How to Make a Bathroom Comfortable and Beautiful, Design Tips

How to Make a Bathroom Comfortable and Beautiful, Design Tips

The organization of space in the bathroom usually raises many questions. And, of course, I would like to make it as convenient and practical as possible. Let’s see what you should pay attention to.

Combine or not?

Let’s start with the most painful question – is it worth combining a bathroom and a toilet? This is an exclusively personal decision, as families with a separate bathroom are as happy as they are with a combined bathroom. A single space looks more spacious, separate – stops the war for a place in the sun.

If you cannot decide, there are 3 important points:

  • if the apartment has a second bathroom, you can combine with a calm soul;
  • if more than three people live in the apartment, it makes sense to leave the rooms separate;
  • if the family has lovers of long baths, leave them alone and go to a separate bathroom.

Bath or shower?

Any solution can be beautifully designed, so the choice between a bath and a shower is not a matter of aesthetics, but only your comfort. A shower cabin can save space, but the bath is more functional. If you can’t imagine life without spending an hour or two in a relaxing bath in the evening, in no case do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Freestanding bathtub

In the pictures on the Internet, a freestanding bathtub looks very beautiful and even a little royal. In life, such a decision requires additional conditions. Separate bathtubs are good for relaxing, but bathing in them is not very convenient: there is nowhere to hang a shower head and the floor will most likely be flooded. Therefore, it is advisable to put a similar bath, if it is possible to put an additional shower cabin – they relaxed in the bathroom, washed in the shower, and did not flood the neighbors.

Shower stall

If you decide to abandon the bath and opted for a shower, do not install a ready-made cabin. Firstly, they are rather bulky, secondly, as a rule, expensive, and thirdly, they are already outdated.

Now they are doing the following: in the area reserved for the shower, a small podium is erected to organize the discharge and is tiled with tiles or a pallet is installed. If you are worried about flooding, you can add a small side to the podium.

Heated towel rail

Often a water heated towel rail is very uncomfortable, for example, under the sink. It can be transferred, but it is worth considering that the further it is located from the riser, the less effective it will be in work. In this situation, electric models come to the rescue.

Such a heated towel rail is not tied to pipes, so you can place it in almost any place convenient for you. It has low power consumption, and you can turn it on only if necessary. There are two connection options – to a power outlet and a hidden connection with a control module.

How to choose bathroom tiles?

It is better to choose a floor tile in the bathroom matte, because this is a security issue. If the main color of the wall tiles is not very colorful, you can shift the emphasis to the floor. On a tile with a pattern, dust, dirt and hair will be less noticeable than on a plain one. It will also allow you to make a contrast that will not be very striking, but will make the room more interesting.

bathroom tiles

Paint instead of tiles

The use of paint in the bathroom will allow you to solve two issues at once – the introduction of a perfectly matched color and good savings on tiles. Finding the tile of the desired color is not always obtained, but there are no such problems with the paint.

For example, we take the white tile we like, place it in especially wet areas, easily select the desired paint and cover the remaining surface with it. Since paint in most cases is cheaper than tiles, the budget will only benefit from this.

Countertop under the sink

A variant with a common countertop is popular on the Internet, under which there is a washing machine, and an overhead sink is installed on top. This design looks modern, beautiful and compact. But there is a catch in it.

The optimum height of the upper edge of the sink is approximately 85 cm. Now we consider: a washing machine – 82 cm, a gap – 1 cm, a countertop – 2.5 cm, a sink – 10 cm. As a result, we get 95.5 cm. Which means that it’s convenient such a solution will only be for people with growth above average.

To use the sink it was convenient for all family members, you can make a different level of countertops in the area of ​​the washing machine and the bowl or replace the sink with a built-in sink.


A large mirror, located end-to-end with a countertop or sink, looks very impressive. However, this is not entirely practical – no matter how hard you try, water will fall on the surface of the mirror. One must either be mentally prepared for this, or think in advance how to avoid this. You can provide a small side or make a shelf – water drops on the tile will not be very noticeable.

Overhead lighting

If you opted for spotlights, place one or two of them above the bathroom and shower. And then at any point in the bathroom you will not feel a lack of light.

Mirror Illumination

Even if you carefully thought out the lighting in the bathroom, it is better not to refuse to light the mirror. On the one hand, you will have additional lighting, for example, for applying makeup, and on the other, the backlight with the main light turned off will create comfort for those who like to soak in the bath.

White color and wood

If you are afraid of bright accents or may not be able to cope with the combination of several colors, choose a neutral color tile. But there is an almost universal option – a combination of white and wood. Such a tandem will look modern and not boring. There is white tile in almost every collection, and both the furniture and the floor covering imitating a laminate can act as a wooden component.

Baseboard in the bathroom

If there is an element of the plinth in the tile collection you like, take it. Its presence will bring solidity to the interior and make the overall look more complete.

Color grout

Contrast grout for tiles will be an interesting accent in the bathroom. This solution looks especially impressive with tiles of a non-standard shape or not very small mosaics. But here it is important not to overdo it – the grout should complement the existing picture or be the main emphasis.

Storage areas

A million jars living on open shelves, littered surfaces of countertops and washing machines … Mess and clutter spoil the overall impression of the room. But even if you are a very neat person, there are always elements that are better to hide – laundry detergents, personal hygiene items and more. Therefore, it is worthwhile to provide a closed storage place, which will fit everything that should be hidden from prying eyes.

Hooks and shelves

Hooks and shelves in the bathroom are by no means temporary items; they are functional and necessary. Therefore, do not choose cheap plastic options: they will not make your bathroom more beautiful, but only reduce the cost of the overall look.

When you decide that it will work out for the first time, the chances for their further replacement tend to zero, because, you know very well, there is nothing more permanent than temporary.

Metal, glass, wood, high-quality plastic – these are the materials that should be preferred. If space permits, built-in shelves can be made and tiled. The same goes for soap dishes, toothbrush holders, dispensers, brushes and toilet paper holders.

Bathroom mat

On sale a lot of options for rugs in the bathroom. But if you do not plan to focus on it, it is better to give preference to neutral colors and simple texture. Do not take “smart” volumetric rugs. A good solution is a thick towel for your feet, and it is better to completely abandon the rug near the toilet.


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