How to Install Wood Door and Door Frame 100% Guaranteed

How to Install Wood Door and Door Frame 100% Guaranteed

Installing a wood door and door frame is possible if some things are taken into account. The process of installing wooden doors in general is not an easy task, especially when it comes to knowing how to install door frame, which is the basis for ensuring 100% balanced and accurate wood door installation. However, anyone reading the following article with the help of a little bit of experienced consultant can install the door and door frame by themselves. Follow us.

Tools and materials needed.

  1. water level

    The water scale is necessary to ensure that the throat is straight and that it is properly calibrated for the dimensions of the door to be installed in it!

  2. Tape measure meter.
  3. Wooden panels forming door frame (inner wooden frame).
  4. Wooden circular saw.
  5. Electric drill.
  6. Long screws.
  7. pencil.
  8. Wood Adhesive (Wood Glue).
  9. A piece of cloth.
  10. Small wooden wedges.
  11. Flat small wooden pieces.

How to install wooden door frame.

  1. Take the measurements for the door opening.

    This step is the most important, and it is necessary for the measurements to be identical to reality, as you must measure the opening of the door (width and height on both sides) and write it on a sheet, the dimensions of the outer door must not exceed these dimensions, as well, the size of the door to be installed must be matches the dimensions of the inner door frame before designing it.

  2. Preparing wooden parts

    After wearing safety equipment, use the circular electric saw to cut the boards according to the lengths taken. Next, assemble the three component parts of the door frame with an electric drill and secure with long screws suitable for the wood. Before that, it is preferable to apply a little wood glue to the ends of the assembly. Wipe glue appendages with a dry cloth.

  3. Installing and calibrating the door.

    wooden wedges

    In this step, you need to attach the throat to the wall opening properly, the important and necessary rule is that the door is calibrating using a water scale, and to make sure that the top piece is 100% horizontal. You may need to add small wooden wedges between the frame and the wall to ensure the frame is fixed, and to ensure that it is balanced and horizontal.

  4. Fix the door in place.

    After that, start the process of fixing the door shaving, by adding different pieces of wood in the thickness to ensure their suitability for the distance between the shaving and the wall. Repeat this process in several different places (3-4 places in each direction). After each fixation, you should make sure your frame is calibrated and 100% horizontal.

How to strengthen the doors doors wooden.

After a period of time in the use of home wooden doors, wooden solutions may be exposed to the loosening or imbalance of the wooden door and the frame in place correctly, which requires the support of the wooden frame and installed correctly, and to do so:

Need multiple pieces of wood with multiple thicknesses (source image)

Remove the wooden door frame (the piece of wood that covers the wooden frame, number 3, on the top, right and left sides) using a small lever.
Insert several flat pieces of wood into the space between the frame and the home wall.
Repeat this process in several places at different heights to increase support.
If the door stops tape on the frame, remove it first.
Then, use the electric drill to secure several screws to the frame at the same place where the wooden supports were added. Make sure the screws are long enough to reach the pieces of wood.



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