How to Choosing Wood Disc for Angle Grinder

How to Choosing Wood Disc for Angle Grinder

A grinder, or angle grinder, is a very popular tool that is versatile. It is used in the process of performing most construction work. Many people are interested, whether it is possible to cut a tree with angle grinder. To process this material, it is necessary to choose the right disc on a tree for a grinder. There are many varieties of nozzles that differ in characteristics and purpose.

Varieties of discs for the angle grinder

The range of nozzles for this tool is quite wide. Products are classified according to their purpose, depending on which 3 main groups of circles for angle grinders can be distinguished:

  • saw;
  • diamond coated;
  • abrasive.

Saw. They are similar to standard saws, but are made from other materials. The most common option is tungsten carbide wheels. They are not suitable for working with wood.

Diamond coated. This group of circles for the grinder is the most extensive. The high popularity of diamond-coated nozzles is determined by a wide operational spectrum. With the help of such circles, it is possible to process metal parts, as well as elements made of stone and concrete. For wood, such disks are not used.

Note! The use of angle grinders requires compliance with certain rules. One of them claims that you can not use circles of larger diameter than indicated in the passport of the device.

Abrasive Differ in high universality. Abrasive discs are used not only for cutting, but also for grinding and polishing surfaces. Products from this group are also used for wood processing.

abrasive wheels
Abrasive discs are best suited for wood processing.

These products are differentiated by one more sign – dimensions. The modern market provides a wide selection of products, the sizes of which vary from 115 to 230 mm. The wood disc for 115 mm grinder is the most compact and is used for quick and accurate cutting of material. It is worth noting that the largest discs are not suitable for working with wooden surfaces.

Types of wood drives for angle grinders

Many experts do not recommend the use of a grinder for cutting and processing wood. This is explained by the principle of the device and the characteristics of the material itself. However, the variety of disks for angle grinders is growing every year. They can be divided according to the features of work into several types.

Circular saws. Such circles on wood for a grinder are used, as a rule, for more technological equipment, but many install them on angle grinders. They are divided into two types: large diameter with solders and more compact, without soldering.

Segmented discs
Segmented discs are made of carbite-tungsten, which is characterized by high strength

Chain. Ideal for working with wooden materials. Many people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to cut a tree with a grinder. A definite answer to it does not exist, however, chain products are maximally adapted for this purpose. The edge of the circle in this case is equipped with a chain on which the teeth are located. This design has many advantages. This nozzle is most often used to perform smooth cutting of the board. Using it, you can process other materials: chipboard, fiberboard, plywood.

Saws with a small number of teeth. This variety of circles was invented specifically in order to ensure maximum human safety when working with wood. Compact products belonging to this group have 3 teeth, and larger ones – 4. This group also includes cutting discs for a 125 mm wood grinder. Similar products do their job well. They can be used to cut wood along and across the fibers. In addition to standard functions, such discs are used to organize grooves in the workpieces.

Segmented (material – tungsten carbide). Such products appeared relatively recently, but have already gained immense popularity. A distinctive feature of such products is the absence of teeth. The edge of the disk consists of segments that are characterized by high strength.

Wood discs
Disks for wood are divided into chain, circular, segment and nozzles with a small number of teeth

Helpful information! With the help of a segment nozzle, it is possible to work with wood of any strength and viscosity. It is highly safe and is able to withstand even metal inclusions present in some blanks (screws, nails, etc.).

Wood chain saw blades

In this case, the saw wheel is made using a chain from a chainsaw. Such a nozzle is the most suitable for working with wood, as it has the greatest efficiency. A wood chain drive for a grinder is also considered the safest. The use of this nozzle significantly reduces the likelihood of injury if the tool sticks.

If during operation the disk hits a solid element of a tree (for example, a knot), then the chain is not destroyed. This is due to the rotation of the base. Such nozzles are very popular when it is necessary to clean a tree trunk from bark and knots.

Chain saw blades
Chain saw blades are considered the most suitable for working with wood

Saw blades for wood for angle grinders with a chain are used for all kinds of work. With their help, you can remove the branches of trees, as well as cut boards of small thickness. The functionality of the chain products allows you to use them as peeling tools. They do an excellent job of removing bark.

Using the saw wheel, you can make an even cut of the floorboard, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, as well as ordinary unedged and edged wooden products. It is important to remember that the thickness of the material that will be processed with such a nozzle should be no more than 4 cm. Otherwise, the device is likely to overheat.

Wood cutting disc for grinder

For the manufacture of such products use a special material – tungsten carbide. This is explained by the following: when working with a grinder, it is likely that it will break out of the hands, so the material of the circle should have high strength characteristics. The use of tungsten carbide can significantly increase safety, but the cost of such products is quite high.

Cutting discs for grinder
Cutting discs for the grinder are characterized by a wide variety of types

Disks of this type can have a different arrangement of teeth. A variety of types of products on this basis allows you to choose the most suitable nozzle for a particular situation. The shape and frequency of the teeth also play a very important role. The most common circle size for working with wood is 125 mm. If you decide to choose the most universal version of a cutting saw blade for wood for a 125 mm grinder, then it is recommended to purchase a product with beveled teeth.

Helpful information! Circles that have straight teeth are best suited for working with soft tree species. Coniferous boards are also processed using such nozzles.

These products may have teeth that resemble a trapezoid in shape. They are characterized by a wider operational field and are used for cutting boards with medium density. Using this circle, you can cut the following materials:

cutting saw blade size
The most universal size of a detachable saw blade – 125 mm
  • Fiberboard;
  • Chipboard;
  • USB plates;
  • wood-fiber boards.

Saw blades for wood for a grinder of this type have some design features that are determined by their purpose. For example, during operation, the products easily overheat, so they have special slots that can be empty or filled with copper. Such a measure allows you to compensate for the thermal expansion of the metal that occurs at high speeds. The width of such slots can be different, but not more than 2 mm. As for their depth, it does not exceed 20 mm.

Characteristics grinding disc for wood

Using a grinder, you can not only cut and saw off wooden parts, but also carry out peeling work of varying degrees of complexity. The modern market offers a wide range of such nozzles. They are classified according to several indicators: shape, design and purpose.

Peeling circles are used to remove bark from logs or boards. Thanks to them, you can easily remove the excess part of the tree from the end surface of the board. They may have special spikes or crumbs.

Grinding disc for wood for grinder
Thanks to the grinder it is also possible to carry out peeling work

Grinding discs on wood for the grinder are also used to smooth the surface of the boards. Such circles are equipped with special spikes that are placed on a flat plane. Such a function is very useful, as it allows you to polish the boards from which the flooring is constructed.

On sale you can find peeling products consisting of twisted wire. They are usually called brushes. Such nozzles on the grinder for wood processing are of two types, depending on the features of their structure. The first option provides for the presence of a base in the form of a glass, to which the wire is attached. The second type is a disk with a wire fixed along the edge.

Brushes are used to eliminate paints and varnishes from wooden surfaces. It is important to note that most often such nozzles are used to remove paint and rust from metal pipes.

Note! For wooden parts, it is necessary to choose a thinner wire that will not damage the workpiece itself. These products are suitable for different types of wood.

Nozzles for removing paint and varnish materials from wood
Nozzles for removing paints and varnishes from wood are called brushes.

Wood peeling discs equipped with wire coils are also used for brushing. This event allows you to give the wood an unusual look, artificially age it. However, using a grinder having a peeling wire nozzle, only small volumes of wood can be processed. Thus, for brushing on an industrial scale, this element is not recommended.

Grinding and polishing discs for wood

Grinding and polishing of wood is carried out by means of special nozzles, which are used for grinders. Such products include a metal base on which the grinding wheel is fixed. Mounting is usually done with Velcro.

To use such a wood nozzle for a grinder, it is necessary to fix it with a key (open-end) on the tool shaft. Quite often, it is implemented in conjunction with a special transition element, thanks to which it becomes possible to quickly attach to the drill chuck. In turn, polishing requires the use of a more gentle material. Therefore, nozzles of this type are equipped with felt disks. Their fixation is also performed by means of Velcro.

Another version of the grinding wheel on the grinder is a flap. Its design fully lives up to its name. It consists of a large number of sandpaper petals, close to each other. If desired, you can select the necessary grain size of the paper, which allows you to process wood materials of different degrees of density.

Grinding and polishing discs for wood
For working with wood, grinding and polishing tips can be used.

Despite the fact that the grinder is not considered the preferred tool for wood processing, grinding nozzles are very common. It is worth noting that grinding in this way is not suitable for smooth surface treatment, since even the most sparing options for angle grinders leave small scratches on the tree. If you decide to carry out this process as efficiently as possible, then experts recommend purchasing a special device – a grinder. Angle grinders are commonly used for materials that will subsequently be painted.

Wheels for rough grinding

Grinding wheels, which are used for angle grinders, differ in material of manufacture, shape and operational purpose. The process of wood processing itself, as a rule, proceeds in two stages. First of all, rough grinding is carried out, after which the material is subjected to finishing. For rough polishing, several varieties of nozzles are used:

  • peeling;
  • wrinkles;
  • end circles.
Grinders for wood grinder
Coarse brushes, end circles and peeling discs are used to perform coarse polishing.

Grinding wood with a grinder using a peeling product is most often used to remove a layer of old paint. Sometimes nozzles of this type are used to remove the varnish coating, if you can not remove it manually. Such circles can have a different relief, the characteristics of which depend on how efficient the product will function.

Brushes are used for polishing different types of wood. Products that belong to this group are classified by their design, the direction of the wire bundles and their diameter. Depending on the stiffness, they are also divided into types. If necessary, there is the possibility of selecting the right tool corresponding to a particular grinding option.

Helpful information! For rough processing, a larger diameter wire is used.

End disks for grinding wood on the grinder are used in the case when it is necessary to adjust the size of the part from the end. Often, such products are used for the usual alignment of the side surface with uneven cuts. The principle of operation of the end nozzle resembles the operation of a file. The difference in this case is the high efficiency of angle grinders.

End discs
End disks are used when it is necessary to adjust the size of a part from the end

The use of grinding attachments greatly simplifies the processing of wooden workpieces. Such products allow for the restoration of old furniture, removing paintwork from its surface.

Lap wheels for grinding discs

After rough processing, a fine finish may be required. Of course, if the wood is subsequently painted, there is no need to bring its surface to a perfectly smooth state. However, in most cases, finishing is a necessary measure. To perform grinding, you can use the common nozzle – a petal wheel.

The design of the petal model of the disk, as mentioned above, includes sheets of sandpaper, which are trapezoidal in shape. Their grain size is selected depending on the type of wood and the specifics of the work. A grinding disc on a tree of this kind is one of the most common. It provides gentle material handling and a high degree of safety. Getting injured using this disc is almost impossible.

The efficiency and speed of wood processing, as well as its appearance, depends on the size of the abrasive coating on the petals. For maximum smoothness, it is customary to use fine-grained products. Experts recommend using several such grinding wheels on wood at once. This will make it possible to quickly carry out rough cleaning, and then finish the work with soft petals, bringing the workpiece to the desired degree of smoothness.

Лепестковые круги
Petal circles are made of sandpaper, they are used for gentle processing of material

The use of such a nozzle requires a certain skill from a person. Therefore, before using the petal wheel, it is recommended to practice on wooden parts.

Grinding wheel for soft processing and polishing

To carry out soft grinding, special discs are used that appeared on the market not so long ago – just a few years ago. Such circles are characterized by a high degree of functionality and may have different grain sizes.

Helpful information! Unlike petal nozzles, abrasive particles are fixed with Velcro on the surface of the disk, and not on its end part.

The grinding disc for this type of wood grinder has one advantage – ease of replacement. This procedure is performed without removing or disassembling the main nozzle, so using such disks is quite convenient. Sticky nozzles can be easily purchased on the construction market or ordered on the Internet. The choice of the desired grain size in this case is not a problem. With the help of such devices you can bring the wooden surface to the desired state.

soft grinding tips
Using soft grinding tips, you can bring the wood surface to perfect condition.

Polishing, which is carried out after grinding, can be carried out using special felt circles. Such nozzles provide the maximum smoothness of the working surface, which is difficult to achieve using other tools. A large number of revolutions of angle grinder promotes uniform polishing of wood.

Felt disks on a grinder include wool (densely pressed), which can have different characteristics (depending on need). In the modern market, you can find various nozzle options:

  • fine hair;
  • semi-coarse-haired;
  • coarse-haired.

Nozzles for wood processing are highly efficient and quality. Alternate use of these discs allows you to achieve incredible results. The wood surface after their use can be compared with a mirror.

Felt wheels
The composition of the grinding discs are coarse, semi-coarse and fine wool

Safety rules when working with a grinder on wood

The use of angle grinders for wood processing requires a serious approach. Improper operation with the grinder can lead to injury, so before using it, experts advise you to pay attention to some rules on the operation of the device. For example, before replacing one nozzle with another, you need to disconnect the angle grinder from the network. How to change the disk on the grinder? To answer this question, it is necessary to determine the type of circle. Some products are installed without removing the main nozzle. However, in most cases, it is required to untwist the flange holding the element.

Note! In no case should you remove the casing, which is used for protection, from the grinder. In the event of a broken circle, this element will protect your face and other parts of the body from being injured by fragments.

Processing of wood material with the use of angle grinders should take place in the presence of protective gloves. Saw and cutting discs for wood are best used on medium (power) devices. This is explained quite simply: if the saw sticks, then you still have high chances to hold the tool in your hands. With a powerful fixture, this will be much more difficult.

For cutting logs and boards, it is recommended to use nozzles that have small teeth. The smaller their dimensions, the less effort will be required to cut. Among other things, the likelihood that solid wood fibers meet on the path of the disc is reduced.

Any grinder must be equipped with a speed regulator, which must be transferred to the minimum position. When working with cutting discs for a grinder, it is very important to observe a right angle. Otherwise, the cutting process will go unevenly, and the device itself may jam.

The angle grinder can be used for wood processing, however, before starting operation, the technical features of various nozzles should be studied. Products that are used for grinding and polishing do not carry any danger, and they are easy to use. Wood saw blades require careful selection. During operation, it is necessary to comply with safety regulations and not deviate from them.


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