How to Choose Interior Doors

How to Choose Interior Doors

During the overhaul of an apartment, it is important to take into account all the details – from the installation of the ceiling to the curtains on the windows. Doors between rooms play an important role in the design of the room. They create overall harmony in accordance with the interior design, while performing the function of space zoning. This article will tell you which interior doors are best to choose for an apartment from a variety of models and designs in order to give the room more coziness and comfort.

How to choose best interior doors: important criteria

At first glance, buying doors may seem like a simple trip to a hardware store, and the process itself may seem like a pleasant entertainment event. In fact, the purchase of a door you like (without taking into account certain factors) can ruin the entire overall ensemble in the room and even create unnecessary inconvenience instead of comfort, resulting in additional financial costs for repairs or complete replacement of the structure. To avoid such problems, before choosing interior doors to an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  1. The choice of the type of doors occurs at the stage of developing a project for renovating an apartment or building a house.
  2. It is better to entrust the selection of a model to a specialist. If a decision is made to design independently, then it is necessary to take into account such criteria as the parameters of openings, interior design, type of flooring, placement of switches and electrical outlets.
  3. Depending on the option chosen, it is required to make changes in the installation of the door openings and create a basic basis for the installation.
  4. It is necessary to choose the right door opening mechanism, to decide on the material of the product and its shape.
  5. It is desirable that the shape and size of windows and doors in rooms are combined with each other.
  6. Good interior doors should be the same type for all rooms within the same apartment.
  7. The doors are installed at the final stage of the repair – after finishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

If you neglect the listed recommendations, then there is a high probability of dissonance in the general concept of housing design.

What are the best quality interior doors

When choosing interior doors, you need to be guided not only by your own taste, but also by technological, physical and design criteria. Compliance with them will help you choose the right and the right option that will perfectly fit into the interior and perform all the functions required from the door, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Helpful advice! When buying doors, it is advisable to study a fragment of the cutaway model or get detailed advice from the seller about the material of the structure and its internal composition.

The basis for the correct choice of interior doors is a number of factors that must be paid attention to and taken into account before buying or ordering a product from a master. Mandatory criteria that cannot be ignored include:

Interior doors should not only look beautiful
Interior doors should not only look beautiful, but also be made of quality material.
  • material of canvas, boxes and casings;
  • functional purpose;
  • way of opening doors;
  • availability of a product quality certificate;
  • completeness with additional elements;
  • parameters;
  • color and appearance of doors;
  • quality of fittings;
  • compliance with the style of the premises;
  • the cost of doors and their installation.

Analyzing each of the points, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of key features that overlap with each other. For example, the quality of products largely depends on what material the interior doors are from. It is better to give preference to wood structures, which are characterized by an excellent appearance, a variety of styles and an average cost. We will get acquainted in more detail with the criteria that contribute to a successful choice below.

What is the best material for interior doors

Door leaves are made from different materials, and each of them has a number of positive characteristics and disadvantages. Most common materials:

Doors are made from a variety of materials
Doors are made from a variety of materials that have both positive and negative characteristics.
  • solid wood;
  • chipboard and fibreboard;
  • type-setting wood and MDF;
  • various types of glasses;
  • metal-plastic doors;
  • laminated doors;
  • masonite or honeycomb doors;
  • eco-veneer;
  • PVC doors.

Wooden doors belong to the premium class, they are appreciated for their environmental friendliness, beauty, safety and solidity. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that wooden doors are made from glued beams, the product is coated with chemical impregnations, varnishes and paints. The influence of these funds significantly reduces the natural status of the material.

Not only the material itself is important, but also its subspecies. In the case of wood, the type of wood is taken into account. The best option is considered to be doors made of wood-based panels of valuable species, covered with veneer. Such models will be durable, they have an attractive appearance.

doors are wood, glass and eco-veneer
The most popular materials for making doors are wood, glass and eco-veneer.

Glass doors are a special category . Consumer reviews indicate the benefits of installing them in order to provide additional lighting in rooms without light: hallways, corridors, bathrooms. That is why doors from different materials with glass inserts are popular.

Helpful advice! Recently, doors made of laminate are widely used, which is a chipboard or fiberboard, pressed with several layers of textured paper with a pattern. In order to protect against moisture, the surface of the products is impregnated with synthetic resin. An MDF interior door is also provided with such a coating.

Wooden interior doors: which is better to choose

Doors made of wood are considered the standard of naturalness, therefore experts recommend choosing wooden structures. The main advantages of such products are that they are environmentally friendly, strong, durable, have a high degree of soundproofing and low thermal conductivity. These doors are easy to renovate and their appearance will enchant the most sophisticated customer.

With all the many advantages, there are a number of disadvantages, among which one can distinguish the ability to ignite and low moisture resistance, so you should not install interior doors from the array into the bathroom. The price of wooden structures is also a significant disadvantage, since it is quite high.

The highest value is for products made of wood of valuable species, such as oak, beech or hornbeam. White ash doors are a special luxury. You can choose more budget options, for example, from conifers. An excellent alternative for those who prefer naturalness and environmental friendliness, but do not have big finances, will be the interior doors of solid pine for painting.

Wooden doors
Wooden doors are strong and durable, while they are quite expensive

Glued wood doors are a budget option. Their production consists in the fact that wooden blocks are glued together under high pressure with a multidirectional arrangement of fibers. This technology significantly increases the resistance of the canvas to moisture and temperature extremes.

To protect doors made of wood and preserve natural beauty, special agents are usually applied to them: paint, stain or varnish. Glued laminated timber doors are often covered with veneer or PVC foil.

Mazonite (or cellular) interior doors: reviews and specifications

The material got its name from the name of the first manufacturer – the company in Canada Masonite. The structure is a wooden frame made of beams with external sheathing made of MDF or fiberboard. The void inside the structure is sealed with special fillers in the form of thin paper folded in an accordion, or a bar fine-hollow filler. Thus, the structure with a relatively low weight has a high degree of shock resistance.

Cellular interior doors
Cellular interior doors are externally sheathed with fiberboard or MDF sheets

Cellular fiberboard is also used to fill the voids. It is produced by cutting sheets into strips slightly less than the thickness of the doors. The weight, strength and price of a product of this type depend on the filler. What interior doors to choose is up to the owners. From above, MDF or fiberboard sheets are covered with veneer, varnish, laminated or painted, imitating wood. Among the advantages of Masonite doors, the following should be noted:

  • budget;
  • ease of construction;
  • wide range of models;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • good sound insulation of the interior door, damping noise by 20 dB (this indicator depends on the thickness of the structure and filler).

Helpful advice! Masonite doors are very popular now. This is used by unscrupulous manufacturers who produce low quality products. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to trusted companies and purchase certified products with a passport and a guarantee.

The disadvantages of Masonite doors are low moisture resistance in direct contact with water, so they are not recommended to be installed in bathrooms and saunas. In terms of strength, the product is inferior to wood and metal-plastic structures.

Interior doors MDF: advantages and disadvantages

Canvases made of solid MDF sheets are considered denser than Masonite ones and are almost as strong as wooden structures. The composition of the material includes wood chips compressed under high pressure and temperature. Resins that release formaldehyde, which is a toxic material, are not used as adhesion. Therefore, MDF doors are safe for people. This is their main advantage. Other benefits include the following:

  • strength and shock resistance;
  • durability and the possibility of reconstruction;
  • lightness of the product;
  • affordable price;
  • a high degree of noise and heat insulation;
  • a wide range of products;
  • presentable appearance.

In addition, the use of special additives makes the products resistant to moisture, so they can be installed in the bathroom, as well as in other rooms with high humidity. Among the disadvantages should be noted the flammability of the material and the high cost of products with thick fabrics and natural coatings. The canvas is easily damaged, and the consequences of repairs are unlikely to go unnoticed. Facing for MDF doors are veneer, eco-veneer, laminate, enamel or PVC film.

Doors made of MDF sheets
Doors made of MDF sheets are almost as strong as wood

An analogue of MDF doors are chipboard products, but their performance and durability are much lower. In addition, toxic formaldehyde is mainly used for gluing wood chips.

Glass interior doors in apartment

A popular type of door for rooms is a combined version of wooden, plastic or MBF structures with glass inserts. Their main advantage is the maximum use of natural light in low-light rooms. This is an indispensable option for installation at the entrance to the kitchen, living room from a dark corridor.

Recently, pure glass doors without a frame have become popular. The use of special types of glass makes the structure strong and shock-resistant.

Tempered glass, at least 8 mm thick, is extremely durable. Doors like these are hard to break. If this happens, shards with rounded edges are formed. In addition, such glass is heat resistant and flexible. High impact resistance and safety is ensured by a special heat treatment.

In the manufacture of doors
In the manufacture of doors, triplex, matolux and tempered glass are used.

Triplex is made of double-layer glass, where the layers are glued to each other with a film. The result is a hardened material that is difficult to break. If this happens, the debris remains on the film.

Matolux is a matte coated glass that perfectly transmits light, but hides what is happening behind the door. The material is less durable than tempered glass, but great for installation in bathrooms.

Important! Even with the high impact resistance of the material, experts do not recommend installing glass doors in a children’s room.

According to customer reviews, glass interior doors help to delineate rooms, while visually increasing the space. In addition, the material is environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof, has excellent aesthetic data and the ability to apply a variety of patterns. The main disadvantage is low noise insulation.

How to choose a plastic and aluminum doors

Recently, budget doors made of pure plastic or metal-plastic have become especially common. Popularity is due to such advantages as affordable price, lightness of the product, moisture resistance and ease of maintenance. Due to the presence of an aluminum profile at the base, the structure acquires a relatively high strength and a good level of sound insulation. In addition to the above, there is a wide range of metal-plastic doors.

The main disadvantage of plastic is that it is a man-made material. In addition, with strong blows, it can collapse. Different versions of interior doors are made of plastic: sliding, folding and swing doors. Often, PVC film or veneer with a different pattern is used to cover a plastic product.

Door structures
Door structures made of glass and aluminum are practical and presentable.

For the production of doors, anodized aluminum is used, obtained after processing by electropolishing. Glass inserts often serve as an addition, but the canvas can be deaf. The main advantages are moisture, shock and heat resistance, damage resistance, durability. Aluminum structures are an excellent option for choosing interior doors with sound insulation. The disadvantages of such products are the high price and low thermal conductivity. Usually, such doors are selected for high-tech or loft-style apartments.

Thus, aluminum doors are practicality, which manifests itself in ease of use, moisture resistance and attractiveness, which is why they are often installed in kitchens, bathrooms, offices and utility rooms.

PVC interior doors or eco-veneer: which is better to choose

Eco-veneer is a special film made of thin natural wood, which is used to cover doors. The material has a wood grain pattern. Thus, it is both externally and to the touch similar to solid wood. The material is environmentally friendly, as its composition, unlike laminate, does not include chlorine.

Doors made of different materials, but mainly from MDF, are covered with eco-veneer. In order to give a more presentable look and for better preservation, a special moisture-resistant solution is applied to the product. The main advantage of doors covered with eco-veneer is that they do not dry out.

With strict adherence to manufacturing technology, such structures are durable. As the reviews testify, the interior doors of the eco-veneer will fit into any interior, as they suggest a wide choice of shape, color and design. Over time, you can easily change the appearance of doors by using an eco-veneer.

Helpful advice! In modern construction, several varieties of veneer have appeared, as well as other door coatings. Among the general abundance, it is worth mentioning kraft paper coating (CPL), art veneer, RL veneer.

The synthetic analogue of eco-veneer is polyvinyl chloride. This is a multi-colored plastic film. The material is durable. According to reviews, PVC interior doors are of low cost. The main advantage is that they can be installed in different places, including at the entrance to the bathroom and toilet.

More affordable than veneered doors, laminated products. Although there are practically no external differences. At the same time, they provide more reliable protection against moisture. According to reviews, interior laminated doors are ideal if you are interested in inexpensive, but beautiful, wear-resistant and durable designs.

Swing and sliding interior doors: reviews and specifications

There are several methods for opening doors. The difference lies in the way the canvas is attached to the box. Noise and heat insulation properties of doors, their compactness and space saving depend on the opening mechanism, although to a lesser extent than on the type of material. By this criterion, swing, swing, sliding and folding doors are distinguished.

Swing interior doors are the most common designs
Swing interior doors are the most common designs

When installing a swing door, the most common and simplest method is used. The canvas is attached to the box with hinges, on the other side of the product, a door handle and a lock are mounted. These doors provide the best insulation. An increase in its degree is also facilitated by the installation of a threshold at the entrance to the room. Tightness is achieved by attaching a silicone or rubber seal to the edges of the box or doors.

Thus, swing doors are distinguished by reliability, durability and high insulating characteristics, but they have one significant drawback: free space is required to open them. Double-leaf hinged interior glass doors look especially gorgeous.

Sliding interior doors serve as an alternative to swing structures. Reviews characterize them as convenient and practical. They are especially relevant for small apartments. The canvas is mounted along the guides relative to the wall, the movement in the grooves is provided by special rollers.

Sliding doors are ideal for small apartments
Sliding doors are ideal for small apartments

The installation of such products is most often practiced for the purpose of zoning space within the boundaries of one room. For example, they are used to separate the sleeping area in a one-room apartment. Material and fittings are important criteria when choosing such doors. It depends on these components how much the interior compartment doors cost.

Choice of doors by opening method: folding and swinging designs

Folding doors open in an accordion manner, where several parts of the leaf, connected by hinges, are assembled into one whole. To lighten the overall weight of the structure, such doors are made of plywood, plastic, aluminum, MDF or glass. Solid wood is not suitable for this purpose. They can be deaf or have glass inserts.

Helpful advice! When buying doors with glazed inserts, it is important to check the quality of their fixation. The glass should not vibrate, but stand firmly in the grooves. It is also important to clarify which glass structure is installed. It is better to give preference to hardened material or triplex.

Such doors are installed in both spacious and compact rooms. The main disadvantages are the low noise insulation of the interior door and the difficulty in installation, which is better to be entrusted to professionals. In their structure, accordion doors have several panels connected by hinges, as well as upper and lower rails and a roller. Sometimes the bottom rail may be missing. Bearings are built into the roller, so the blade moves smoothly and silently. Folding doors are often equipped with stoppers to fix the leaf in the desired position.

Swinging interior doors open in different directions
Swinging interior doors open in different directions

The original type of doors is the swinging model or stable doors, which are similar in the principle of opening with a swing view. In structure, they are a canvas, but the fasteners are placed on the upper and lower parts, where the hinges and the lock are installed. Such designs began to be used in stables, hence the name of the doors. Now they are popular in different styles of home decoration. The main difference and advantage of this type is the ability to open in different directions. Such doors are practical, lightweight and have an unusual appearance. Disadvantages – low sound insulation and difficult installation.

Where should the interior doors open in the apartment?

About where the doors are supposed to open, you need to think before purchasing them, that is, during the creation of a design project. The arrangement of furniture, as well as the placement of switches and sockets, largely depends on this.

The main rule is that the swing door should open into a more spacious room. Details such as ergonomics and safety are important here. Swinging out doors from a small pantry saves a lot of space. If a person becomes ill in a small restroom, then when he falls, he will simply block the door that opens inward.

It is also important that the door swings open to a larger part of the room. If the entrance is located in a corner, then the structure must adjoin the nearest wall and open from the switch. Thus, when entering a room, the door is opened with one hand, and the light is turned on with the other.

The interior door should open into a more spacious room
The interior door should open into a more spacious room

To avoid damaging the curtains, injury or blocking, doors located next to each other should not touch each other when opening. To do this, it is necessary that the doors swing open in different directions, or you just need to choose a design of a different type, for example, accordion or stable.

Helpful advice! The door to the children’s room should open inward. This is necessary in the event that the child accidentally closes itself – it will be much easier to hack such an obstacle.

What type of interior doors are best

Depending on the structure of the leaf, the doors are paneled or panel-type, deaf, side-mounted or with inserts. Paneled interior doors by design are a wooden frame with inserts along and across from wood, MDF or glass. Such products are distinguished by high wear resistance and beautiful appearance, but they are rather heavy, since they are mainly made of wood.

Depending on what the paneled inserts are made of, the door leaf can be deaf or with glass inserts. In the first version, the role of the panel can be played by wood, plywood, MDF sheets. If the inserts are decorated by staining or covered with special materials, you will get an original model.

the type of door leaf
By the type of door leaf, the doors can be deaf, drawer, paneled, panel board or with inserts

The design of panel doors is a little simpler. They represent a wooden frame with cardboard filler. The canvases are multifunctional and of high quality, have a low weight. In the question of which doors are better: paneled or panel doors, you need to be guided by personal preferences and the purpose of the structure. Products with panels have a more solid appearance, and panel ones are much lighter.

Counter doors are a combination of two elements of the same type. These are usually two vertical beams with a row of crossbars between them. The space is filled with drawers made of wood, glass or other materials. The structures are distinguished by their strength, reliability and durability, which together guarantee a long service life.

Molded doors look like a glass sheet with pillars that frame it only on the sides. In the classic version, instead of glass, one solid wood insert is used; in modern designs, plastic is often used.

How to choose a color for interior doors

An important criterion in the selection of doors is their color, because the overall harmony in the room and the combination of door leaves with the interior depend on it. First of all, you need to focus on the color of walls, furniture and flooring. When choosing a color for the doors of different rooms, the owners should be guided by personal tastes. Experts advise to give preference to one type and color, but exceptions are permissible. In what cases – we will consider below.

Doors of the same type and color for all rooms are the simplest solution, especially when they all face the same corridor, and the apartment is made in the same style. Focusing on the color of the walls, the tone of the doors should either act as a contrast against their background, or correspond to the general tonal range.

Installation of doors of different colors is appropriate when a residential building is divided into several corridors or rooms in an apartment with walk-throughs. It is allowed to install doors of various types in rooms for different purposes.

Helpful advice! For the living room and bedroom, it is desirable to install doors of the same type – just like for a bathroom with a toilet.

Doors of light colors fit perfectly into the interior of a room with a small space, which helps to visually expand it. In such cases, sand, white and other pastel colors of interior doors are appropriate. Photos in the interior of the apartment clearly demonstrate this. Light colors look especially good in antique or classic styles. The color is matched to the wallpaper, although contrast is also appropriate.

Dark tones are usually combined with the color of the flooring or with the shades of furniture and walls of rooms. Black or brown is not recommended in small rooms and in apartments with poor lighting, as blackness will be depressing.

Choose matching tone and style

When it is difficult to find a specific color, it is better to focus on neutral shades, which include gray, cream, beige, ivory or bleached oak. Such tones are especially relevant when the style requires naturalness. The colors of natural wood are always appropriate, emphasizing the texture of a particular species.

Lightness, grace and lightness in the interior will certainly create white doors. An additional plus will be their combination with the color of the frames on the windows, light laminate or furniture. Such options are most appropriate for the French style or the Provence genre.

Doors in metallic colors are especially popular in modern interiors. At the same time, it should be noted that such models do not always harmonize with furniture and general design, therefore it is better to select options to match the decor.

Matching the door leaf to the color of the floor is a classic technique in interior design. The safest option is to match the linoleum, laminate or parquet flooring in the apartment with the design of the interior doors. Photos emphasize the correctness of this decision. The exception is multi-colored floors or the presence of a bright carpet, in which case it is more appropriate to install glass doors.

The color of the furniture also plays an important role in the choice of the tone of the doors. This decision will be correct if the furniture is wooden or made to look like wood. For example, for furniture with an alder color and texture, it is advisable to select doors of the same color.

What are the sizes of interior doors: standard and non-standard sizes

Door manufacturers produce products mainly in standard sizes, depending on the type of door leaf and the purpose of the room. In particular, the width complies with the following standards:

  • for a bathroom and toilet in an apartment, canvases are made with a width of 600 mm;
  • for the kitchen, this product size is 700 mm;
  • normal openings in the bedroom and living room for single-leaf doors correspond to the 800 mm mark;
  • in spacious apartments with wide openings, dimensions can be 900 mm or more.
Dimensions of interior doors can be standard and non-standard
Dimensions of interior doors can be standard and non-standard

Helpful advice! The standard width for the opening for double-leaf doors is 1300 mm, so you need to install two identical leaves of 600 mm or two different sizes: wide – 800 mm and narrow – 400 mm.

Products with dimensions of 550 mm and 450 mm are considered narrow. The dimensions of double-leaf interior doors meet these standards. In this variant, the total width of the opening should not exceed 1300 mm.

The height of doors corresponding to 200 cm is considered traditional. Nevertheless, manufacturers also produce interior doors of non-standard sizes, which can reach a height of 230 cm. The range in the difference in size is a multiple of 5 and 10 mm. That is, the doors can have a height of 210, 215, 220 cm, etc.

If you need a canvas with a height of more than 240 cm, then it is better to order the production of interior doors according to individual sizes, since it is difficult to find products with such dimensions on sale. At the same time, both branded and unpopular manufacturers, in pursuit of customers, are ready to produce interior doors of non-standard sizes to order.

Interior doors to order according to individual sizes

In apartments, as a rule, openings have standard dimensions, which cannot be said about openings in private houses or in the same apartments, but after reconstruction. In such cases, the best solution would be to make custom-made interior doors. Many companies specialize not only in non-standard sizes, but can also create designs according to individual sketches and even a special configuration. In order to order doors, you need to take into account a number of parameters and transfer them to the manufacturer:

  • material;
  • design of canvases and decoration elements;
  • color;
  • door dimensions;
  • selection of boxes and accessories.

It is possible not only to make interior doors according to your size, but canvases for different functional purposes are also produced to order. Most often, doors are ordered from valuable types of wood, such as oak, ash, alder, since the high cost of the material does not always imply their serial production.

 individual size and design
Interior doors can be made to your individual size and design

The budget option is to order veneered doors. It should be noted that in any case, the production of canvases on an individual request implies a surcharge of 30-40% of the cost of a similar serial model. Therefore, before placing an order, it is recommended to search for the desired product options in stores and on websites. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the manufacture of doors can take more than a month, and this can delay the repair work.

It’s important to know! Many manufacturers offer a turnkey interior door installation service. This is not only convenient, but also saves time.

The choice of interior doors: rating of manufacturers

When choosing interior doors, one must not only take into account the material, color, design, but also know where the products are made. There are many both domestic and foreign factories specializing in the production of interior doors. The rating of the best manufacturers will help you make the right choice in favor of quality products.

Helpful advice! The best manufacturers of interior doors, taking care of their reputation, try to provide buyers with various options for choosing and offer a range of additional services, such as a designer visit, free delivery, and return of goods.

best manufacturers offer customers
The best manufacturers offer customers a wide assortment and range of additional services

Giving preference to one or another manufacturer, you should first of all pay attention to such details as:

  • work experience of the enterprise – it is better to trust trusted professionals with a name and reputation;
  • product range – the more choice, the better;
  • construction price – an overpriced cost may entail unjustified costs, and a low one does not guarantee high quality;
  • availability of the official website of the company.

An additional plus will be branded offline stores and branded points of sale, where you can easily order and purchase the necessary goods.

How to use catalog of interior doors

To choose a canvas in accordance with personal preferences and the stylistic design of the apartment, it is enough to turn to the Internet for help. Many sites provide the widest catalog of interior doors with prices and photos.

Helpful advice! Doors must be chosen in the same style as the interior, which will help create integrity in the overall design of the room.

The choice of models in online stores is much wider than the products presented in the retail network. Here the eyes diverge from the number of manufacturers, models, materials, colors, finishes and additional functions.

Directory sites offer a wider selection of products than conventional stores
Directory sites offer a wider selection of products than conventional stores

At the same time, in a regular store, the material is more accessible for research, since the monitor screen does not accurately convey the texture and texture of wood, the tone of the product and the indescribable smell of natural wood. Therefore, giving preference to online shopping, it is advisable to make sure that if the product does not correspond to the described parameters, it can be easily returned or replaced with a model made of a different material and a different color.

Usually, websites offer different selection criteria for the convenience of buyers. In addition to the mandatory photos and prices, the catalog of interior doors makes it possible to go to the selection by options:

  • type of material;
  • manufacturers;
  • sizes;
  • type of product;
  • exclusive models;
  • design decoration;
  • furniture;
  • options for different rooms.
 interior doors of different price categories
In online stores you can find interior doors of different price categories

Directory sites usually partner with leading manufacturers, offering a variety of promotions, product discounts and the best prices for interior doors. A well-known company, in turn, guarantees the quality, reliability and durability of products.

Interior doors: which is better to choose – professional reviews

Before purchasing products, even having decided on the type, type and manufacturer, it is still better to consult with professionals, designers and craftsmen who will replace the interior doors in the apartment. The installation price usually depends on the material, type of construction and the amount of installation work.

Designers recommend choosing canvases to match the flooring, furniture or walls, preferring a more saturated shade. This feature of choice will allow the doors to fit perfectly into the interior, making them an accent piece in the overall design.

install a door
It is better to install a door that will match the floor and furniture in the room.

For the hallway, living room or kitchen, it is advisable to take canvases with glass, which will bring additional lighting to the hallway devoid of light. But in the bedroom, it is recommended to install blind doors without inserts, which not only protect the room from prying eyes, but also have higher sound insulation.

Professionals advise buying an interior door with a frame and fittings included. Such a marketing move will help to save money, because many sellers even with a minimal wholesale purchase give discounts to customers.

Helpful advice! When purchasing the same doors for different rooms, you need to pay attention to a series of products. The canvases released in different series may differ from each other in shades, but it is the color matching that creates integrity and harmony in the interior of the apartment.

interior doors complete
It is better to purchase interior doors complete with a frame and fittings.

Experts also recommend paying attention to such a detail as the quality of the seal, which should ensure a tight fit to the box, so it should be soft enough. An important element is the porch, which provides airtightness and sound insulation. In doors with inserts, it is important that there is tempered glass, which will ensure the safe operation of the product.

What are the best interior doors: customer reviews

Customer reviews, which contain different websites of both manufacturers and trade enterprises, will help you choose good doors. It is necessary to carefully read what consumers write under a particular model about the quality of the product.

Usually buyers are guided by price and appearance, giving quality a secondary role. They admit their mistake after they have installed the interior door to the apartment. In this case, the price will be double, or even triple, if after several years of operation it is necessary to replace the broken door. By no means always a reliable and durable canvas is contained behind a beautiful “clothing”, the same applies to accessories.

choose interior doors
When choosing a manufacturer of interior doors, you need to read customer reviews

As a rule, all new products look great, and sellers will advertise any model in order to increase sales, hiding its flaws. Thus, consumer and professional reviews will help make the right choice. What interior doors are better in a particular case is up to the owners to decide.

When choosing interior doors, it is necessary to be guided by both personal preferences and the recommendations of specialists. You should choose the best combination of price and quality, select the material in accordance with the style and purpose of the canvases, and the type of opening based on the area of ​​the room. Equally important are details such as the choice of colors, fittings and the availability of a manufacturer’s warranty. Compliance with all these rules will help answer the question of which interior door to choose for an apartment so that it is beautiful, high-quality and reliable, and also lasts a long time, delighting the inhabitants of the home.


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