How to Install a Faucet in The Bathroom

How to Install a Faucet in The Bathroom

If you install the faucet yourself, then you will surely be sure that it will serve you without problems for many years!

Typically, ½ inch diameter pipes are installed in urban apartments, but the faucet mount is designed for ¾ inch diameter pipes. To switch from one size to another, it is necessary to use eccentrics that need to be prepared.

Take a small strand of plumbing flax and wrap it around the cam so that the first thread ring is not wound.

Take the sealing paste and grease the eccentric wrapped in linen.

Using an adjustable wrench, install the cam in the wall mount. Until the end, the eccentric should not be twisted: when you install the second, they will need to be leveled.

Do the same with the second eccentric: wind the flax, grease with sealing paste and install it in the wall mount.

Set the eccentrics on the same level.

Take the faucet and check if it fits the installed eccentrics.

Attach a level and check which of the eccentrics needs to be corrected (in our case, the right one).

Using an adjustable wrench, adjust the cam.

Reinstall the faucet and check the position of the cam. Now the faucet sits well.

Install reflectors.

Put gaskets in the faucet so that it does not leak.

Install the faucet.

Take a plumbing wrench and a small piece of cloth so as not to spoil the chrome parts of the faucet, and tighten the nuts.

Install the gasket in the shower head and screw it into place

Install the gasket in the shower head and screw it into place.

Open the water and check the quality of the faucet installation.


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