How to Install a Water Pressure Booster in Home

How to Install a Water Pressure Booster in Home

Comfortable living conditions today cannot be imagined without an automatic washing machine, shower cabin and dishwasher. Few people know, but these devices will work only with normal water pressure in the water supply system. What indicators are considered normal and why do you need a pump to increase the water pressure in the apartment? Every owner should know the answers to these questions.

Why do you need a pump to increase the water pressure in the apartment?

The communal infrastructure is far from being able to provide water supply to the population in compliance with all technical standards and conditions. For the normal functioning of household appliances, a pressure in the water supply network of at least 4 atmospheres is required. Often in urban networks, an indicator of 1.5 atmospheres is achieved, and even then not always. Residents of the upper floors of multi-story buildings are especially affected. With this pressure, it is impossible to use even a shower, not to mention hydromassage or other devices.

Installing a pump will help to significantly increase the water pressure in consumers.

Installing a pump will help to significantly increase the water pressure in consumers.

What is the way out of this situation? The quality of the city water supply cannot be influenced, but everyone can increase the pressure in a single apartment. It is enough to install a pump in the apartment that increases the pressure in the water supply. It is a device with a motor powered by a 220 V network. Inside its body there is an impeller connected to the rotor. The housing has an inlet and outlet.

Helpful advice!  If the water pressure in the apartment is insufficient, but the neighbors have normal, then it is necessary to check the pipes. They may be clogged. The problem can be solved simply by cleaning or replacing the rusty pipes.

Which pump to choose

If you decide to get rid of the inconvenience associated with reduced pressure in the water supply using a pump to increase the water pressure in the apartment, then you need to know how to choose it correctly. In this matter, you need to understand that this device must have the following qualities:

  1. The work must be uninterrupted. The device must work without overheating and shutdowns. These qualities are possessed by pumps of proven companies with a good reputation.
  2. The pressure in the system should not exceed 5 atmospheres, as this can lead to the failure of valves and gaskets in the valves.
  3. The device should not be too expensive with unnecessary functions, but it is not recommended to buy low-budget models, as they imply frequent maintenance and quick failure.
  4. The pump performance should be in line with the family’s needs. If you intend to use several devices at the same time: a washing machine, shower or dishwasher, then the throughput of the unit must be large.

Diagram of the structure of a centrifugal pump: 1 - housing, 2 - counterflange, 3 - cover, 4 - impeller, 5 - drive shaft, 6 - mechanical seal, 7 - bearings, 8 - capacitor, 9 - electric motor

Diagram of the structure of a centrifugal pump: 1 – housing, 2 – counter flange, 3 – cover, 4 – impeller, 5 – drive shaft, 6 – mechanical seal, 7 – bearings, 8 – capacitor, 9 – the electric motor

Having decided on the main parameters, you can proceed to the choice of a specific model. They are all classified according to several criteria. According to the operating mode, manual and automatic pumps are distinguished to increase the water pressure in the apartment.

Units operating in manual mode are slightly cheaper, but they require more attention to themselves. This type of pump runs continuously. You can turn it off and on only manually. For this reason, it breaks down much faster, since it depletes its resource in less time. At the same time, most of the time it rotates idle. To prevent this from happening, the pump needs to be turned on only as needed, which is not very convenient.

Automatic models are equipped with a flow sensor that reacts to the movement of water in the system. When the mixer tap is turned on, the pump automatically starts to work, and when it is turned off, it stops. This greatly increases the resource of the unit. In addition, such a pump will never turn on without water in the pipes, which prevents overheating and failure. This option is more economical in terms of energy consumption.

By the type of cooling system, pumps are divided into two types:

  1. Dry cooled. At the end of the rotor opposite from the impeller, blades are installed, which inject atmospheric air onto the engine. These devices are slightly larger, but have high efficiency and have little operating noise.
  2. In liquid-cooled pumps, the pumped water, circulating inside the housing, cools the motor itself. These units are smaller and run quietly.

Also, be aware that some pumps are only designed for cold or hot water, while others may be versatile.

In addition to the above pumps that increase the pressure in the water supply, a rotary pumping station can be installed in the apartment. This is a more serious piece of equipment used in cases where water does not reach the upper floors at all. Such stations are equipped with hydraulic accumulators into which water is pumped. Sufficient pressure is created in them. When the tap is turned on, water begins to flow under pressure from the receiver into the system. Such units are large and are used only when absolutely necessary or in private houses to create an autonomous water supply system.

Helpful advice! When using a powerful pumping station in an apartment building, a situation may arise when the pump sucks in air from open taps in neighboring apartments. This will turn off the instrument. After that, the system must be completely filled with water to start.

How to install a water pressure booster pump

There is nothing complicated in installing a water pressure boosting pump. To do this, it is necessary to cut a piece of pipe at the entrance to the apartment and attach fittings to the cut ends. For plastic pipes, you will need a special soldering iron, and you will have to weld on metal fittings. After that, the pump is screwed to the pipes on both sides.

It is important not to confuse the direction of water flow. The correct position is indicated in the instructions for the device. If the apartment already has a common tap at the inlet of the water supply system, then everything is much simpler. The pump can be mounted at this location. In this case, work with a soldering iron or welding can be avoided. At the end of the work, the pump is connected to the electrical network.

It is much more difficult to install a water pressure boosting pump if you want to install a powerful pumping station with a hydraulic accumulator. In this case, the connection of the pump itself, the tank, and the pressure sensor is required. It is better to entrust such work to a specialist since in addition to installation, equipment adjustment is also required. The operability and performance of the pumping station depend on it.

Helpful advice! Before deciding the issue of increasing the water pressure in the apartment, you must contact the city water utility or the management company with a claim. If they cannot solve the problem, they will issue an opinion on the possibility of installing additional equipment with the required parameters.

With the advent of modern pumps that increase the pressure in the water supply in the apartment, the problem of “barely running tap” is easily eliminated. It is enough to choose and install the equipment correctly.


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