How to Paint Old Wooden Doors Professionally … With only 7 stages!

How to Paint Old Wooden Doors Professionally … With only 7 stages!

Beautiful doors are a distinctive facade of homes, so stop if they are painted in beautiful colors and it is not clear that they are old. It can be said that the way of painting old wooden doors is not difficult, but it needs some education in order to gain skill in it, and that good preparation, suitable tools, good materials and a beautiful style result in a beautiful, smooth, long-lasting touch. The following is a brief explanation of how to paint old doors.


Tools and materials needed.

  1. An appropriate amount of wood paint.
  2. Electric drill.
  3. Screws.
  4. Steel scraper.

    The hand sander can be used to help you sand the doors

  5. Masks.
  6. Wood paint paste (epoxy).
  7. Sanding machine.
  8. Paint brush.
  9. Gloves.
  10. muzzle.
  11. Glass paper.
  12. Paint roll.
  13. Paint tray.
  14. Paint oil.
  15. Wide bowl for mixing paint.

How to paint old wooden doors.

How to paint old wooden doors requires some skill and little training and follow the next steps in detail.

1- Prepare the door for painting.

It is possible to paint the door while it is in place without disassembling it, but it is better to separate the door from its hinges and put it on two parallel and raised wood pieces about one and a half meters above the ground, using the electric drill, two holes are made, one at the top of the door and the second at the bottom of the door, then screws are inserted into The two sides, then the door is placed on the two wooden pieces so that the screws are located on both sides of the door, and this provides the possibility of turning the door with ease.

2- Clean the door.

Before starting with the basic paint steps, the door should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the paint is completely adhered to, the cleaning should be done near the door handle most of all because it is the most exposed place to grease and dirt, then leave the door to dry completely.

“Even the best types of paint will not stick to the door if it is dirty”

3- The old paint emery.

At this point, the old paint is removed by using the steel scraper paint removal tool, or the putty knife may also perform the process. After the old paint is removed, we start the sanding process by using sanding paper with the manual sanding tool or the electric sanding device, but it must be worn Gags so that the lungs are not affected by the resulting dust.

Sanding paper

4- Fill in the blanks in the doors.

The way of painting old wooden doors is largely dependent on filling the voids and digging in the doors by using a paste knife, where a small amount of epoxy paste is placed in a clean container and then we put a little paste on the knife, after that we start filling the voids in the door, leave it to dry for a few Hours then the sanding process is done again to place the paste until it becomes very smooth.

5- The stage of painting the door.

After completing the process of closing the holes with wood paste and sanding them until they become very soft, we start with the process of painting where the appropriate paint color is chosen and consistency with the colors of the rooms, where the paint store has a distinctive bouquet of colors from which the most beautiful can be chosen, due to tastes.

The paint is diluted by mixing it with a little bit of paint oil and then a little of it is poured into the paint tray. Using a roller, painting is started on the wood, which is an easy process, but the paint must start from the bottom up and in one direction, then you must wait a day for the first face of the paint to dry.

6- Discovering new faults.

It is difficult to clearly identify defects in the door when the paint is old, but after applying the first layer of paint a number of defects will appear in the door, the door is examined again by strong light, then we put a little bit of wood paste and then sanded again after having The paste dries in the event that there are concave defects, and in the case of defects in the form of bubbles, the sanding paper is used directly without the paste.

7- Paint the last layer of paint.

In this stage, the door is again painted by using a soft paint roll to avoid the appearance of lines on the face of the door, and then leaves the door until it dries completely without being touched by anyone, so the method of painting the old wooden doors is a very easy process that needs some effort but it is some effort but It does not cost much.


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