How to Choose a Tent for Summer Cottages and Travel

How to Choose a Tent for Summer Cottages and Travel

A tent is a great way to create comfort both at the summer cottage and when going out into the countryside. The simplest tents provide only protection from the sun and rain, large multi-functional structures can be used to create a seating area or to equip a summer kitchen / dining room in a tent.

Which tent is better to choose

There are three main types of tents:

  • Installed permanently. Well suited for events with a large number of guests.
  • Garden tent – a smaller version of the gazebo tent. Such a tent can be installed in a garden area.
  • A tent-awning is an awning stretched over a rigid frame. The best option for camping equipment in nature.

The tents are four-, six-, octagonal in shape, the more corners, the better stability in strong winds. The most stable form is a round tent, but they are rare on sale.

By design, tents can differ: completely closed or with open walls.

Tents with combined walls (waterproof material + mosquito net) provide good protection from rain and create coolness on a hot summer day.

A tent with removable walls can be easily turned into a light openwork canopy.

By what parameters is it better to choose a tent

The size of the tent depends on your preference.

To install a garden table with 4 chairs under a canopy, a tent measuring 2.5×2.5 m is sufficient.

The frame of the tent is prefabricated and is usually made of metal tubular elements.

The steel frame is the most reliable and durable. However, iron is susceptible to corrosion and with prolonged use it will be necessary to carefully monitor the protective coating of the frame and update it in a timely manner.

The aluminum frame is lightweight, weather resistant, but less durable. It is more expensive than steel, but it will also last longer.

The fiberglass frame is the lightest, but it will not support much weight, and therefore is used for light tourist tents.

The timber frame is used only for stationary structures.

The plastic frame is the most unreliable.

Tent awning material

The most common awning material is lightweight and durable polyester. For high-quality protection from rain, the water resistance of the awning material should be at least 4000 mm, for a small tourist tent, 2500-3000 mm is enough.

Synthetic rattan awning withstands both high and low temperatures. You don’t need to rent such a tent for the winter.

For stationary tents, polyethylene and PVC fabrics are also used. They are the most durable and provide maximum protection against atmospheric precipitation.

How to choose a camping (tourist) tent

The main indicators are size and weight.

If you are traveling by car, this is not so important. But if you have to walk even a few kilometers, the tent can become an overwhelming burden. Average tent weight for 8 people – 6-10 kg. The comfortable height of the tent is at least 2 m.

The most stable form that protects from rain and wind is domed. The more edges the dome has, the more stable it is.

If you plan to sleep in a tent, choose a model with a waterproof floor covering.

An awning with a water resistance of 2500-3000 mm will provide optimal protection from rain.

A mosquito net on windows and ventilation hatches is a must for insect protection.

Additional pockets, lantern hanger and other accessories will make your tent more comfortable.Choose easily assembled structures that can be assembled by one or two.

How much is the tent

Chess The cost
minimal maximum
Small garden tent (4-6 persons) 26 $ 506 $
Large garden tent 43 $ 921 $
Camping tent (awning) 11 $ 1216 $

* Prices are based on price analysis of major online stores.


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