How to Work With a Blacksmith Hammer

How to Work With a Blacksmith Hammer

Each blacksmith has many hammers for different tasks. We share the basic techniques for working with this tool.

Such a hammer is mainly used for operations in which the workpiece is extended and its cross section reduced. The front of such a hammer increases the width of the workpiece.

To speed up the pulling of the material, you will need a hammer with a semicircular striker.

A hammer with a large head size is used for thick workpieces that need to be severely deformed, as well as for ironing, that is, to obtain a smoother and more uniform surface.

The technique of working with a hammer does not depend on its weight, size, length of the handle or the shape of the working surface. Movements occur at the elbow, the brush is relaxed. When lowering the hammer, direct it with your hand from side to side and back and forth, practically without squeezing it with a brush, but just holding the handle with a lock of several fingers to let the hammer fall into the right place.

The most common mistake when working with a hammer is to grab the handle in the middle and strike not amplitude, but by pushing the hammer into the material. With this technique, a lot of effort is expended: the impact energy is small, and the workpiece is deformed slightly.


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