If You Like Scandinavian Style | How to Decorate Walls in Every Room

If You Like Scandinavian Style | How to Decorate Walls in Every Room

In the interior of an apartment or house in the style of the Scandinavian countries, every detail is important. Especially when it comes to finishing. Paint or wallpaper? Use wood, plaster or wallpaper as an accent? We answer all questions related to wall decoration in Scandinavian style.

Living room

The living room is the heart of any home or apartment. Not only home, but also guests spend most of their time here. Therefore, many people try to highlight the interior so that it reflects the mood and characteristics of the entire apartment.

Scandinavian style always assumes calm colors and textures. Bright scarlet metal panels are rare here. However, the Scandinavian-style wall decoration cannot be called boring either. The combination of materials is the main technique.

Basic coverage

Paint or wallpaper is often chosen as the main coating . The latter are easier to work with, and if you choose the option for painting, then you can change the style more often. There is more trouble with paint: the surface must be perfectly flat.

Light colors are preferred. This can compensate for the lack of sun, which is felt in northern climates. Choose white and beige tones: milky, ivory and other bleached shades with a drop of ocher if you like warm colors.

If the windows of the room face south or east, you can experiment with a cold palette, including grayish, pearlescent colors. Natural light will add warmth and comfort.


One of the main principles of this direction is environmental friendliness. Therefore, the focus on natural materials as accents is popular today and will be relevant in the next few seasons.

  • Wood is a good idea for accent. It can be shaped wood panels. The main thing is the nature of the product, geometry and natural color are preferred. Such a Scandinavian-style wall decoration will make the entire interior not only more comfortable, but also more expensive.
  • Designer wallpaper is another decor option. We advise you to pay attention to handicrafts. One or two rolls for finishing work will not cost so much, but the result will be much more spectacular. The scale and pattern depend on the basic design, but floral motifs, animal prints and geometry in light colors will always be relevant.
  • If you don’t want to add variegation to the interior, pay attention to plaster  and decorative bricks. An accent finish can be done in a calm pastel color, but it will still stand out due to the texture.

Scandinavian bedroom walls

In the sleeping room, the principles of choosing materials are the same as in the living room. A calm range and “natural” coatings are most often used here. A lot of minimalism can be found in the design of a scandi bedroom . Therefore, you should not be zealous with the decor. If the headboard is already eye-catching, you can skip the accent wall. And add paintings, potted plants, carpet to the floor. Another option is a plain covering behind the headboard. Green, white, brown, gray – choose colors that are close to natural shades.


The choice of materials for this room is due to the harshness of the environment: high humidity, hot steam, grease and dirt. The coating must be moisture resistant and easy to clean.

  • You can choose washable wallpaper. But be careful with the choice of prints if you are going to use them as the main material. It should be an unobtrusive modern drawing without monograms and other similar elements.
  • Washable paint is easier and safer to pick up. Light soothing colors will do.
  • For finishing the apron, you can use ceramic tiles of any shape and size. Classic squares, scales, boar, and arabesque will do – there are no restrictions. Another possible option is artificial or natural stone. But be careful here, it looks good in a more elegant design. That is, the headset and dining group must match.


The choice of building materials for a bathroom is similar to a kitchen. The environment here is also considered tough, so the finish must be stable.

Tile is the most obvious option. Any shape and size is suitable: from small decorative mosaics to porcelain stoneware. But you should not completely finish the room in this way. The combination of materials is one of the main principles of modern interior design.

The tiles can be combined with moisture resistant paint – a classic solution. Or with wallpaper that can be washed. But wallpaper is only suitable for a spacious bathroom, to cover areas located at a sufficient distance from the sink and shower.

As for the color of the walls in the Scandinavian-style bathroom, a light natural palette is also relevant here. Decorative materials will help to add accents: wicker baskets, flax, dried flowers.


Decorating a nursery is a special process. Slightly brighter colors are welcome here than in other rooms: grassy, ​​mint, mustard, ocher, navi. But they shouldn’t be too saturated. Remember the nobility of the palette.

Scandinavian-style decor will help to decorate the walls of the nursery. Use drawings, cards, printed wallpaper for accent. You can also experiment with a chalk wall, the owner of the room will surely appreciate this feature.

Whatever material for finishing you choose: paint, plaster or wallpaper, look at the safety certificate and the possibility of their use in the nursery.


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