How to Clean Steam Generator Iron at home?

How to Clean Steam Generator Iron at home?

Manufacturers of household appliances guarantee the high quality and long service life of modern models of irons with a steam generator, provided that they are used correctly.

Shortening the life of household appliances can be caused by several reasons, the main of which is the quality of the water used. The constant use of hard water leads to the formation of scale, which leads to a significant reduction in the life of the steam heaters.

This article lists tips and describes the procedure for descaling the steam generator yourself at home.

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Causes and consequences of scale formation

The reason for the formation of scale is an increased level of water hardness. The main substances that determine hardness are natural minerals – calcium and magnesium. The more of them contained in the water, the harder the water.

When water is heated, the intermolecular bonds between water molecules and impurities dissolved in it are destroyed. The result of this chemical reaction is the formation of a deposit of solid particles of these minerals, called “scale”.

Because of what water flows from the steam generator, you can find out here.

Increasing, over time, hard and dense deposits of scale are the cause of the premature failure of steam heaters.

Types of steam heaters

There are two main types of steam heaters:

  • pump-action;
  • gravity.

In pump-type steam heaters, steam is released under high pressure, which occurs due to the evaporation of water in the boiler. Such devices are very efficient and easy to use, but they are characterized by complex design and increased cost.

All technical malfunctions arising during the operation of such devices, including those caused by the formation of scale, are recommended to be eliminated in special service centers.

In gravity devices, steam is supplied gradually, as water evaporates, without first creating pressure. Such devices are easy to maintain and low cost. A relatively simple design allows you to remove scale with the help of improvised tools available in every kitchen.

Ways to clean scale in the steam generator

Descaling in the steam generator itself is carried out in two separate steps:

  • Cleaning of tanks (boilers);
  • Cleaning the ironing tool (iron).

In devices with a built-in system, descaling is carried out according to the readings of a special sensor built into the design of the device. The user is reminded of the need for the next cleaning by the signal of the corresponding indicator.

In appliances that do not have such a system, the need for regular cleaning is determined visually, when solid particles (flakes) of scale or dirty drops are detected in the holes of the soleplate of the iron. In addition, a decrease in pressure and a decrease in the amount of escaping steam also indicate the need to descale the device.

How to clean the steam generator from scale?

Automatic descaling of the tank (boiler) is carried out in the following order:

  1. The remaining water is removed from the water tank through the filling hole;
  2. Turn the device on its side or in another convenient position;
  3. Remove the check valve;
  4. Pour 0.5 l of distilled water or cleaning solution into the appliance through the descaling hole;
  5. Set the shut-off valve to its original position;
  6. Turn on and heat up to maximum temperature;
  7. While holding down the steam button, make a trial ironing of unnecessary fabric;
  8. Disconnect the device from the power supply and leave the device to cool for 2 hours;
  9. Remove the shut-off valve to drain the remaining water in the housing;
  10. Install the valve in place;
  11. With a damp cloth, clean the body of the device from smudges.

Attention! During the cleaning process, a jet of hot steam, together with splashes of hot and dirty water, is released at high speed. Cleaning is stopped at the moment when the outflow of dirty water stops or clean steam starts to come out.

Cleaning the steam generator from scale, in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers of household appliances, should be done only with special tools. The impact of improved cleaning agents, chosen independently or prepared according to folk recipes, can lead to the destruction of the heating elements and internal parts of the tank body, which will lead to equipment failure.

How to clean any steam generator iron?

Steam generator iron, unlike a boiler, has a simple device and is characterized by the absence of heating elements. Therefore, when cleaning the iron from scale, in addition to distilled water and special cleaning products, it is not forbidden to use improvised cleaning products, such as mineral water, citric and acetic acid.

Mineral water

Mineral water at room temperature is poured through the filling hole into the water tank. Then the iron is turned on at full power, the liquid is heated to the temperature of steam formation, and the unnecessary fabric is ironed in this mode until the liquid has completely evaporated. Then the iron is washed with clean water, and traces of possible smudges on the body and sole of the iron are removed with a damp cloth.

Lemon acid

With this cleaning method, 30 g (two teaspoons) of citric acid is diluted in a glass (250 g) of warm water. The resulting solution is thoroughly mixed. Cleaning the iron with a steam generator is carried out in the following order:

  • fill the reservoir of the device disconnected from the mains with the resulting solution;
  • leave the solution in the iron tank for 10-15 minutes to settle;
  • connect the device to the power supply;
  • I turn on the device at maximum power;
  • ironing old and unnecessary things while shaking the device until the liquid is completely evaporated;
  • turn off the iron from the network;
  • fill the tank with clean water and rinse the tank several times.

Acetic acid

Cleaning the iron with a solution of acetic acid is carried out in the same order as when using citric acid. To prepare the washing solution, use table 9% vinegar and pure water in a ratio of 1: 1 (1 glass of vinegar per 1 glass of water).

Antinakipin and other special cleaners.

Special descaling agents come in the form of tablets, gels, powders, solutions. To prepare the cleaning solution, follow the recommendations in the attached instructions. The cleaning process is similar to the previously discussed methods.

An effective method for cleaning the soleplate of an iron

If the steam generator does not have a self-cleaning descaling system, the following method must be used:

  • at the bottom of a container resistant to high temperatures, wooden blocks or sticks with a diameter of 5-10 mm are laid;
  • an iron is installed on the stacked wooden sticks;
  • in another container, an aqueous solution of vinegar, citric acid or Antinakipin is prepared in the above order;
  • pour the solution into a container with iron in such a way that the liquid covers the sole of the iron placed on the sticks and in no way comes into contact with the plastic parts of the case;
  • bring the liquid to a boil and keep the iron in a boiling solution for 5-10 minutes;
  • remove the iron from the solution, rinse in a stream of warm clean water and dry.

How to prevent the appearance of scale?

The formation of scale leads to a significant reduction in the service life of steam heating installations. To prevent premature failure of the device, the following preventive measures should be taken:

  • use only distilled, filtered water or purchase a water neutralizer (softener) in household chemical stores;
  • timely clean the tanks of boilers and irons from scale with both automatic cleaning agents and improvised means.

The described methods and procedure for cleaning the iron with a steam heater from scale will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the household appliance during the entire service life.


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