How to Fix the Outlet Yourself?

How to Fix the Outlet Yourself?

The most important thing – do not forget to turn off the electricity before you start to do something.

  • First you need to completely de-energize the apartment and only then disassemble the old outlet. If the socket is installed after repair, it is necessary to fully open the socket, protecting the edges from plaster.
  • Release the cable and shorten it to make a tail 5-7 cm long, and remove the protective braid. It has three wires: “phase”, “zero” and “earth”. In “phase” wires, the insulation is usually warm, in “zero” – cold, and the ground wire is always bright. If there are two wires, then this means “phase” and “zero”.
  • Carefully remove the insulation so as not to damage the cable: the knife should not be held straight angle, but at an acute angle. Press lightly and remove insulation 1.5-2 cm from the edge.
  • Turn on the electricity. Find the “phase” with the indicator screwdriver by touching the sting of a bare wire. The LED should light up.
  • Completely de-energize the apartment. We connect the wires to the outlet – “zero” and “phase” to the extreme terminals, grounding – to the central. Gently bend the wires by the mechanism and put them into the socket. Screw the socket to the wall, put on the frame and front panel and fix them with a screw.

  • If you need to transfer the outlet, you must increase the cable. To do this, you need a screw terminal block, in which you need to insert the wires on both sides and fix them with the screw.

  • If the socket heats up or melts, it should be disassembled and tightened tightly: overheating of the socket indicates that a gap has appeared between the wire and the terminal. For prevention, this should be done 2 times a year. And besides, correct current-carrying petals, which can be done with a screwdriver.


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