How to Install Mirror on Front Door

How to Install Mirror on Front Door

Inspired by picturesque photos of iron doors with a mirror, many craftsmen can decide to do the installation mirror on front door diy. Technically, the process is simple, for this you need to have a minimum of devices:

  • the mirror itself of the required size and proper quality;
  • assembly glue designed for gluing mirrors, with a composition that excludes damage to the amalgam;
  • a narrow decorative frame of a suitable size, which will simultaneously perform the protective function of the edges of the mirror;
  • fasteners for fixing the frame;
  • a gasket under the mirror for damping vibration.

When carrying out work on the installation of a large-sized mirror, it is recommended to remove the door from its hinges and place it on a flat solid surface. However, at home, most often the craftsmen do not remove the door, but first apply markings on it and perform installation directly on the vertical door leaf. The explanation is simple: it is not as easy to remove and hang a metal door as it might seem at first glance, since difficulties arise, which consist in fitting the door frame hinges and in ensuring the safety of all locking mechanisms. However, in this way, only a small mirror sheet can be attached; in other cases, the door must be dismantled.

Before installing the mirror, it is recommended to remove the front door and position it horizontally.

A completely safe way of organizing a mirror surface on a door is not installing glass, but gluing a reflective film. In this case, the imitation of the mirror is performed flawlessly. You should also inquire in specialized stores about the presence of a plexiglass mirror sheet, which is characterized by undeniable advantages in terms of safety (cannot be broken), significantly lighter weight, easy processing and fastening, as well as excellent moisture resistance.

Fixing methods for mirror

There are several ways to fix the mirror to the front door:

  • using special glue;
  • using frames and fixing accessories;
  • by means of powerful magnets.

Helpful advice! The more massive the mirror to be installed, the more reliable its fastening should be.

The most popular type of installation involves the use of glue. However, you should worry about buying a quality material that has an appropriate composition, intended exclusively for mirrors and at the same time suitable for the surface of the front door. Before gluing, the top layer of the door and the back of the mirror are degreased, allowed to dry, and then a layer of glue is applied.

You can fix the mirror on the front door using special glue.

Now it is easy to find fasteners that are not only durable, but also match the decor. Mounting the mirror in the frame must be done with high quality. It is recommended to lay a seal (rubber is possible) between the retaining profile to be installed and the mirror. Its purpose is to compensate for vibration caused by opening and closing doors and to reduce the chances of chipping at the edges of the glass. Usually, such an installation is performed in conjunction with the use of glue.

If the inner surface of the door is made without the use of MDF or other lining and contains only metal, then it is possible to install the mirror on powerful flat magnets. This method is quite affordable financially. Magnets can be bought without any problems, and you need to fix them on the door and mirror with special glue. The only drawback of this design is the resulting gap, which can be filled with a shock-absorbing pad or closed with a decorative frame.

One of the best mounting methods is to mount the mirror on flat powerful magnets.

Tips for install mirror on front door

Before going to the store to buy mounting accessories, you should inspect the front door and decide if you can install a mirror on it at all. There are a number of points, without taking into account which there is a risk of drawdown or skewing of the block.

The first thing to look out for is the hinges. They are the weak link when the load increases. If the front door is made with high quality and the selected fittings are worthy of it, then it is not a fact that the structure is able to withstand the additional mass of the mirror.

Manufacturers calculate the load on the door leaf only for the selected model. An increase in the weight of the inner part (due to the mirror) can lead to an early wear of the hinges or their breakage. Internal anti-vandal sheds are especially sensitive to overloads. Perhaps the hinges will not immediately deteriorate their performance, but their resource, nevertheless, will be reduced by 40-60% with an increase in the mounted mass by only 10-15% due to the weight of the mirror. Replacing the hinges is a costly repair work, so it is worth assessing the degree of financial risk.

The mirror for mounting on the door must be hardened, up to 3 mm thick

The second point is the mirror. High-quality tempered glass is selected, the thickness of which should not exceed 3 mm. This is a rather thin surface that must be securely fixed and not create obstacles when opening / closing, when turning the handle and key in the keyhole. The front door to the apartment with a mirror must have a free opening. If there is a possibility of hitting a cabinet, corner or other obstacle in the hallway, then a safety stop is installed. To strengthen the glass on the back, it is recommended to cover it with a film or ordinary tape.

You should also consider the location of the peephole. If it is supposed to be placed in the area of ​​the mirror, then it is necessary to drill a hole of the corresponding diameter in the glass and carry out the installation.


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