How to Choose Stretch Ceiling

How to Choose Stretch Ceiling

How to choose a stretch ceiling depending on the texture

Before choosing a stretch ceiling, you should study what types of stretch ceilings, because PVC canvases have a different surface texture. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  1. Matte. The surface often resembles a high quality applied plaster. The canvases are popular because they do not differ in shine and look natural. In addition, the matte ceiling blends well with classic interiors.
  2. Glossy. Most often, there are types of glossy canvases in the photo of stretch ceilings for the hall, because with their help it is easy to cover a large area and perform zoning. Mirrored ceilings work well for poorly lit rooms.
  3. Satin. The finish is a cross between matte and glossy finishes. But if a matte surface is like plaster, then satin looks like a painted surface with a dull finish. Very often it is the satin canvas that is used to create combined plasterboard and stretch ceilings.

Helpful advice! If the question is, what is the best way to make the ceiling in the bathroom, then experts in this case advise choosing matte coatings on which drops are not so visible and which are easier to care for than a glossy or satin surface.

How to choose the colors of stretch ceilings, the values ​​of the main shades

Modern manufacturing technologies have endowed the canvases with a variety of colors and shades, which allows the ceiling to complement any interior and room design. In general, all colors can be roughly divided into two groups:

  • warm – sunny shades;
  • cold – shades of blue, purple and some variants of green.

The main advantage of the cold palette is that with the help of such tones it will be possible to visually expand the boundaries of the room, make it higher and wider. Designers recommend using warm shades in rooms with insufficient daylight, although in brightly lit rooms they will look fun and perky. Bright colors can quickly get bored, therefore it is recommended to avoid too saturated colors in living rooms, but in hallways, bathrooms or kitchens, it is appropriate to perform a colorful ceiling option.

Helpful advice! As the photos of stretch ceilings demonstrate, colors and shades make rooms look different. So, black, white, purple and blue ceilings make the room visually larger. Red, yellow, orange tones fill the room with warmth and comfort. Light gray, silver and metallic accentuate the sophisticated design environment.

By and large, the ceiling can be made in any shade you like, but most often the following options are chosen:

  1. White. A versatile solution that can be used in any room. However, due to the increased soiling, such ceilings should not be installed where there is a high probability of staining.
  2. The black. A popular color for creating modern non-trivial interiors, especially in glossy designs. You should not only combine black ceilings with dark walls, even when creating a Gothic interior.
  3. Beige, cream, baked milk color. Classic and versatile options that are appropriate for any room.
  4. Blue. Used to simulate the creation of the firmament. It is most beneficial to emphasize such surfaces with diode strips, creating the effect of a floating canvas.
  5. Violet. The color of Mediterranean interiors, used in rooms for any purpose. It looks especially beautiful in multi-level structures in combination with white drywall.
  6. Green. The color of a cheerful mood. Due to the large number of shades, green is used in children’s rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, a variety of colors allow you to choose the right option for any interior.
  7. Pink. The main thing is not to choose a color that is too saturated, although if it is successfully combined with the walls, you get an attractive room.
  8. Yellow orange. Colors fill any room with extra light as well as good mood and cheerfulness. You should not fill the room with a large number of bright accessories with orange ceilings, so as not to get a lurid room.
Silver, gray and metallic accentuate sophisticated design ambiance
Silver, gray and metallic accentuate sophisticated design ambiance

Stretch ceilings have rightfully earned the love of the consumer, because they differ not only in beauty and a huge selection of various options, but also in quick, dust-free installation. The large number of materials helps to create a one-of-a-kind surface, without the need for any complex preparatory work. Various shades, patterns, textures, photo printing – all this makes it possible to show design imagination and make the room cozy.


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