How to Install Panic Exit Device

How to Install Panic Exit Device

Overhead panic exit device on a standard door is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This process is straightforward. If there is a door with two leaves at the entrance, a set with a “floor-to-ceiling” fixation is mounted on the second door leaf. It works in conjunction with the main device. Both of these sets allow you to open each half of the door separately or both leaves at once.

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When locking the door from the side, the latch must be fixed in the counterpart. This element is included in the kit and is placed on the fixed half of the door. Therefore, two identical systems cannot be installed end-to-end. They just won’t be able to work. Thanks to a set of devices with floor-to-ceiling fixation, the sash works normally. In this case, the stationary element is locked in the up-down direction, and the latch has a place to engage.

double-leaf fire door with an Anti-panic lock
Wiring diagram for the assembly of a double-leaf fire door with an Anti-panic lock

The floor-to-ceiling set consists of the following elements:

  • crossbar;
  • latches providing vertical locking;
  • a locking device that acts in a vertical direction;
  • rods with a casing.

A three-point lock can be used to enhance the security of a single-leaf door. In this case, the obturator of the side-acting system is replaced with a universal obturator. The three-point locking device allows the use of both vertical latches and tie rods. As a result, locking is provided in two directions: vertical and lateral.

As for the mortise Antipanika, the standard version is selected for the movable sash, as for the single-door door, and the set for the passive door is as follows:

  • cover plate for the mortise system;
  • automatic locking device;
  • crossbar (horizontal)
  • mating part (top and bottom);
  • a mortise lock for a fixed sash;
  • guide for the mortise system (bottom);
  • thrust kit
fire handle mounting kit contains
As a rule, the fire handle mounting kit contains all the necessary parts and fasteners.

The choice of system does not depend on which side the sash opens (right or left). Combination of invoice and mortise Anti-panic is allowed. In this case, a set with fixing “floor-ceiling” in two places is mounted on the passive canvas. Mortise Anti-panic is installed in the active leaf. Thus, the door remains secure from the outside and opens quickly from the inside.

Thus, the carefully thought-out and well-installed anti-panic system on the door is a reliable protective mechanism in emergency situations, which is paramount in the issue of rescuing and evacuating people.


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