How to Hang the Curtain Correctly

How to Hang the Curtain Correctly

Window curtain will only look beautiful if hang correctly. We will analyze step by step how to hang the cornice on the wall and ceiling.

What you need to measure before hang the curtain correctly

To determine the length of the wall curtain, you need to measure the width of the window opening and the gap between the window and the ceiling. In the case of ceiling cornices, you need to know the width of the window opening and the ceiling surface.

The gap Optimal parameters
Distance from the end of the boom to the wall 15-40 cm on each side
Distance from the boom to the window from 5 cm or 2/3 of the gap between the ceiling and the window
Distance from the boom to the ceiling 1/3 of the gap between the ceiling and the window

If measurements are taken and you are ready to install the curtain, prepare a set of tools. Items required for self-assembly:

  1. A pencil with a soft lead.
  2. Construction level.
  3. Long ruler.
  4. A set of dowels and screws.
  5. Drill.
  6. Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver.

Advice! If, despite the measurements, the pipe for the cornice is longer than necessary, cut it with a hacksaw. The solution is relevant for plastic and wooden rods.

Installation of the curtain rod on the brackets on the wall

Round collapsible brackets are designed to install light wooden or plastic curtain rods. They consist of a washer and a lining with a hole for the rod.

Algorithm for installing round brackets and mounting a rod:

  1. Draw a horizontal line with a pencil where you plan to hang the curtains. When manipulating, use a building level and a long ruler.
  2. Mark the areas where the brackets will be attached. At this stage, make sure that the elements are located strictly opposite each other at the same distance from the walls and ceiling.
  3. Drill holes in the places of the marks, install the dowels.
  4. Place the washers against the wall, align all the holes. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws that came with the dowels.
  5. Screw the cover with the hole for the holder onto the washer, insert the holder.
  6. Insert the curtain rod pipe into the brackets, after putting on the rings for attaching the curtains. Fix the structure with lugs.
Installation of round collapsible brackets
Installation of round collapsible brackets

For metal curtain rods, L-shaped brackets are suitable. They are attached to the wall according to the same principle as round ones – using dowels and self-tapping screws. Their fundamental difference is in the method of mounting the rod. The base is fixed with screw clamps.

Installation of L-shaped brackets for the cornice
Installation of L-shaped brackets for the cornice

Idea! Instead of L-shaped and round brackets, holders with horizontal holes can be used to lay the rod over the mount. It is ideal for installing wooden curtains on a wall.

Installation of bracket-holders for the cornice
Installation of bracket-holders for the cornice

Ceiling cornice installation

On the ceiling you can fix the wall brackets with holes for the rods. Procedure:

  • Mark the line for the installation of the cornice on the ceiling, determine the attachment points for the brackets.
  • Drill holes, insert dowels into the concrete base, attach brackets to the holes and fix the structure with self-tapping screws.
  • Insert the rod into the holders, fix the edges with the tips.

Another option is to install a tire ceiling cornice. It is a long strip with tracks where grooves with hooks for attaching curtains are located. Varieties of products: single-row, double-row, three-row.

How to hang a busbar structure:

  • Prepare drills of two sizes: one should be slightly larger than the head of the self-tapping screw, the second should be suitable for the parameters of the fastener rod.
  • With a large drill, make holes between the tracks in the front of the structure, with a smaller one on the back wall. The distance between the holes is 50-60 cm.
  • Attach the curtain rod to the ceiling, center it relative to the window, mark the places for fasteners on the ceiling.
  • Drill holes in the ceiling, install dowels.
  • Attach the tire, align the holes on it and on the ceiling, fix the structure with self-tapping screws.
Installation of a tire cornice on the ceiling
Installation of a tire cornice on the ceiling

How to hang the curtain on a stretch ceiling

Hanging the curtain directly on the stretch fabric will not work – it is not able to withstand the load. Before installing the coating, it is necessary to pre-install the embedded bars for the cornice or provide a niche. Let’s consider both options.


A prerequisite is that the lower parts of the bars must be in the plane of the pvc coating. If they are higher, you risk damaging the stretch ceiling during the installation of the cornice.

Ceiling cornices are attached to the bars with self-tapping screws. Use long fasteners, but keep in mind that their size should not exceed the height of the bar. The diagram shows an example of a design.


The meaning of a niche is to free up access to the main floor, where tires or string structures can be installed. If the concrete base is uneven, a long bar must be attached to it before installation.

It is possible to install a niche with a bend in the canvas. In this case, before installing the curtain rod, it is recommended to fix special profiles with a place for the harpoon of the tension cloth.


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