How to Choose an Entry Door | Best Tips

How to Choose an Entry Door | Best Tips

Knowing how to choose an entry door to an apartment is very important not only for interior decoration but also for ensuring the required safety of household members. Everything is important here: design, hinges, the degree of protection of the locks, the thickness, and the quality of the metal. Even the style of the design of the slopes on the entry door is of no small importance. Photos of doors harmoniously blended into the interior amaze with their creative design and thoughtfulness.

How do I choose an entry door?

In anticipation of how to choose an entry door to an apartment, you need to focus on several options and analyze them according to the following algorithm:

  • estimate the thickness of the metal. The thicker it is, the more reliable the organization of protecting the premises from hacking by intruders;
  • examine the quality and quantity of locks. A robber will open one single lock in three seconds. A sophisticated multi-lock protection system will scare him off, since the time for hacking will need to be spent several times more;
  • admire the appearance. The door is simply obliged to attract you with its design and at the same time not spoil the whole picture of the room where you install it;
  • walk past doors that lack a peephole;
  • take an interest in the soundproofing qualities of the product. After all, when buying doors, you must be sure that the noise at the entrance will not be heard, and the neighbors will not hear you;
  • thermal insulation of the door, even if it is installed in a heated entrance, is one of the main trump cards when buying it. Indeed, in a cold climate, it is not at all necessary to have an additional portal for heat leakage from an apartment.

Helpful advice! Check if the kit includes parts for finishing the slopes on the entry door. Photos of the opening with platbands, identical with the doors themselves, a solid frame and a sill, demonstrate the finished look of the entire structure.

How to Choose an Entry Door
Armored metal door with decorative cladding

How to choose an entry door to the home

Let’s consider in more detail what you should pay close attention to when you want to choose an entry door to an apartment, how not to spend your money on a “dummy”.

We evaluate the quality of the canvas

When the task is to get a high-quality door for your money, first of all, we pay attention to its canvas. After all, these are the most important external elements of the entire structure. First, we evaluate the quality of the material. It is clear that this is metal. But even steel is of completely different quality. If you take a cheap door, you can compare it with a tin can – so soft steel sheets are used in it. Premium quality doors are made of high-strength, high-alloy steel. Undoubtedly, such products are much better, but their prohibitive cost often forces us to look for a more affordable option.

Secondly, the reliability of the structure depends on the thickness of the metal. At least the outer sheet of steel must be at least 2 mm thick. The steel of thinner thickness can very easily be deformed from a kick or even opened with a can opener. According to the accepted standards, the total thickness of the entire full should not be less than 4 cm. This indicator depends on what kind of inner filling is in the door. The thicker it is, the better the quality of the door.

Thirdly, before choosing an entry door to an apartment, be sure to make sure that it has stiffening ribs inside the canvas. The more, the better. After all, these structural elements increase the strength of the door leaf and also prevent the occurrence of dents and sagging of the filler inside the door.

How to Choose an Entry Door
1 – non-combustible thermal insulation, 2 – hardened steel square, reinforcing the box, 3 – three continuous contours of the seal, 4 – door handle, 5 – leaf thickness 68-80 mm, 6 – stiffening ribs

Fourth, pay attention to the presence of seams on the canvas. They just shouldn’t be. You can deform the door along the seam, even if it is made of thick metal, with any heavy object. Sheets should only be joined together in a completely seamless way.

Helpful advice! To make sure with your own hands of the quality of the door – knock on it with your fingers in different places. The metal should not vibrate and make the sound of “emptiness”. When pressed, there should be no deflections and, moreover, no dents.

We check how and what the door is filled with inside

The strength, heat, and sound insulation of the product depending on the quality of the filler used. Do not dwell on models in which corrugated cardboard serves as a filler. Chasing cheapness, you will get a completely unusable door in your apartment. It can be installed in some utility room, but you can never trust it with your safety.

Ideally, you need to choose a door that will be initially insulated from the inside. After all, cold emanates from the metal in winter, if the outer sheet is not isolated from the inner one. Usually, it is customary to use two types of insulation for hollow structures: sheet and bulk. As the latter, granular polystyrene, perlite, polystyrene, cork are used. Sheet insulation is presented by soft (fiberglass and mineral wool) and hard (polyurethane, expanded polystyrene). They are simply placed in the voids of the space inside the canvas. Such a substrate provides high protection against the penetration of cold air into the apartment and blocks the propagation of various noises. The best soundproofing qualities are possessed by soft insulation.

How to Choose an Entry Door
The best thermal insulation properties will be possessed by a door with a thermal break.

Door frame

This is also a significant part of the door structure since it is designed to hold the canvas in the opening. Which box is better to choose and what to look for? It is important that its metal is strong enough, which is achieved by increasing the thickness, which should be twice the thickness of the sheets of the canvas. For this reason, the door together with the frame must weigh a lot. This parameter can be used to determine the quality of the product.

Helpful advice! Even the most durable model will not be able to fully fulfill its main purpose if mistakes are made during its installation. Therefore, you need to make sure in advance that the installation will be carried out by qualified technicians in compliance with all installation rules and regulations.

Assessment of the quality of the castle door

As mentioned earlier, there should be several locks. Also, please note that they work differently. Locking bolts should be large in diameter and go deep enough into the jamb. It is good if they are not visible, as this will complicate possible cutting with a cutting tool. The door should be provided with a crossbar mechanism that closes the door not only from the side but from above and below.

Pay attention to the presence of additional devices in the kit. This may include: platbands, a peephole, extensions, rubber seals, sills, door closers, hinge covers.

How to Choose an Entry Door
The quality of the installed lock will affect the overall cost of the door, but you should not save on it

Evaluating the door design

Choosing a door, you need to be meticulous about the choice of design. After all, it must fully correspond to the interior of the room, up to the style of finishing the slopes of the entrance door from the inside. A photo of various doors suggests that their variety is huge, and there are plenty to choose from.
The main requirement for the outer coating is its strength and durability, so it is enough to limit yourself to paint. Hammer coarse-grained painting looks great on the entrance metal structure. But inside the room, the door should look presentable. Therefore, the coating should be made of laminate, MDF, veneer, or even leather. There are no restrictions on color and texture.

How to Choose an Entry Door
Various design options for entry doors

Finishing slopes of entry door from the inside

Having chosen and installed the product you like, you will certainly ask yourself how to finish the slopes on the entry door. A photo of various options will help you make the right choice. There are many different ways today. Among them are plastering, plastic paneling, plasterboard slopes. The most reliable for the entry door is plastering the surface of the slopes. This is a cheap way, but it requires certain skills. However, the plastered surface can be finished with various finishing materials that completely match the design of the door you purchased.

How to Choose an Entry Door
Plastered and painted door slopes in the hallway

Drywall has the same property. For its installation, the construction of a lathing will be required, but you can cope with this on your own. The plasterboard finishing process is less laborious, but the reliability of the slopes is still lower than that of plastered ones.

Decorating with PVC panels is acceptable, but it looks good only if the entire hallway is decorated in a similar style.

How to choose an entry door to an apartment is a serious question and requires an integrated approach. We hope that after studying this material, it will be easier for you to make your choice.


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