How to Clean the Faucet Inside And Out

How to Clean the Faucet Inside And Out

During operation, large particles of dirt enter the faucet, which reduce its service life. Our recommendations will help you not to change the faucet for a long time.

Clean the faucet inside

Turn off the stopcocks located on the risers.

Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the nuts that secure the faucet to the wall.

Unscrew the nuts by hand.

Use a flat screwdriver to remove old gaskets.

Insert new gaskets with mesh. Such gaskets prevent coarse dirt particles from entering the faucet, thereby destroying the locking and adjusting mechanism. Every three months, it is necessary to check the condition of the gaskets for contamination and, if necessary, rinse.

Install the faucet back.

Clean the faucet outside

To get rid of plaque on the faucet, dissolve 15 g of citric acid in 300 ml of water.

Using a sponge moistened in the resulting solution, clean the faucet.

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