How to Install Interior Door Handle

How to Install Interior Door Handle

The presence of a handle on the interior door makes its operation much more convenient and safe, therefore, the installation of the handle in the interior door must be carried out when installing a new door leaf or when old hardware breaks down. In general, the event is simple, however, it requires certain hardware and some carpentry skills.


There are several types of door handles, each of them has its own characteristics of the device and installation.

Door handle type

Features of the device

Application area


There is no locking system in the design. To open the door, you need to pull in the right direction or open the lock with a key

Summer cottages, utility rooms, storerooms


Has in the design a latch tongue, which is set in motion by pressing the lever-handle

Used in interior and exterior doors

Round knob and knob

The latch bolt tongue is set in motion by turning the handle clockwise

Used for interior doors

When choosing the type of handle, one should take into account the functionality of the room, the frequency of use of the fittings, and the age of the contingent who will most often use it.


Before installing the accessories with your own hands, you should determine at what height it should be located. This indicator is regulated by the standard, which describes the installation of the handle on the door relative to the floor line. On average, this figure is 800 – 900 mm. This indicator was derived statistically and can be called conditional. If the growth of the bulk of users of a particular door differs significantly from the average indicator, then it is allowed to adapt the height indicator to a comfortable value.

Important! It is necessary to carry out work on a stationary canvas. It is most convenient to perform manipulations on the door removed from the hinges. If this is not possible, then fix the blade in a stationary state.


This type of fittings is distinguished by the simplicity of the device and the absence of difficulties in installation. The correct insertion of a stationary handle is available even to a novice craftsman without special equipment. Most often, they are simply fixed on the door leaf by means of self-tapping screws. An alternative method of fastening is fixing with a threaded rod, for the arrangement of which it is necessary to make a through-hole in the door. It must be drilled out at a height of about 800 – 900 mm from the level of the finished floor or at another comfortable distance. Then a pin is threaded into the hole, which serves as a connecting element for two handles screwed on both sides. Fixing the fittings should be done carefully. The scrolling or movement of the handle can indicate either an installation error or a factory defect.


install interior door handle
1 – inner rotary handle; 2 – technological hole; 3 – spring clip; 4 – lock button; 5 – handle shank; 6 – decorative flange; 7 – mounting plate; 8 – cylinder of the locking mechanism; 9 – decorative flange; 10 – external rotary handle; 11 – latch mechanism; 12 – plate for fastening from the end of the door; 13 – a striker for the door frame.

The installation of this type of fittings is somewhat different from that described above and requires certain carpentry skills and equipment. The step-by-step guide consists of several steps.


Before installation, measurements should be taken and markings should be applied:

  • At the selected comfortable height for users, a mark is placed on the side of the door leaf and on the end.
  • In the end part of the web, the central point is measured on the drawn line along with the height. At the intersection of the two lines, you will get a point that will serve as an indicator of where to drill the notch for installing the latch.
  • A cross is also marked on the side of the canvas for installing the handle. To do this, measure the distance between the edge of the latch to the middle of the hole that is designed to cut in the square of the handle. The resulting size must be transferred to the door leaf.

When all the markings are applied, you get two points for drilling.


To do this, you need a drill and a feather drill in two diameters:

22 mm – for drilling the end hole;

25 mm – in order to make a side hole.

The drilling process is carried out in the following steps:

  • The first step is to drill a hole in the side. To preserve the aesthetics of the finishing layer of the canvas, it is recommended to drill from both sides. Start on one side, and when the tip of the drill shows up on the opposite side, change position and drill on the other side.
  • Once the hole is ready, install a larger drill bit and start drilling the holes from the end piece.


Place the latch in the hole at the end and trace the outline of the plank with a well-sharpened pencil. Remove the latch. Use a milling machine, hammer or chisel to make a shallow groove to fit the decorative latch strip.

how to install interior door handle
Door handle installation



Mechanism parts are assembled into the resulting holes in the door leaf.

Important! It is recommended that all drilled holes be thoroughly purged with air prior to installation. If wood dust gets into the latch, it will inevitably lead to jamming of the mechanism.

  • After purging, you can insert the latch into the hole made in the end and fix it with a pair of self-tapping screws.
  • Setting a square. This element must be inserted through the hole drilled in the side part into a specially prepared square recess.
  • Hanging handles on the square. Sequentially put on one door handle, then the other, screwing them with three self-tapping screws to the door leaf. It is important not to confuse the right and left handles that come with the hardware.
  • Build quality check. After attaching both handles, check the mechanism for operation. Normally, when you press the handle, the latch should work.
  • Screwing on decorative caps. These elements hide the attachment points of the handles. In the lower part of the caps, under the handle, a countersunk fastener is screwed in with a hex wrench.

After completing a number of these steps, the installation of the door latch handle can be considered almost complete. There is only one step left – inserting the latch counterpart into the door frame. To carry out this event, step-by-step instructions are provided below:

  • Cover the door loosely and mark the center of the latch.
  • In the marked place in the middle of the door frame, use a drill to make a hole of small depth, about 10 mm.
  • On top of the finished hole, attach the decorative strip that comes with the latch. To do this, it will be enough to fix it with screws. Check the operation of the latch.

According to a similar algorithm, the door handle is installed, together with which the lock is installed. The difference between the two processes is in drilling a larger end borehole and in arranging an additional hole in the side of the door for the keyhole cylinder. The rest of the steps are carried out identically to the above-described scheme.

Installing a door hand is a simple undertaking that, with the proper equipment and the installer’s knowledge of basic carpentry skills, will not take much time. If all the actions described in the manual were performed correctly, then the hardware will be installed correctly and the door will be comfortable to use.


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