly to the sink, and therefore if you have a thin metal sink installed, choose a device with a lower weight. But its performance will also be lower.

Noise level. All garbage disposals are quite noisy devices, and therefore not every device can be used at night. There are 7 classes of sound insulation: from A (the most silent) to G (the most noisy).

An important indicator is the type of waste loading. With batch loading, the chopper works cyclically and processes only the portion of waste loaded into it. To continue working, you need to load the device again and press the start button.

Continuous loading is more convenient, the device after switching on will work throughout the process of cleaning vegetables or washing dishes.

It is preferable to choose a chopper, with a housing made of stainless steel, this is the most durable material. The polycarbonate case is less reliable.
Useful functions: auto reverse, speed control (speed), overheat protection, and protection against solid objects.

How much does a garbage disposal cost

Food Waste Disposer Cost Cost
minimum maximum
Power up to 400 W $92.29 $270.68
Power 500-700 W $149.57 $455.94
Power 800-1500 W $252.67 $697.55

* The price is based on a price analysis of the largest online stores.


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