How To Choose Bathroom Faucets, Tips on Choosing

How To Choose Bathroom Faucets, Tips on Choosing

Today we consider faucets for bathrooms and showers. The basic requirements for them are the same: reliability, practicality, ease of management and profitability. But there is another important indicator – safety, because the main task of the mixer in the bathroom is to ensure an even flow of water at a temperature comfortable for your body.

Which faucet is best to choose for a bathroom and shower

The most reliable material from which the body of the mixers is made is a brass alloy with various decorative coatings: chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating and applying nanocomposite materials or, as they are called, stone (ceramic, marble, granite) mixers.

The most budget material is silumin. Faucets from it are also decorated in different colors and textures, and they can be distinguished from brass ones by their lower weight. Service life with intensive use no more than 1 year.

Stainless steel faucets are the most reliable, but are rarely found on sale.

Which mixer regulates water better

Faucets for bathrooms and showers not only mix water, but also switch its flow between the tap and shower head. And therefore, control of the flow and temperature of water is perhaps the most important indicator of their quality.

Two elements are important here: the way to control the water pressure and the type of tap / shower switch.

By type of control, mixers are:

Single lever – regulate the pressure and water temperature with just one lever. These are the most convenient models, but have two drawbacks: it is difficult to set the water flow at the optimum temperature with one lever, and cannot be repaired if it breaks.

Two-valve or box-mounted faucets – classic mixers with two control valves. They are less convenient to operate, but they allow you to make the “finest” adjustment of the water stream, which is especially important for the shower.

Thermostatic (mechanical and touch) – modern faucets with automated control: you set with the help of mechanical knobs or a touch panel (depending on the type of mixer) the desired temperature and pressure of the water, the smart device remembers it and when it is turned on gives out. These are the most convenient and safe faucets, especially for families with small children. They save up to 75% of water, and modern design allows them to fit into any interior.

Eccentric – switch-lever at the base of the faucet, which, when turning right and left, switches the flow of water from the faucet to the shower. Simple and cheap, short-lived, but can be repaired. If it breaks, it is enough to simply replace the gaskets or the internal mechanism itself, and not to change the entire mixer.

Cartridge – the device is similar to a single lever mixer tap. A reliable mechanism, but in case of failure it is necessary to change the entire mixer.

Ball deviator – in appearance it looks like an eccentric, but has a more reliable device. This is the easiest and most reliable switch. A significant minus is that it cannot be repaired if it breaks.

Cork deviator – to switch the flow of water, press the button or raise it up. A simple but least user-friendly switch.

Which faucet for the bathroom and shower is the most convenient

If your faucet must supply water at the same time to the sink for washing hands and to the bath, then an important element in its design is a spout – a pipe through which water flows from the taps.

It should be swivel and long enough, while the length depends on the characteristics of your bathroom, optimally – 30 cm. Pay attention to the quality of the swivel mechanism – this is the most vulnerable element in your mixer.

It is better to install a faucet with a short and fixed spout in the shower cabin and bathtub, where your faucet is in the sink. Some faucets for showers do not have a tap at all, only a watering can with a shower.

A good shower head evenly distributes the flow of water into the smallest trickles and significantly saves its consumption. Convenient massage watering cans with a switch of different modes of supplying a water stream. Plastic watering cans are cheaper and lighter, but metal ones are still more reliable.

A comfortable length of the shower hose for the bathroom is at least 1.5 meters. For a shower cabin, it is better to choose the length of the hose according to your height and design of the shower. The most reliable hose is silicone with a strong metal braid. The rubber hoses are short-lived and the thin foil braid wears out quickly.

Pay attention to the mechanism that allows you to mount the shower head to the wall. It should be strong enough, convenient and easy to install in your bathroom. It is comfortable if the mechanism has the ability to adjust the height and installation angle of the shower head.

How much is the mixer

Mixer Cost
minimum maximum
Single lever bath mixer with shower $11.70 $3564.46
Two-valve bath mixer with shower $11.73 $1833.40
Thermostatic bath mixer with shower $47.02 $4952.68
Shower faucet without tap $3.81 $2434.83

* The price is based on a price analysis of the largest online stores.


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